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i am a Student of the Revolution

By Chief Amalicha, Chief of Agitation

i am a student of the Revolution
from my first breath of life to my every waking moment
i ponder
what can we do for the Colonized masses today
that we can do every day
what can i learn from my people
what can i learn from my ancestors
what can i learn from the land and its inhabitants
i exhale
and dive into searching for the answers to these questions

i am a student of the Revolution
my textbook is filled to the brim
with the victories of my people
and the anticolonial hymns
sung by the Colonized leaders
danced to by the Earth’s children
recited by the masses worldwide
fighting for liberation
never succumbing to the murderous grip of colonization


i am a student of the Revolution
observing and uplifting and organizing
the Venezuelan people building food sovereignty
our own gardens full of lush variety
the Indian people building dual contending power
constructing our own schools ensuring our children flower
the Vietnamese learning their land and fighting victoriously
training ourselves to defend our people fiercely

i am a student of the Revolution
i prepare my pen and paper
to listen to my leaders’ vibrant voices
recite the powerful prose
that hammers home how we will thrive and emerge as cadre
opening the space to tap into the barge of brilliance
that exists amongst the creative collective

children of the revolution

i am a student of my People
every day i enter the brightly lit classrooms of our Comrades
our Comrades know how to build water filtration systems!
to quench the thirst of those from which the snakes have robbed
our Comrades passed out thousands of life-saving resources!
during times where the snakes waged biological warfare.

i am a student of my People
my people build a mutual relationship with the land
understanding how we must guide each other, hand in hand
and we learn to nourish one another to be grand
through never-ending care, for Mother Earth, we stand!

i am a student of my People
my People understand how we must rid ourselves of the colony
that we must criticize the contradiction sharply
so as Revolutionaries we build ourselves solidly

i am a leader with my People
holding onto our Hammers for dear life…

i am a leader with my People
and for that, i salute the People for their never-ending dedication to liberation.


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