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I’ll Give You The TRUTH About Compton’s Fires

By Chief Cheem

As of late, the city of Compton has been experiencing worsening air quality due to a couple of fires that have been occurring throughout the last couple of months. 

One fire which took place February 26th, a massive industrial fire that managed to engulf school buses and charter buses at its peak, broke out near the intersection of North Santa Fe Ave and East Weber Ave in the morning hours around 4:30 AM.

By 5:41 AM, the fire was raging and had engulfed much of the area.

Local resident waking up to the disaster and cancerous fumes, February 26th, 5:41 AM

Just a couple main streets away and a few days later, another sprung up on Rosecrans and Alameda; this time the cause being a stack of wooden pallets catching flames, eventually spreading to other highly flammable wooden pallets. This fire actually caused damage around the area with local residents having to evacuate.

Though these colonial media outlets are making it appear as if no homes were lost in the pallet fire, one Indigenous man,  lost his shed—a shed he built himself as a place to live in.

Victor Sera Marrufo, a senior with kidney disease, slept in his car Wednesday night after the fire destroyed the back building where he was living. (CBSLA)

The worst part? The pallet fire in particular released toxins in the form of smoke from the burning of materials located at the site, though cancer causing agents were of course released by both fires into the local areas. Materials in the pallet fire included paint, cardboard and vehicles among others. 

Environmental Toxins In Colonized Communities

The damage done to the community, the hazardous and carcinogenic (cancer causing) plume of smoke inhaled by those around and the poor health that comes with simply living in a Colonized communitysuch as Compton—are staples within these segregated communities.

African communities in amerikkka are heavily infested with environmental toxins, with lead being the most prominent and damaging—a single toxin in a sea of them. A study published in 2020 revealed that African children have a 2.8 times higher risk factor for elevated blood lead levels and in some instances up to 5.6 times higher.

Lead is a heavy metal that is found almost anywhere in amerikkka. In children, the detrimental effects are worse; damage to the brain & nervous system, slowed growth and development, learning and behavior problems, hearing & speech problems, seizures.

No amount of blood lead levels are considered safe, even by colonial institutions. 

Lead however, is a single toxin in a sea of them within colonial society. 

A small list of the many environmental toxins that exist

Smash The Colony, Build For the Future

The united snakkkes along with other colonizer countries will continue to destroy Mother Earth, the world we all call home—starting with Colonized nations and communities first of course. Black Hammer is taking up the task of building for our future generations. 

We must understand that the crumbs that the colony offers by way of a “successful career”, materialistic wants such as luxury items or “better wages” are just that; crumbs in comparison to the whole cake of liberation. These crumbs are an illusion as to what life should really be and you know Hammers love them some cake. 

While we work these plantations for crumbs—some of these plantations exposing us to even more environmental toxins (take for example constructions workers, gardeners spraying pesticides)—we are slowly being killed and it’s time we wake up to this reality. 

Poor working class Colonized worker spraying pesticides without proper PPE

The time is now to start building for the future, to start building for ourselves, and to take back control of our lives, labor, land and resources. Black Hammer is accomplishing this every day taking, a grand step forward in the liberation struggle. 

We have surpassed over $60,000 to build Hammer City and have already purchased the land that we will be governing! This is a historic moment in the fight to take the land back and we will continue this struggle—the same struggle we Colonized people have been fighting for 600 years, the struggle that we will inevitably win. 

If you would like to build the revolution and not for the colony but for yourself and the liberation of all Colonized people, join today!


Use your writing talents to further the Liberation of all Colonized People by joining Black Hammer Times today! We are looking for journalists, reporters, poets, and more, so do not worry; there is a spot on our team for you.

You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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