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Will Fukushima Nuclear Waste Water Destroy The World?

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The sellout government of Japan recently announced that it will release 1.25 million tons of contaminated wastewater from a wrecked nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean. The water comes from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, which suffered nuclear meltdowns after the Tohoku earthquake in 2011.

This move further exposes Japan’s neocolonial history and their obedient sellout government. Not only will this dangerous radioactive water contaminate and pollute half of the Pacific Ocean in just 60 days, along with all the living things in it—it will also destroy the lives of working-class Colonized people on the coasts of Japan, China, and Korea.

Tweet by Chinese Ambassador Deng Xijun on the detrimental effects this decision will cause to marine life
Tweet by Chinese Ambassador Deng Xijun on the detrimental effects this decision will cause to marine life

The radioactive water—let’s not beat around the bush that’s what it is—is contaminated with tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen with a 12.3 year half-life. This isn’t even to mention the likely hood that 71% of the radioactive water in the tanks also contains more dangerous isotopes with longer radioactive lifetimes, such as ruthenium, cobalt, strontium, and plutonium.

While China and Korea have united and stood against sellout neocolonial Japan, the U$ has supported its moves. But are we really surprised? Imperialism and capitalism are symptoms of colonialism, the main problem to blame for all the suffering our planet, oceans, animals, and Colonized people go through everyday—suffering is all this system is capable of creating and capable of, just like Principle of Unity #3 tells us. 

Tweet by Chinese Ambassador Deng Xijun explaining how the waste will poison our waters worldwide

On Thursday 16th, the DPRK put out a statement denouncing the decision by Japan to release this radioactive water into the ocean and described the decision of the neo-colonial sellout government as “another disaster upon mankind suffering from malignant epidemic” and even called it “a threat to human existence”. 

The only way we can protect our planet and be at peace with the land and waters, as we were before colonialism, is through Colonized unity and self-determination—through the destruction of white power and the ushering in of a world where no one lives at the expense of another. Revolution is not only the solution for poor and working-class Colonized people of the world but is also the cure to saving our planet from these bloodsucking colonizers and their puppet sellouts who allow and advocate for the destruction of our ecosystems.

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