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How isntreal Elekkktions are Part of a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

By Social Media Staff

isntreal (israel) is REAL confused about which colonizer will continue to colonize Palestinian Land. This comes after FOUR elections were held to determine the next colonizer head of state, each ending in gridlock with none of the two colonizer parties being able to gain a majority since 2019. It’s really embarrassing and is the only REAL thing about isntreal.

It is also clear that the illegitimate yt power states worldwide are continuing to plunge deeper into crisis as colonialism/imperialism crumbles and the Colonized proletariat organize themselves away from a world ruled by yt power. Just take a look at the immense wins of China as they lead the effort of building Colonized unity. 

bejamin nuttanyahu, crime minister since 2009, ran for re-election while standing trial on corruption charges, which is what opposition parties were hoping would prompt voters to finally push him out of office. However, to no one’s surprise, bibi nutty-yahoo continues to enjoy support from the kkkolonizer class that pushes for further escalations with Iran and furthering the genocidal regime on Palestinian Land while stealing their lives, labor, land, and resources. 

Colonizers fighting each other over which colonizer is their favorite.
Colonizers fighting each other over which colonizer is their favorite.

This aggression only reveals the colonizers’ true priorities; that is, no matter who is in charge of the illegitimate settler state, isntreal will continue to genocide the rightful stewards of the land. Still, isntreal is gearing up for a FIFTH election in September.

This struggle for power between colonizers is a result of their inability to strangle the Islamic Republic of Iran through economic sanctions as the people of Iran continue to build their own Colonized unity with other Colonized nations around the world. 

As the united snakkkes and colonizer countries scramble to save their empire on the brink of absolute collapse, they are getting bold in their attempts to sabotage Iran’s struggle in gaining dictatorship over their lives, labor, land, and resources. It’s why they’re struggling so hard to choose a colonizer in power—who can genocide Colonized nations the best? 

Recently, isntreal sabotaged Iran’s nuclear defense program by attacking Natanz—Iran’s facility for atomic research and a uranium enrichment site—through an explosion that caused a power outage to the facility. 

Natanz Research Facility
Natanz Research Facility

This isn’t the first time that isntreal has sabotaged and attacked Iran before, however. Back in November, a top Iranian scientist working on their nuclear program was assassinated. In 2010, Iran was sabotaged with a computer v*rus, a malicious virus called Stuxnet created by none other than isntreal and amerikkka. 

Iranian Scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh assassinated by colonizer forces
Iranian Scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, who was assassinated by colonizer forces

The Islamic Republic of Iran won’t let any of these colonizers’ sabotage attempts slow their progress to gain dictatorship over their land. The Palestinian people will emerge victorious and all Colonized people will be liberated soon enough. These colonizers in power know their time is up.  

Colonized people and especially the Colonized Palestinian people understand that these elekkktions will never do anything to decide who the REAL leaders are because these elekkktions are being held on stolen land. The only true leaders of the land are the Indigenous Palestinians, and we stand with them as they continue to watch isntreal’s fraudulent elekkktions be a whole mess. If you want to build a world where no one lives at the expense of another and all Colonized people have dictatorship over their lands, lives, labor, and resources, then join Black Hammer and start building that world TODAY.

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