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Why V*ccine Passports Will Make You Question Everything

By SM Staff

V*ccine passports are now being developed and pushed out by colonizer nations with isn’treal (israel) leading the effort. Colonizers who have received two doses of the v*ccine can show their v*ccine passport to travel and get back to “normal”, which means them traveling to Colonized nations to partake in colonial tourism, killing our people in the process.

However, Colonized nations that are suffering the p*ndemic disproportionately, along with v*ccine shortages, will be hindered from traveling to colonizer nations unless they have a v*ccine passport. This will particularly affect Colonized peoples “immigrating” to europe, and the u.$. as colonizers will use this as an excuse to continue rejecting peoples from lands they have stolen and colonized.

Colonizers are the disease
Colonizers are the disease

The worst part is that these cheap, rushed, ineffective, and unsafe colonial v*ccines made in amerikkka and colonizer countries come with an increased risk of blood clots, especially with younger populations under the age of 50. Many of the colonial media outlets are saying that the correlation between the blood clots and Johnson & Johnson v*ccines are “not yet proven” when we know they’re saving face for the dying empire.

Did these colonizer clowns really expect us to forget about how they killed 23 elderly patients with Pfizer’s jab? Or the fact that colonizer countries themselves banned the AstraZenenca v*ccine in response to high numbers of blood clots?

Number of countries that banned AstraZeneca
Number of countries that banned AstraZeneca

Now their carelessness is coming back to bite them in the ass; the colony’s own CDC and FDA have now recommended halting J&J $hots due to “rare” side effects of adverse reactions—with the european Medicines Agency (EMA) already confirming the link between blood clots and AstraZeneca’s v*ccine. No surprise there. Black Hammer has been warning the poor and working-class Colonized people of these unsafe and ineffective colonial v*ccines from the beginning.

All around, such a v*ccine passport does nothing to end the ongoing oppression of our peoples because it in no way overturns colonialism; the fact that these $hots are being hoarded while at the same time killing us along with the enhanced surveillance that will go into keeping track of those who have been v*xxed proves clearly the sinister intent of the colonizers.

Our data is just money for colonial institutions
Our data is just money for colonial institutions

 At Black Hammer, we understand colonizers will rest at nothing to ramp up surveillance efforts around our peoples and justify their parasitic appetite for travel to our nations. If you’re a Colonized person sick of watching colonizers come up with new ways for pigs and the illegal settler state of amerikkka to surveil us, join us, and let’s get this LAND BACK!

Use your writing talents to further the Liberation of all Colonized People by joining Black Hammer Times today! We are looking for journalists, reporters, poets, and more, so do not worry; there is a spot on our team for you.

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