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Asians Against Yt Power: Chief Gun’s #RunDatBack on The Need For Unity

A response from Chief Gun at Black Hammer’s Asians Against YT Power Panel Discussion

Chief Turey: One of the most visible forms of division within the Asian continent, and between the Colonized Nations of Asia, is colorism, which is yet another legacy of Colonialism. Why have liberal calls to #StopAsianHate failed to actually resolve these conflicts, and what are some other divisions between Asian people that need to be addressed?

Chief GUN: #StopAsianHate fails to address the complexities of colonial violence and its legacy perpetuated within and among the Colonized masses, particularly colorism. #StopAsianHate is the type of sh*t that gives loopholes for questions like “What about Asian on Asian Hate?” “What About Black on Asian crimes?” “What about racism within the Asian community” because it does not address the root of the issue, which is again white supremacy and colonialism—and more importantly—it does not provide an actual solution—which Black Hammer does; unity of the Colonized masses! 

Four victims of the Atlanta shooting were Korean, not Chinese; South Asian people were also targeted by rising hate crimes against Asians since the start of c*vid and of course before. This shows that anti-China and anti-Asian hate planted by colonizers hurts all of us, across incredibly diverse Asian peoples.

Asian people’s legal and political positions  have never been stable and are completely moved around according to the situation by colonizers to make sense of their western propaganda; whether it’s that we are model minorities that are better than other Colonized peoples or that we are yellow perils that steal all the opportunities and threaten western civilization. Hate was planted within our Asian community and non-Asian Colonized community by COLONIZERS. We must remember that and fight to NOT be the medium of white supremacy ourselves as Colonized peoples.

The first queen of the Gaya Dynasty of Korea in the 13th century was an Indian princess from the “Ayuta” kingdom; Heo Hwang-Ok, also known by her native name, Suriratna. She was loved and known as a benevolent, great queen. [A testament to Colonized unity]

Defending your community starts with you
Defending your community starts with you

Historic China has had many great scholars from all over the world, including Africa and South Asia, who were accepted and respected for their knowledge and culture. I emphasize again, colorism was taught by colonizers; the only way to fight this harm being done to our Asian masses AND non-Asian Colonized masses is to unite and face the reality. White power keeps—and will keep killing—us on stolen lands. Liberalism gives us an illusion that there are so many things wrong with the world that we have to tackle one by one, it gives an illusion that we can still work with and within the system built by and for white people. No. The only meaningful way to mourn is to join the revolution that recognizes these issues and puts in work NOW and has BEEN putting in work to fix these issues, providing protection and service to the people. That’s Black Hammer. Who’s gonna protect us? US. All Colonized people, we must unite and protect US.

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