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Indian Farmers Continue to Rise Up Against Neocolonial $ellouts

By Black Hammer

The masses of poor working-class Indian farmers have organized and mobilized what is now the largest strike in world history. As the population sinks into an economic crisis with lower cut wages and increasingly dangerous work conditions, the masses are galvanizing into organized action against the Hindu-nationalist,  neocolonial sellout prime minister, narendra modi, and his puppet government’s anti-farmer agricultural laws. 

Currently, modi is pushing for three agricultural laws to be passed. These laws will allow private corporations to invest in the agrarian sector and force the 146 million farmers to do business with greedy capitalists. modi claims this would give freedom for the farmers to sell to other markets, but the people know better than this. It means cutting wages and stealing control over what small acres of land these farmers have to their name. 

India, a nation with a population of almost 1.4 billion people, is seeing a growing mass movement emanating from the poorest sectors of the nation. The farmers, laborers and producers of goods, without whom, India would not be able to sustain itself.

Farmer holding sign which reads "Don't Bite the Hand That Feeds You"
Farmer holding sign which reads “Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds You”

Black Hammer sees this not as a coincidence, but a continuation of the resistance that the poor working-class Indian masses have shown throughout history. As land continues to be privatized, snatched by greedy neocolonial companies from the people that till its soil, the conditions that Indian farmers face is no longer negotiable. 

During the 1980’s, the largest strike in Mumbai was held in protest of the textile industry—the backbone of the city’s commerce—with 250,000 textile workers eventually shutting down 80 textile mills. These conditions of the toiling masses—being deprived of the essentials for a basic livelihood in the city—are no different to the current state of affairs with the agriculture sector, with Indian farmers losing their jobs, earning mere pennies to feed themselves and their families while catching COVID-19, with cases still on the rise. 

Textile strike in 1982 led by Datta Samant who was later assassinated
Textile strike in 1982 led by Datta Samant who was later assassinated

This movement isn’t just a liberal show of strength in numbers, but the farmers are actively organizing for themselves to meet their material interests. They understand that the neocolonial puppet regime of narendra modi will not address the problems they face and instead, are taking actions into their own hands. 

In these past four months since the protests began, the farmers have organized food drives, set up tents as shelters, gyms, outdoor baths, and even schools to continue educating the children. This is sending a message to the whole world that the farmers are in it for the long haul and that these protests will not  end until the new agricultural laws passed have been retracted. 

Indian Farmers build makeshift school as they protest agricultural laws
Indian Farmers build makeshift school as they protest agricultural laws

The agriculture sector is arguably the most important industry in the Colonized nation of India. 

4 out of 10 Indians are farmers whose labor supplies more than half of the country’s economy. Over 60% of the population is dependent on agriculture as the main source of income for employment. This farmers movement isn’t just a movement spurring up in Delhi, the nation’s capital, but all across the country; farmers and poor working-class Indians from students, to restaurant owners and chaiwalas, are protesting together. Traveling several hours and sleeping in the back of trucks, many have died due to the harsh weather conditions. 

Women comprise a majority of the population of farmers in India, and only a few own any portion of land. Now, women are taking leadership positions in the fight against the neocolonial regime and puppet masters of white power. This is Black Hammer’s 4th and 2nd principle of unity in action, that the poor & working-class Colonized people are the true & only leadership in this revolution. 

Women leading protests, showcasing our Second Principle of Unity
Women leading protests, showcasing our Second Principle of Unity

The sellout prime minister & Hindu nationalist narendra modi—a man who outwardly unites with colonialism and is inspired by Hitler’s nazism—visited Bangladesh, a Muslim-majority nation, and was met with a violent uproar from the masses of Bangladeshis, Bangladesh and India have had many unresolved disputes. In fact, the sellout bharatiya janata party has always held an anti-Muslim stance which has boiled to a full-blown pogrom, an official encouraged massacre of a minority group; one prominent example being the Gujarat pogrom back in 2002. 

modi is planning to build an inefficient nuclear power plant while China seeks to uplift the Bangladeshi people through developing their infrastructure; the priorities of the two nations clearly show the disunity that neocolonial sellout modi has with the Colonized poor working-class people in India.

BHO sees the unity of the poor working-class Colonized masses coming together to build a new world where no one lives at the expense of another. This not only means fighting colonialism and white power but it also means the eradication of caste, religious strife, conflict between South Asian countries , sectarian violence and all symptoms that colonialism breeds. In an era where divisions between sectors within our Colonized nations are becoming increasingly irrelevant next to the original contradiction of colonialism, this will be a task easily fulfilled through Colonized unity.

Sellout meeting sellout, with the blood of Colonized people in their cups
Sellout meeting sellout, with the blood of Colonized people in their cups

We recognize modi as another neocolonial sellout who chooses to spill the blood of his people to pour wine in his own glass. Black Hammer’s Third Principle of Unity states that all the problems Colonized people face come from colonialism and the neocolonial puppets installed within our nations. 

modi, the Indian National Congress, and all neocolonial sellout leaders are nothing but puppets in the hands of the white ruling class that is currently attempting to position India towards war with China as another ploy to hinder the progress of a global, anticolonial, socialist revolution that we at Black Hammer are building every day.

The millions of farmers in India and all across the world need dictatorship and control over their land and resources in order to produce and reproduce for themselves, not to slave away at the fields to earn pennies while corporations eat up all the profit—destroying their land in the process. 

India deserves liberation,  freedom, and most of all, leaders that are willing to serve and protect the interests of the Colonized proletariat; that leader is Black Hammer.

Join Black Hammer and fight for your liberation today! 

Land back!

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