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Statement of Unity from the Black Hammer Organization to the Communist Party of Kenya – C.P.K

Kenya—Today at Noon GMT3 the Kenyan police have illegally invaded the headquarters of the Communist Party of Kenya for their efforts in organizing demonstrations against the disastrous and unscientific response to the COVID-19 pandemic from the current neocolonial puppets of the Jubilee Administration.

The Black Hammer Organization sees this public health failure as an extension of the colony and a ploy by uhuru kenyatta to keep power over the masses. This persecution is an obvious reaction to the mass support the Communist Party of Kenya is receiving from the masses of poor working class Kenyans.

We stand in Unity with the Communist Party of Kenya and the comrades who have now been released on police bond. They will be required to present themselves to Kibera law courts this Friday. We support the defiance of the Communist Party of Kenya towards the billionaire neo colonial rule that is desperate to suffocate the poor working class masses of Kenya! #FreeKileleshwa13

Brian Gichuki

Kinuthia Ndungu

Wendy Wakesho

Waringa Wa Wahome

Gitahi Ngunyi

Basil Odira

Alloise Wambida

Fredrick Wangari

Malcolm Frederick

Davis Tafari

Vincent Kidaha

Joseph Gitonga

Rahma Wangui

Their arrests were ordered by a neocolonial sellout, hillary mutyambai, the current inspector general for the Kenyan pig forces. We stand in Unity with the Communist Party of Kenya holding the neocolonial puppets of the IMF and World Bank accountable for their participation in continuing the violent legacy of colonialism over the Kenyan masses.

In all lands that are ruled by neocolonial puppets the response to the COVID-19 Pandemic was disastrous, unscientific, and is resulting in millions of deaths—with no end in sight. It is only through militant unity of the Colonized masses that the colony and their neocolonial puppets can be defeated once and for all. We salute the struggle the Communist Party of Kenya is waging against the COVID-19 Pandemic and for Liberation.


Message to our comrade in Kenya
Message to our comrades in Kenya


– Antinanco Nahuel

Secretary General of Black Hammer Organization

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  1. Unity with the CPK and al colonized people fighting colonialism in all its faces. Our colonized unity is what guarantees us our liberation! #FreeKileleshwa13 Land back!


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