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SINOPHOBIA: Proud Product of the united snakkkes

By Black Hammer

Last year, mike pompig’s pasty, ritz cracker ass identified the People’s Republic of China as a “threat to the free world.” This was funny, because what is a free world to the white ruling class and imperialist nations? They mean a world free for them to continue to go into Colonized nations to loot them for their resources and destroy their lives. 

Quote from mike pompig, adjusted to reveal true meaning
Quote from mike pompig, adjusted to reveal true meaning

As Black Hammer Times has covered before, none of this sinophobic rhetoric from the united snakes is new. Ironically, the yellow peril movement they created is closely associated with an octopus with its tentacles corrupting the world. In reality this octopus is colonialism and imperialism. The imperialists see the People’s Republic of China directly threatening their “free world” and helping Colonized nations get their resources under their control. They must use every arm of this octopus to try to prevent a world where they are no longer in control.

Two of these arms are the arm of the military and the arm of propaganda. They have both been used extensively against the People’s Republic of China in the 21st century and especially over the past year and a half. In 2011 the pentagon produced a report called ‘The Strategic Consequences of Chinese Racism: A Strategic Asymmetry for the United States.’ It detailed how the state department can play up and utilize alleged racism in the PRC and Chinese communities in the snakes to push their imperialist agenda. 

colonialism and its tentacles depicted
colonialism and its tentacles depicted

They were successful. Within the united snakes, unfavorable views of China doubled from 2005-2020. Same in the imperialist nations of kkkanada, australia, new zealand and the uk – all these countries combined with the US come together to create the Five Eyes Alliance; an alliance with a council dedicated solely to covertly monitoring and influencing non-member nations’ actions and activities. 

These five countries are leading a one sided aggression campaign against the People’s Republic of China and encouraging other countries to follow suit. All with the goal to prevent the Communist Party of China’s goal of creating a shared future for all humanity. The Constitution of the Communist Party of China reads

In international affairs, it shall uphold justice while pursuing shared interests, safeguard China’s independence and sovereignty, oppose hegemonism and power politics, defend world peace, promote human progress, work to build a community with a shared future for mankind, and advance the building of a harmonious world of lasting peace and common prosperity.

It is important to emphasize that this aggression is completely one sided and that the PRC has been finding itself playing defense throughout this campaign. Historically China has always wanted peaceful interaction with all other nations. After the Cultural Revolution, Mao Zedong actually reached out to three different presidential administrations of the united snakes to have peace talks in washington, only to be ignored all three times. 

Clearly these imperialist nations have a vested interest in maintaining China as the enemy in the eyes of the masses. All we have to do is follow the money. 

To start, the state departments, militaries and weapons companies in these imperialist nations, fund a lot of “non-partisan and unbiased” think tanks such as the Australian Strategic Policies Institute (ASPI) in Australia or the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in amerikkka. 

Just some of the donors and funders of ASPI
Just some of the donors and funders of ASPI

These think tanks provide unchecked studies—mostly done by colonizers of course—as “research” and “sources” for these colonial media sources such as the New York Times, VICE, CNN and no surprise FOX. They claim these sources and themselves are unbiased yet clearly have a bias towards colonial violence. The head ASPI executive once said, “Australia needs more cowboy and less kowtow”  when it comes to dealing with the PRC. This is no surprise when his entire business is funded by the Australian military, US weapons contractors, lockheed martin, raytheon, the isn’treal(israel) embassy, nato and the u.s. state department. 

Not only are these sources used by colonial media to create Sinophobic propaganda but their studies are used by “western” governments to spread misinformation and vilify the PRC in the eyes of otherwise neutral nations. Sources that imperialists have funded are used to justify their aggression towards the PRC during diplomacy, resulting in a military pivot towards Asia. With diplomatic approval from the united nations and nato, imperialist defense departments provide massive weapons contracts to the same weapons and defense companies who are also funding the same think tanks as the governments. 

This is an intentionally gross cycle and is what powers the imperialist propaganda machine. A machine that only produces death and destruction for Colonized people as well as massive amounts of wealth for all the imperialists involved. Everyone involved in running this machine has much to gain from a militaristic pivot towards Asia. The colonizer nations get approval to violently try to maintain control over Colonized peoples’ lives, labor, land and resources while think tank, journalism, and weapons executives continue to fatten their pockets. 

Militaristic pivot towards Asia
Militaristic pivot towards Asia

This machine must be destroyed and Black Hammer is doing that with the baddest anti-colonial news source this world has ever seen—Black Hammer Times. BHT is dedicated to putting out articles daily that destroy the lies of the colony and expose their overall brutal relationship with the Colonized world. It’s not just Black Hammer Times though. Our organization has an entire Agitation and Propaganda Office with the same dedicated goal—militantly maneuvering with an unwavering bias towards Colonized people at all times and on all fronts. If you want to be involved in agitating, inspiring or educating the masses through your words, art, or other skills, join Black Hammer today and ask about our Agitation and Propaganda Office. 

Land Back!

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You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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