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Colonial Climate Disaster in Southeast Asia: Floods & Landslides Wreak Havoc on the Indonesian & Timor-Leste Poor and Working-Class

Indonesia—Southeast Indonesia and Timor-Leste have suffered from landslides and flash floods caused by torrential rains from a tropical cyclone. The Indonesian government has even issued a tropical cyclone warning until April the 9th due to heavy rains.

It is estimated that 100 people have died in total, with at least 60 people killed in Timor-Leste; these numbers will continue to rise as rescue efforts are underway. The mud, however, is making it difficult for these rescue teams to find more survivors. 

Back in January, the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, suffered from similar events. Flooding caused millions of dollars in losses, and the sellout in power would rather reap the rewards of crumbs from the colonizer and continue the genocide of the Indonesian masses than take some of that money to combat these floods. But sellouts will be sellouts. Don’t worry; we will deal with all crimes against our people and show the masses the power of revolutionary organization and disaster relief. Though these flash floods are common within the region, many sources cite deforestation as one of the key factors causing such severe flooding, which we know is yet another symptom of the colony looting our precious land, labor, lives, and resources. 

Many houses were lost to this disaster, with the Colonized people of Indonesia taking what little refuge they can. Hundreds of evacuees are spread out and need food, supplies, and aid in general; in fact, the v*ccine rollout, which was to occur on Monday, has been disrupted because of the disaster.

joko widodo, the current president of Indonesia since 2014, has utilized a campaign of “hope and change” reminiscent of a sellout here in the snakes (obomber) to come to power. Now that he has assumed the position of president, he has reinstated a death penalty law only 6 months into his election and serves as yet another neo-colonial sellout puppet for our oppressor.

The worsening effects of climate disaster due to the non-stop pillaging, looting, and complete disregard of the environment—especially within Colonized nations whose sellouts allow for this to happen—have led to these kinds of abnormal disasters. Black Hammer will continue to bring awareness and aid to our Colonized siblings in Southeast Asia and knows that the best way to help our people is to continue to expose the root cause of all of our problems—colonialism. Most importantly, we help our people through revolutionary Colonized unity, which will ultimately bring about the liberation of all Colonized people. 

As colonialism continues to destroy the planet, Black Hammer and the Colonized masses of the world will continue to fight back with the power of Colonized unity, organization, and leadership so that our people don’t face worsening disasters at the hands of the colony, such as the one that is taking place currently in Indonesia and Timor-Leste.

If you would like to help serve and save the Colonized masses during times of disaster that the colony uses as yet another way to genocide our people, then join Black Hammer’s Disaster Relief Committee and be the Revolutionary that our people need. Be the Revolutionary that our people deserve.

Land Back!

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  1. Unity with the colonized masses in Indonesia! We must unite to fight against this beast of colonialism that has wreaked havoc on our Mother Earth and our lives. Land Back!

  2. Wow this awful but I know this organization will continue to fight for our colonized siblings and our Mother Earth. ✊?


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