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Cold War Tension in amerikkka Heightens as China and Russia Collaborate

By SM Staff

Chinese diplomats met with amerikkkan officials who were meddling with China’s internal affairs and trying to turn China’s actions—which have united Colonized people for several years—against them. But the disunited snakkkes got a taste of its own medicine after finally being told to deal with their human rights issues.

Soon after the meeting, the CPC’s (Communist Party of China) State Council Information Office published on March 24, “The Report on Human Rights Violations in the United States in 2020“; a yearly document the CPC published to highlight the atrocities of the amerikkkan empire.

CPC's report with amerikkkan human rights violations
CPC’s report with amerikkkan human rights violations

The story gets better as amerikkkan officials wanted to act like they were the ones with power in negotiations; we know how toxic and chauvinistic the colonizer is but Miss China didn’t come to play and shut that shit down real quick, letting the crumbling empire know they are in no place to make demands to the CPC and the people of China.  

China’s unity and strength with Colonized nations against amerikkka is being seen worldwide as Russia continues to heighten its relationship with China as well as heightening their propaganda to ensure that people see the reality of the united snakkkes’ crumbling empire and its atrocities. amerikkkan propaganda no longer stands a chance against nations that stand united. It is clear yt power in amerikkka is dividing and the government is failing.

amerikkan dollar burning
amerikkan dollar burning

The wins don’t stop there as China and Russia have united to move away from the colonizer’s currency to reduce their dependence on the united snakkkes dollar and western payment systems to push back against the colonizer nations’ ideological agenda. Colonized nations are pulling away from the colony and China is leading by example!

Xi Xin Ping and Putin shaking hands
Xi Jinping and Putin shaking hands

Black Hammer salutes the Chinese people and the CPC for taking a stand against the colony and always standing for Colonized unity worldwide! If you want to build a dual contending power for all Colonized people and create a world where no one lives at the expense of another, join Black Hammer today!

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