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By Comrades Jucha, Murad, and Chief Cheem

Within the last 18 days, four events come to mind; in chronological order, the shooting in Atlanta, a shooting in Boulder, CO, another shooting in Orange, CA, and an attack on pigs at capitol hill, which successfully took the life of one pig with the perpetrator having been shot by pigs. 

Among these, the deadliest was the shooting in Atlanta, which saw the targeted killing of the Asian community specifically—with all the racist propaganda coming out of amerikkka regarding China since the start of the colonialv*rus this comes as no surprise—with fellow colonizer pig captain jay baker stating apologetic remarks for this murderer; “yesterday was a pretty bad day for him and this is what he did.” 

Pig captain caught red handed being a racist pig
Pig captain caught red handed being a racist pig

In comparison, when commenting on the shooting in Orange, pigs mentioned the death penalty immediately for the shooter—of course, because the shooter was a Colonized man. 

The reason (really an excuse) they give for bringing the death penalty to this man is because one child was killed during the event “by the suspect” but should we really give these pigs the benefit of the doubt when currently, the defense for the case of pig derek chauvin is pinning the lynching of George Floyd on George Floyd himself for allegedly “overdosing” on drugs and not the knee that was on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds?

We know horizontal violence in Colonized communities is a direct symptom of colonialism. It and the colonial prison pipeline are tools of the colony to continue our oppression and genocide every single day.

It’s more likely that the carelessness of the pigs led to this child being shot in trying to shoot the suspect himself. 

The same could be said of the alleged shooting by a Syrian man—mind you whose people are currently undergoing a genocide perpetrated by the united snakes—since there have been no videos released yet of him actually going in to shoot these colonizers in the store. 

This brother is from Syria—the same Syria that amerikkka has been bombing, the same Syria that barack hussein obomber dropped 26,000 bombs on that has killed 364,000-588,000 people

-Commander in Chief, Gazi Kodzo

We can’t see proof of both the shootings in Orange or Colorado, but what we can see proof of is the death and suffering of our Colonized siblings in Syria, the absolute destruction that this genocidal settler nation brings to Colonized people around the world for not submitting to its pillaging and looting of resources. Guns don’t kill people; colonizers do. 


Colonized Power Will Grow Through the Barrel of a Gun

british colonizers holding Africans hostage
british colonizers holding Africans hostage

Many liberals, including the demokkkratic party, have been calling and will continue to call for gun regulation. In the mind of the colonizers, this reaction is made to be seen as reasonable and natural when, in reality, it is simply another excuse to stop Colonized self-defense, a necessary component in creating a community that is safe from colonial violence. 

The bill pedo biden is trying to pass isn’t for protecting the lives of Colonized people; it’s meant to disarm Colonized people from having the means to protect themselves from colonizers who’ve been committing hate crimes to their communities for decades with no help or justice from the colony.

Black Panthers protesting at the California Assembly in May 1967.
Black Panthers protesting at the California Assembly in May 1967.

Mao Zedong told us: 

Every Communist must grasp the truth; Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun

colonizers have done their best to convince the Colonized masses that organizing for our liberation, whether violently or not, is never the answer. It is this liberalism that has warped the minds of Colonized people and the understanding of where power comes from. 

We are advocates of the abolition of war, we do not want war; but war can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun

– Mao Zedong

Every Colonized person must understand and internalize the lessons of our Revolutionary ancestors. Liberation of our land, labor, and resources will not simply be handed over to us by the colony. It is through the militant—and when we say militant not just in terms of being armed but in everything we do to further the struggle against colonialism—organization and unity of the Colonized masses that Liberation will be won. If you are a Colonized person and want to take on the mantle of overturning colonialism by any means, then join Black Hammer today and create a world where no one lives at the expense of another.

Defending your community starts with you

Land Back!

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