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Who Is The Communist Party Of China?

By Chief Turey, Chief Cheem and Comrade Jucha

Recently, the Communist Party of China sat down with pigs in the u.s. state department for the first official meeting between the two countries during pedo joe biden’s presidency. Top Chinese officials, Yang Jiechi and Wang Yi, laid down some serious diplomatic fire against amerikkkan secretary of state, anthony blinken, who thought laying sanctions on China right before the meeting would give the united snakes more leverage. You know, like a snake would do. 

To combat the false narrative of countless accusations from  the united snakes, Wang Yi the Minister of Foreign Affairs addressed them in a statement saying, “western politicians would rather believe conspiracies instead of listening to more than 25 million Xinjiang citizens” but it isn’t just snake politicians; it’s the western colonizer leftists as well. 

Wang Yi addressing the united snakes at Alaska meeting

Colonizer blinken said at the summit, “Our administration is committed to leading with diplomacy, to advance the interests of the united snakes and to strengthen the rules based order international order…The alternative to a rules based order is a world in which might makes right and winners take all. And that would be a far more violent and unstable world for all of us.”

It seems this colonizer has forgotten where his ancestry comes from but allow us to remind him; this joke of a statement describes the current world order colonizer nations have created and have maintained at the expense of Colonized people worldwide. The “rules-based order” in place allows for amerikkka to coup Colonized nations, wage endless war against those same Colonized nations and starve their populations through economic warfare in the form of sanctions. 

The deadly effects of sanctions, specifically on Yemen

Yang Jiechi, a senior member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and director of the Office of Foreign Affairs Commission of the CPC Central Committee, responded to the sanctions these dirty snakes imposed on China right before their departure with a powerful statement; “History will prove that if you use cutthroat competition to suppress China, you will be the one to suffer in the end.” 

Let’s highlight once more the immense wins China has accomplished along with the Colonized Unity they continue to demonstrate to the world as well as the roles these two senior officials play within the leadership of the CPC. Judging the two nations not by what they say but by their actions is how we will be able to easily uncover the slander against Miss China. 

Who Is The CPC?

In our Party, each and every one of us must always breathe the same breath as the people, share the same future, and stay truly connected to them. The aspirations of the people to live a better life must always be the focus of our efforts. We must keep on striving with endless energy toward the great goal of national rejuvenation

Xi Jinping, Report to the 19th National Congress

Yang Jiechi and Wang Yi are only a couple of members in a leadership committee made up of other dedicated party members, with each role and department having the ultimate goal of serving the people. It is through this collective leadership, accountability through criticism and self-criticism and disciplinary action that the CPC has managed to bring about prosperity for its people. 

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Organization Chart of Central Leadership

Their comprehensive Five-Year Plans allow for them to monitor the progress made and embrace the science of Socialism With Chinese Characteristics; that is, to continue to build their country and ensure the safety of their citizens—continuously improving the lives of Colonized people not just at home but around the world as well. 

Xi Jinping stands at the head of the Central Committee of the CPC being part of multiple departments and taking on different roles; General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau and Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee as well as serving as the Chairman for the Central Military Commission of the CPC. 

Let’s make clear that it was through collective leadership and democratic centralism that these party members have built their Colonized nation up to be the giant it is today and not one single person. It was through the collective. 

China’s Biggest Wins 

The roles of party leadership and unity between them in achieving a common goal have allowed for immense wins. 

“Since China began to open up and reform its economy in 1978, GDP growth has averaged almost 10 percent a year, and more than 800 million people have been lifted out of poverty. There have also been significant improvements in access to health, education, and other services over the same period.”

That’s a reduction of 70% of global poverty and the largest reduction in recorded history.

If you think this statement or claim is just Chinese propaganda, think again. This is coming from the World Bank.

Poverty levels in China’s rural areas according to the current rural poverty standard, Oct. 17, 2016.

Other accomplishments include 

  • Major advances in Science and Technology
  • The Belt and Road Initiative
  • Agricultural Modernization
  • Maintaining status as largest economy

And much more. 

When Colonized people have dictatorship over their lives, labor, land and resources the possibilities are endless and China continues to prove this. The dictatorship of the proletariat—don’t be scared of the word dictatorship you already live under the dictatorship of colonizers and sellouts—is when the people have total and absolute power over their government. The sad reality in the united snakes is that 8 million people have fallen into poverty since the summer the v*rus hit. 

But these monumental achievements in poverty reduction are not limited to China’s mainland…

China’s Colonized Unity

Huey P. Newton meeting Chinese Premier Chou En Lai

China continues to be a champion for Colonized people around the world and for this, the united snakes will continue to spread lies, baseless accusations, and sinophobia throughout its population. 

From China’s global aid during the pandemic which saw them sending doctors and medical aid to Colonized Nations near and far, to developing infrastructure in Africa; the proof is undeniable.

We will continue to build unity with the working class people of China and all Colonized poor and working class people around the world, debunking any propaganda that is fed to the Colonized people in amerikkka.

Through the revolutionary tools of democratic centralism, self criticism/criticism, collective leadership and perhaps most importantly Colonized unity will Black Hammer forge the path of revolution and continue to uphold these tools/principles to serve the Colonized masses. More than these tools, it is our Principles of Unity that guide us towards building a world where no one lives at the expense of another; if you would like to take part in building this world, join today!

Land Back!

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  1. Land back!! I really wasn’t aware about the good China has been doing, tho I know the united snakkkes is out here with their propaganda. Thank you for laying out the work they have been doing in other colonized nations!! China is high key a role model for us here in the snakkkes!

  2. This article really lays out how by studying China’s ACTIONS, rather than basing our understandings around US propaganda’s take on them, China can continue to inspire us to gain self-determination as colonized peoples! I was really moved by the Xi Jiping report quote: ‘In our Party, each and every one of us must always breathe the same breath as the people, share the same future, and stay truly connected to them. The aspirations of the people to live a better life must always be the focus of our efforts. We must keep on striving with endless energy toward the great goal of national rejuvenation’ land back!


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