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Our Enemy Is Colonialism

By Black Hammer

Colonialism is the control of the land, lives, labor, and resources of a nation by an external foreign nation.

The question, first and foremost, that oppressed Colonized people worldwide must face is that of our right—as humans, as nations—to be the determining, deciding and dictating factor over our own lives, labor, land and resources. In simple terms: we must have dictatorship (control) over our lives and land. And currently we do not.

What obstacles do we face? 

The obstacle is colonialism, in all its forms and all of its offspring.

European exploration, christianization or, best put, colonization, obstructed the natural progress of the peoples of Africa, what we know as “America”, Asia, and the Pacific Islands! European domination is violently suppressing our peoples natural economic, political, and social development.

The progression of Indigenous civilization, far beyond the cave beasts of europe

The plundering of our resources, along with the inhumane exploitation of our labor is topped by the direct or indirect control of our political, cultural and social lives. 

Colonialism has stolen our minerals, crops, animals, fields, forests, oils, and destroyed our lands. Of course, not without meeting consistent resistance. All oppressed peoples have a variety of revolts, uprisings and popular struggles that decorate our history within this colonial era. 

As a result of this back and forth struggle, between Colonized and colonizer, for our own resources, the colonial powers sought to destroy our ways of life, to wipe out the seeds of rebellion which are the natural result of people rich in culture.

Haitians gaining justice, fighting for their lives, labor, and land

A people who sought happiness, self determination, and a future for our children. Our resistance to colonial subjugation is not sporadic nor surprising; our resistance to imperial violence and genocide is inevitable.

We want peace, joy and control over our own lives. Through the unique historical development of our land and resources we have forged and created cultures which we have every right to defend, and to defend by any means necessary.

Resistance is cultural

President Ahmed Sekou Toure of the Republic of Guinea arrives for a visit to Washington D.C.

We should go down to the grassroots of our culture, not to remain there, not to be isolated there, but to draw strength and substance there from, and with whatever additional sources of strength and material we acquire, proceed to set up a new form of society raised to the level of human progress

Ahmed Sekou Toure

Our cultures, that is to say our art, dances, food, skills, beliefs, political systems and languages are the drive of our resistance. 

From our long history of struggle between man and nature, man and man, man and time, we forged lifestyles and traditions far beyond any bleached history book. The colonizer must erase these rich deposits of culture from the minds of their victims if they wish to quell the ongoing resistance.

Of course, these efforts are in vain. All Colonized people have faced the wrath of colonial cultural erasure in many ways. Nonetheless, our culture is ever-striving, constantly growing and always developing. Even in marginalization and near complete genocide, we continue(d) to practice and preserve our ways of life.

Indigenous Water Protectors fending off the violent genocidal amerikkkan empire

The colonizer’s quest is paradoxical, that is, it contradicts itself. We are their labor force and loot, while simultaneously being their downfall and demise. They need us in shackles, but with those shackles we will end the binds of oppression. 

The colonizer must destroy our culture to quell our resistance.

Assimilation, through force or farce, is one method of suppression. The colonizer tricks us into accepting their history, as our own. Through miseducation and indoctrination we are fed lies about ourselves and our history. By way of assimilation, one can destroy that humanity and replace it with submission to oppression.

In the colonial context the settler only ends his work of breaking in the native when the latter admits loudly and intelligibly the supremacy of the white man’s values

Franz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth

They brainwash us to believe genocide is progressive; that we were once savages and now as victims, we are civilized. At gunpoint, they force their language, religion and traditions, their version of history onto us.

Forced assimilation of Indigenous children

Colonialism must constantly reinforce within itself a feeling of superiority, whether it is conscious or subconscious. It is necessary to install these foundations of white power, western chauvinism (belief in superiority in one’s patriotism, in this case whiteness), and amerikkkan democracy to absolve themselves of their past and current crimes.

When assimilation—the “non-violent” face of genocide—is unable to douse the flames of rebellion, it resorts to mass murder and forced starvation. They sterilize us and push drugs on us—we are nothing but loot to them. 

Dialectics of colonialism

The United States works on what we call the ‘three M’s’: the Missionaries, the Money, and the Marines. That is precisely the way it has moved all over the world

Kwame Ture

First, come the missionaries. Second, the money. Then come the marines.

The missionaries are tricksters bringing their racism in scripture and “education.” When we throw them out, next comes the money to sniff for the sellouts itching to betray their people. When our leaders stand firm and say NO to neocolonialism, then come the marines to ensure the colonial powers of their “right” to our land and its resources. Marines come with guns, money with a leash, and missionaries with scripture.

Our enemy is colonialism. We are not fools. We know a puppet when we see one. They may look like us, talk like us, but it is their actions that prove to us whether they are one of us.

Our enemy is two-fold; colonialism and its puppets. The oppressed Colonized masses of the world will no longer be fooled by the neocolonial sellouts in their nations. Let them be the lapdogs of white power—we will do away with colonialism and all those who defend it.

The face of a lapdog imperialist and neocolonial sellout, “president” of Haiti, jovenel moise

We must differentiate between the sellout and the fool. Where one gets his power from the colony, the other is fed crumbs to stall their revolutionary development. Every Colonized person is a potential revolutionary. The Colonized person who sells out his people is an enemy of the people. The Colonized person who lets symbolism and crumbs poison their minds and quell their spirit, is a fool.

Organized Colonized Unity

How do we fight our enemy? What are the tasks ahead?

The political platform of the Black Hammer Organization is our four Principles of Unity. Our platform is the natural result of a worldwide phenomena; the phenomena of colonialism, capitalism, and imperialism. The phenomena of international white power.

Colonialism has strongholds around the world. In terms of military technology, the monopoly colonial state of amerikkka is the most powerful, genocidal, notorious and violent state in history. 

Do not fear. The future is being built in the present. Our resistance to genocide is not over yet! Our fiery will for freedom is not so easily doused! Around the world the poor and working class Colonized masses are organizing and mobilizing against puppets and masters alike. No more excuses. 

The last two years have been historic leaps towards a post-colonial world. The people of Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, India, the Philippines, and so many more have mobilized against the puppet leaders who betray and mislead.

The Colonized masses of India rising up

The revolutions of Venezuela, Cuba, China, Vietnam, and Korea have made enormous contributions to the well-being of poor communities everywhere! The world watches the euro-colonies neglect to take the pandemic seriously, as the leading countries of the anti-colonial bloc send materials and knowledge to the so-called “third world.”

The displaced Colonized diaspora (people dispersed from their homeland) and Indigenous nations are no longer fighting each other. United, we are strong against such a scary paper tiger. The amerikkkan dictatorship of our resources is coming to an end. Colonialism is in collapse everywhere. The masses of the world are agitated and awake as the empire disintegrates. All over the globe Colonized people are rising from the slums and ghettos to usher in the future. 

Our analysis of history must be centered on our people and our culture! Once we see what they killed, our thirst for justice is unquenchable. 

We believe that the conscious and organized undertaking by a Colonized people to reestablish the sovereignty of that nation constitutes the most complete and obvious cultural manifestation that exists

Franz Fanon
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dienBienPhu-1.jpg
Vietnamese revolutionaries fighting off and winning the battle of Dien Bien Phu, ousting the colonizers of france

Our enemy is global, international. So our resistance must be global and international. Our unity must be far reaching and wide spread. They may be stronger technologically and militarily but our organized unity in action is unbeatable. That is what history tells us, that the last shall be the first. The wretched shall inherit the earth. We have overthrown and cast out the demons from britain, the fascists from portugal, the killers from belgium, the murderers from france and we will destroy their modern reincarnate, the genocidal amerikkkan state.

All of our histories are the history of people who hate war. Our struggle is the fight for peace and happiness. But our oppressor has no conscience and non-violence is useless when facing a psychopath, so we must do away with war through war. As Chairman Mao said:

We are advocates of the abolition of war, we do not want war; but war can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun

Problems of War and Strategy

The international organized resistance of colonialism is the task ahead of us. Already we see the ripe revolutionary consciousness of our communities as they fight military police with only their courage and anger on their face. Nonetheless, mobilization and spontaneous violence alone will not liberate us. We must be united in our struggle and organized in our strategy.

The Indigenous people of Bolivia in the face of brutal repression, fighting nonetheless

The most dangerous risk to the colonial structure is the dual contending power of organized Colonized unity. Only under leadership that is accountable to us, the people, can we bring down the most powerful empire in history. Only through our leadership can colonialism and exploitation finally be smashed.

Black Hammer Organization is a symbol of hope for Colonized poor and working class people worldwide. Simultaneously, we are the mechanism by which international white power will be smashed, decimated, and destroyed. We are hope in action

Hope in action, building resistance

Build a community of resistance. Build a unit. Build discipline. Build creatively. Build militancy. Build each other. Our collective action towards destroying our mutual enemy is the inevitable result of our shared plight. Our discipline and unity combined with hope and creativity is what makes Black Hammer the destroyer and the creator. As the Hammer builds, so too can it destroy.

Genocidal domination is the goal of the colonizer, by tricks or force.

Our enemy is colonialism. Our goal is anticolonial revolution through organized Colonized unity.

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