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More Genocidal Sanctions On Iran & Pakistan Won’t Do Sh*t!

By Chiefs Mase, Cheem, and Comrade Murad

Under constant aggression from amerikkka via economic sanctions, Iran and Pakistan continue to showcase Colonized unity in their cooperation, uniting as allies in a sea of snakes. In a recent interview, Pakistan detailed their unity with not only their neighboring Colonized country Iran but other Colonized countries as well.

For example, just last year in March of 2020, China sent over medical aid to Pakistan, helping them combat the initial outbreak of the v*rus by sending a plane filled with not only medical supplies but medical personnel. In fact, China also sent much needed medical aid to Iran when v*rus cases were surging in February of 2020 as well. 

Long live Colonized Unity!

The settler nation of amerikkka doesn’t take these acts of Colonized Unity lightly, putting in place sanctions on any country that displays such unity. In a new effort to stir up controversy regarding Russian, Chinese, and Iranian election interference, more calls for sanctions are being heard due to the lies the united snakkkes is spreading. The reality is that the u.s. is punishing Iran for having friendly relations with other Colonized nations like Pakistan and China. 

The united snakes constantly paints these genuine relationships and acts of anticolonial solidarity as proof that certain Colonized nations are evil, deeming whatever country/government that does not cooperate with them a threat to their colonial agenda, while rewarding sellouts in these nations by filling their pockets with crumbs of stolen loot from the people and the land. This has been shown time and time again and a quick glance at history will serve as proof of this.

Prime Minister of Pakistan and Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamanei

The poor and colonized working class in the imperial core (united snakes) must realize that these Colonized nations are working with each other in order to survive; they too see that the empire is crumbling and are actively creating bonds with other Colonized nations to build power and alleviate the conditions of the poor working class masses despite the sanctions. 

Have we not seen that the illegitimate settler government of amerikkka is incapable of governing? With over half a million deaths in this colonial p*ndemic, it continues to pride itself as the harbinger of freedom and peace when reality proves it’s the exact opposite.

Iran has spoken on ending the war on Yemen while Saudi Arabia, united arab emirates, Egypt, Sudan, isn’treal, and the u.s. commit mass genocides against the poor and disadvantaged Yemenis who are not under an “endless war” but are going through famine everyday. 

The war has also shown the resilience of the Yemeni people. For over five years, these imperialists and their puppets have unsuccessfully attempted to get into the strongholds of the Houthis.

The Yemeni people continue to put the imperialist dogs on their asses; with little to no basic knowledge in using military equipment, the Houthi rebels have managed to reach out to Saudi’s midlands. 

The death that colonialism and neocolonialism cause

In regards to the genocide of Palestinians on their own land, IR of Iran (Islamic Republic of Iran) has always been a supporter of the liberation of Palestine, supporting Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Palestinian people of course. 

On the other hand, the sellouts in the same region established full diplomatic ties with isntreal under the “Abrahamic Accords,”—a deal between the sellout nations to unite with colonialism and the u.s.—backstabbing the Colonized masses.

Afghanistan continues to be the ground of endless war and Iran has recently met with the Taliban in efforts to end the war and to bring them a seat at the table to be a part of Afghanistan’s future. Iran also called out the Indian and israeli aggression against the Kashmiri people. 

Sanctions as well as divide and conquer tactics have been a tool used by the colony to starve Colonized people and nations all over the world but the people of West Asia and Colonized people all around the world say no more. No more to the starvation caused by sanctions, no more to the endless death and pillaging of lands for oil and resources, no more to the sellouts that allow for the death of their people; after suffering through so much due to colonizer nations and their genocidal sanctions, the Colonized people have had enough.

These aren’t just hollow words but actions backed up through Colonized Unity: actions like Iran shipping oil to Venezuela also facing a blockade and sanctions from the empire or Cuba and Iran partnering on vaccines for Covid-19. More and more cooperation between Colonized people of all nations and the populations that makeup these Colonized nations is being seen and it is no wonder.

More Colonized Unity!

Take for example Bolivia’s recent huge win in catching the sellout snake jeanine anez, the dictator who sought to impose neocolonial rule on the indigenous people of Bolivia. Bolivians from all corners of the country joined together in the face of violent pigs killing them in the streets to reclaim dictatorship over their lives and land. 

Sanctions from the colonizer isolate our Colonized peoples and nations from one another and just as the only solution to individualism is to lean on the collective, the only solution to isolation is unity, but not just any unity—Colonized Unity of the poor working class masses. The power of Colonized unity can move mountains, build pyramids, and you bet it can destroy the bloodiest most oppressive empire to ever live.    

Land Back!

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  1. Unity!! Ain’t no uniting like these colonized nations— we will liberate ourselves from these sanctions the colony puts on our people through our unity ??


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