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amerikkka Genocides The Masses, Rwanda Serves Its People

By Black Hammer

In May, 2020, as the world was coming to grips with the colonialv*rus, five robots entered Kanyinya Health Center in Rwanda. These robots were specifically programmed to assist Rwandan health professionals in managing patients. The robots could screen 50 – 150 people for the colonialv*rus every minute, assist nurses in delivering food and medicine to patients, and ultimately help keep health professionals safe from infection.

Nearly a year later, more robots showed up, this time to help health officials sanitize the health center.

Robots taking temperatures

In sharp contrast, at the same time these robots were assisting Rwanda’s v*rus response, united snakkkes health professionals were being given trash bags to protect themselves.

Amerikkka abusing its healthcare workers

What is most remarkable about the workers of Rwanda’s well organized and sophisticated response to the colonial v*rus is that nearly 30 years ago, it was the site of terrible, large scale proxy wars and horizontal violence. This mass horizontal violence is often referred to as the “Rwandan Genocide”, when in reality it culminated from centuries of colonialism. In 1884, after the european carving of Africa, the country now known as Rwanda, was colonized by Germany. In 1916, Rwanda was taken over by Belgium after Germany’s defeat in WW1. 

After decades of european colonizers pitting different groups against each other, horizontal violence erupted in Rwanda. In about 100 days, over 800,000 people were murdered. Again, the root cause of this violence was centuries of colonialism where the Germans and then the Belgians stoked tribalism among the people in Rwanda. How did a country that experienced so much violence in 30 years go from one of the most unstable countries in Africa to one of its most stable and innovative? Strong colonized leadership, organization, and a powerful ally—China. 

Over the past 15 years, China has funded roadways in the Capital City of Kigali and gifted Rwanda with a $27 million administrative building. With its continued relationship with China, Rwanda has quickly become one of the most stable and fastest growing economies in Africa. Rwanda is also one of Africa’s key technological hubs, launching the first smartphone to ever be fully manufactured and programmed in Africa

African owned Mara phone brand

The Rwandan people have been asked countless times as to how “trustworthy” China is. Colonial media outlets will always try to paint China as colonizing Africa through “debt-traps” any chance they get. The working class people of Rwanda are proving the colonizers wrong through their actions in serving their people, putting to good use the aid received from China. Even with their neocolonial leaders in government illegally pocketing a good chunk of the aid meant for the people!

“China has never forced any country to borrow from them to accumulate debt,” stated the sellout dictator paul kagame in an interview in 2018.  While China continues to showcase their unity with Colonized Masses wherever they are, it’s important to note that the only reason the sellout took the deal over the united snakes in the first place, is because China was simply the highest bidder.

We will point out and emphasize that it is not the government of Rwanda or the sellout in power that is responsible for the flourishing tech industry, rapid v*rus response, or any material benefits for the people; it is the Rwandan people themselves moving forward towards their material interests.

This unity between the people of Rwanda and China is a great start at capturing what Black Hammer has been consistently stating: that the relationship between China and Africa can be a shining example of colonized unity. That colonized unity threatens europe and the united snakkkes; that is why colonizers are obsessively spreading these false accusations of ‘debt traps.’ The only way for the relationship of Africa and China to be complete and principled is for the poor and working class masses of Africa to rise up and remove their neocolonial puppet governments. This way the African masses will have dictatorship over our lives, land, labor and resources. Until then these Coon Puppet leaders will be at these trade deals and continue to represent their own personal interest and not the African masses.

Even with this sellout regime, the people of Rwanda have developed so quickly that even China is taking notice of a new competitor in the local Rwandan smartphone market. The material benefits Colonized people get from unity with other Colonized people puts fear in the minds of colonizers. In taking control of their own resources, Rwanda upholds Black Hammer’s 4th Principle of Unity which states that it will be through Colonized Proletariat leadership and Colonized Proletariat leadership alone that we free ourselves from colonialism. 

Let there be more Colonized Unity so that we can continue to push our material interests and dictatorship over not only our resources, but our lives, labor, and land — just as our Rwandan siblings are doing. Black Hammer salutes the Rwandan people for struggling against colonialism and neocolonialism and we will continue building our Rwanda Chapter to support the efforts of the poor and working class African masses to take power. 

Land back!

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  1. Western propaganda is really gonna try to combat this, but we see they’re failing as colonized people rise up and unite with each other worldwide ✊?


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