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Rohingyan Refugee Camp Burned To The Ground

By Social Media Committee

Bangladesh—Fifteen Rohingyan Muslim refugees were killed and over 400 are now missing after a huge fire erupted in a large Bangladesh UN refugee camp. The fire destroyed homes, schools, and hospitals in the region, leaving our Colonized Muslims homeless with nowhere to turn, not even their home country of Myanmar.

Fire engulfing the camp into flames

The Rohingya genocide is a result of colonial divisions and neocolonial compliance. This active violence against our people has left them literally begging other countries to host and protect them. The united snakkkes’ propaganda machine will frame this on the Myanmar military’s anticolonial resistance, but we know all the problems the colonized face are from colonialism. In fact, the sellout leader aung san suu kyi continued the genocide and displacement of Rohingyan refugees even when she was finally called out on it. 

Yet when we saw the military taking power from the sellout dictator earlier in the year, calls from “the west” to restore this sellout were heard all over, giving us a full blown hint as to where the true intentions of colonizer nations lie in keeping the sellout suu kyi in power. 

The old tactic of divide and conquer is exactly what is being seen here in the case of the Rohingyan refugee crisis. Instead of allowing for the flourishing of multicultural beliefs, the Rohingyan’s face constant persecution from other religious majorities which is in turn encouraged by the state. 

Rohingyan refugees in a plume of smoke

In one sentence will the colonial media contradict itself, begging the question “who is to blame?” But the question Black Hammer asks which will actually bring about the material change needed for our Rohingyan siblings is “what is to be done?” 

Black Hammer will continue to unite our Colonized siblings in the struggle for anti-colonial revolution. We will continue exposing sellout leaders that encourage divisions within Colonized Unity and we will create a world where no one lives at the expense of another.

Footage of the fire and victims who are continuously displaced

Our hearts go out to our colonized people in Bangladesh; we know that neo-colonial regimes neglecting the people isn’t an accident but a strategic genocide. The only way to overturn the root of all contradictions we as Colonized people face is to overturn colonialism and Black Hammer is organizing to overturn that contradiction every day. 

How can we be free when our people across the world are going down in flames? We must unite against colonialism RIGHT NOW! Our people need to be free!!

Donate to Cashapp $BHOWorld to help Black Hammer support our people in Bangladesh, and if you are a poor and working-class Colonized person looking to join the revolution, serve your people, and fight for the liberation of all Colonized people then join Black Hammer today!

Land Back!

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  1. Land back!! Salute to SM and BHT for catching this urgent news and shedding light on the horrors of the colony?this why we gotta build Hammer City, keep our people protected?.


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