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Compton Pigs Gang “The Executioners” Seek More Blood

By Chief Cheem

Compton—Back in January, two kkkops involved in the pig gang known as “The Executioners” were out searching for more fun in the form of harassment and murder. Their target? Colonized teenagers just trying to enjoy some bike riding and skateboarding. 

These pigs, miguel vega and chris hernandez are the same cowards who lynched Andres Guardado back in June while he was working on the plantation as a security guard. They’ve returned for more blood to prove themselves loyal towards the colonial state and their white supremacist pig cult. 

pigs reppin' their gang
pigs reppin’ their gang

While skating with a group of friends, Jesus Algeria saw the pigs pull up and harass a group of teens. Knowing the pigs to be pigs, Jesus called them out on this harassment and the kkkops followed up with the only tactic that they know, more intimidation. The pigs grabbed Algeria’s wrists, throwing him into the back of the patrol car, without asking for a name or utilizing handcuffs. 

Further harassing Algeria with verbal abuse, these pigs threatened him with “kicking him out of the car in a neighborhood controlled by a gang” and telling the people “on the street that he belonged to the Bananas, a rival gang.”

While on the hunt, the pigs found their next group of victims; another group of colonized kids, this time on bikes. Spotting them, one pig hit the gas and steered towards them in an attempt to murder them most certainly. The kids, however, managed to getaway. 

With one pig chasing them on foot, the other pig sped down the alley and crashed into a wall at a high speed (anywhere from 35-60 mph) injuring Jesus as he suffered a head injury from being slammed into the cage divider of the patrol car.

Members of "the executioners" wreck their pigmobile trying to murder Colonized teenagers
Members of “the executioners” wreck their pigmobile trying to murder Colonized teenagers


The pigs allowed Jesus to run after his father’s pleading, with vega telling him to “Get the f*ck out of here.”

Shortly after, a swarm of pigs apprehended Jesus just as he was about to be reunited with his father. This storm of pigs occurred after the fabricated lies of one of the teenagers having a gun being reported. The torture against Jesus, while shocking, is commonplace within the united snakes from the dirty pig-scum that serve the colonial state that oppresses and exploits us everyday. 

The Executioners 

Killer kkkops inked up
Killer kkkops inked up

When we say that the pigs are a gang, we are being literal. These pigs, vega and hernandez, just so happen to call their branch of their state-funded gang “The Executioners,” who host “inking parties” in order to swear in new members. In order to be sworn in as a member, pigs have to torture and murder their victims while kidnapping them, and, in return, they receive a tattoo of a skeleton holding an AK-47 as their slave catcher prize. 

Squealing pigs made all of this information available to the public through constant lawsuits filed against them. 

The executioner who blew the whistle on the genocide they took part in within the gang
The executioner who blew the whistle on the genocide they took part in within the gang

Even the sellout mayor of Compton, aja brown, has spoken out against the terrorization of the Compton community by pigs in uniform; only speaking out after she herself was harassed by Compton pigs. After years of community terrorism by the pigs, silence is all the Compton community got from the mouth of aja brown, who only hopped onto the “Black Lives Matter” bandwagon when it was her sellout life on the line.

What is to be done?

Black Panthers defending themselves and the Colonized masses
Black Panthers defending themselves and the Colonized masses

Our revolutionary ancestors have continually struggled against the forces of Colonialism, imperialism, capitalism, and all its symptoms by uniting with one another to defend themselves. Revolutionaries take material action against these forces to protect the people as did the Black Panther Party back when they started their community control of the police; that is, when they took up arms and drew their weapons every time the pigs stopped a colonized person. It was only after the BPP started exercising their right to arm themselves and protect their communities that the settler california government prohibited the open carry of firearms. 

What needs to be done in order to protect our Colonized poor working-class communities is to organize them against the colonial state apparatus which enslaves us and has done so ever since the colonizers arrived. In learning the injustices of slavery, we can fully understand that it cannot be reformed, only challenged, and, eventually, destroyed through Colonized unity, organization, leadership, and revolution. Only then can we take the material steps towards our liberation from the genocide we face.

Join Black Hammer and protect the Colonized Masses today
Join Black Hammer and protect the Colonized Masses today

When we as Colonized people come together, we are a sleeping giant awaiting awakening. A force that moves mountains and builds pyramids. A force that the settler-colonial state could never contend with. They begin to cower whenever we unite as one, resorting to outright assassinations to protect their interests. Without organization and comrades to rely on, Jesus Algeria ran the high chance of being lynched just like all of our Colonized siblings do. 

Be the revolutionary defender of the people that the colonized masses need and join Black Hammer today to keep your communities safe from not only C*VID-19 but from the terror that we as Colonized people have always faced from the state and its gang of colonizers every day.

Land Back!

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