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Fuera Bruja! Payasa anez Thrown in the Slammer!

By SM Staff

Justice is being served for Bolivia’s Indigenous people as jeanine anez, Bolivia’s former dictator, who won through a united snaKKKes backed coup, is now in custody. Under the bruja’s neocolonial regime, multiple massacres and the regime at the time reported at least 33 deaths, but as revolutionaries, we know countless deaths took place to try and put a stop to the nation-wide organizing taking place among the Indigenous population, which makes up 95% of the population. Seeing as Bolivia’s revolutionary Indigenous people have always fought back against colonialism, anez’s regime sought to extinguish the fiery will of Bolivians and their will to take the land back from colonizers.

After a year of building political opposition to the u.$. puppet regime, and organizing Indigenous Bolivians to shut down the country at their command, anez was finally forced to hold free and fair elections after declaring herself “interim” president in 2019. 

Bolivians democratically elected MAS (Movement Towards Socialism) party leader Luis Arce, a successor to former president Evo Morales, who fled the country after his attempted assassination by the coup plotters. This is not to say that voting is a magical fix-all against neocolonial violence. It was one tool within a strategy of uniting the people against the coup plotters—a strategy which also necessarily included revolutionary armed self-defense and militancy against paramilitary death squads.

The Bolivian people rising up against the neo-colonial regime in 2019 Copyright 2019 The Associated Press. All rights reserved
The Bolivian people rising up against the neo-colonial regime in 2019 Copyright 2019 The Associated Press.

The Bolivian people took up the task of revolution through protesting the coup, resulting in outright search and destroy missions by the illegal coup government after anez gave the military immunity and the right to kill whoever stood in the way of the government in taking back “order and stability”. Sounds a lot like amerikkka’s playbook, don’t it? 

Acre, who won by a landslide, was able to wrestle back control of the government only because millions of Indigenous people fought tirelessly to build power in their communities, in their workplaces, in the streets. The sellouts were FORCED to deal with the consequences of murdering the Indigenous Bolivians for crumbs from the empire because the Andean people organized, united, and built a dual power for themselves, not one that appeases the colony through their genocide.

This also paved the way for Evo Morales’ return!

jeanine anez, colony puppet, and coup plotter, really thought she could get away with kicking out a leader that cared for his people, starving Bolivians, and not allowing them to vote in elections. Girl, you thought wrong, and look where selling out gotchu—JAIL. Look at where the people found this snake; in a box tryna escape, BUT YOU CAN’T HIDE FROM THE PEOPLE, PAYASA (clown)!

Sellout anez locked up where she belongs
Sellout anez locked up where she belongs

The Indigenous people of Bolivia strengthen themselves with their liberation restored. They continue to grow and thrive with their new leader, Luis Arce, who respects the calls of Pachamama, goddess of the Earth, to lead for and with the people along with the return of Evo Morales.

Black Hammer salutes and unites with the Bolivian people for standing strong and tall against neocolonial sellouts, who, as we mention in our Principle of Unity #3, are enemies within our communities, and we will root them out in the fight against colonialism.

Furthermore, we will oust the dictatorship of yt power everywhere and build a dictatorship of the poor and working-class colonized proletariat! Once the masses set our mind on a united goal, and organize to achieve it, nothing in the world can stop us!

Evo back with the poor and working-class colonized people of Bolivia
Evo back with the poor and working-class colonized people of Bolivia

If you are a poor and working-class revolutionary in Pachamama, join our Black Hammer Pachamama Chapter and be apart of not only liberating our own nations and people but uniting to bring about liberation for all Colonized people worldwide. Be the revolutionary your ancestors are calling you to be and build a world where no one lives at the expense of another.

Land Back!

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