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CNN Works With The CIA To Concoct Scare Tactics Against Russia

By Chiefs Cheem and Tureyel

This past Monday, u.s. intelligence pigs declassified a 15-page document entitled “Foreign Threats to the u.s. 2020 federal election”, which was immediately spoon-fed to CNN for a “breaking” story. The colonial media and u.s. state department are now working more closely together than ever before as the empire is crumbling, ramping up their propaganda machine to sell their blatant lies on “Russian interference” in the 2020 election.

CNN has been shoving this story down our throats despite them admitting directly that there was “no direct interference”, contradicting themselves from the jump. The report confirms what the department of homeland security pigs confirmed after the election wrapped up: the only interference over the busted u.s. election was 100% between both corrupt, decrepit candidates. It’s been old news.

Putin jokes about dementia joe's health
Putin jokes about dementia joe’s health

Then why would CNN explicitly invite cia pig phil mudd onto their broadcast to announce the “news” that there was no interference. More specifically, why invite him again? CNN must have phil on speed dial because whenever they need a cia mouthpiece to give donald trump a scolding or cry “Russia!”, he’s happy to squeal for the camera.

According to phil’s declassified report—a report, mind you, that admits there was no interference—the REAL threat was election “influence”. Which begs the question, who is an influencer?

For pro-biden pigs like phil and CNN, an “influencer” is any colonizer who happened to be “close to former president trump”. Odd. Do we smell a scam? Let’s investigate.

Let’s talk about ukraine


Among the election “influencers” was rudy giuliani, who was accused of election meddling for associating with andriy derkach, a ukranian lawmaker. Funny enough, CNN forgets to mention that biden’s corrupt ass family also has a ukraine connection…

According to Foreign Policy, “No one in the U.S. government has wielded more influence over Ukraine than Vice President Joe Biden.” Like every amerikkkan president before him, biden used that influence to line the pockets of his friends and family.

In 2014, just before #Russiagate really took off, then vice president biden helped start a coup that toppled ukraine’s democratically elected leader. The regime change came at a convenient time for hunter biden, dementia joe’s son, who ended up on the board for Burisma, a gas company in Ukraine, that same year. In that year alone, Burisma paid hunter biden over 900,000 dollars.

When ukraine’s top prosecutor, viktor shokin, tried to investigate this shady ass deal, dementia joe forced the ukrainian government to fire him! If that doesn’t sound any alarms, then what will? 

Not to mention the millions of dollars in revenue coming in from ukrainian “influencers” of the Democratic party! People like Victor Pinchuk, who donated 8.6 million dollars to the Clinton foundation. Or mykola zlochevsky who plows money into the Atlantic Council, a think tank crawling with biden’s personal cronies. And guess what, zlochevsky also happens to own…Burisma.

(Mykola Zlochevsky, former employer and “influencer” of hunter biden.)

And I oooop.

The scam is clear. The biden administration is just as committed to corruption and violence as trump, but it wants to cover up that colonial tyranny through cia and deep state lies and fake news. CNN has long been a willing partner to spew the venom of the colony’s propaganda and cover-up scandals whenever they can, helping the obama administration whitewash the fact that biden “brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine” in obama’s own words.

Long time agents of the state

Cracks in the u.s. empire are widening and become more obvious every day. The colonial media’s role is to cast blame anywhere other than where it belongs: on the deeply unstable, violent, parasitic nature of Colonialism and its enforcers in the white house.

FOX News backs the trump horse, and CNN the biden horse. Now that biden is in the white house, he uses his own arsenal of fake news to volley blame to republicans, especially trump, who CNN is implying to be a Russian puppet. Because, of course, even the openly corrupt sectors of the empire can’t be responsible for their crimes! It had to be Russian interference! No, wait, Iran!

CNN sowing disunity serving as the CIA’s mouthpiece

These cries for sanctions against Russia and colonized countries like Iran do not come out of nowhere. They have been steadily escalating over the past several years, decades even, because of the media’s need to shift blame away from the white ruling class and onto enemies of their parasitic empire.

Colonial media like CNN have always acted as agents of the state. Perhaps most infamously was ABC, responsible for airing fake testimonies in front of millions of people, drumming up support among colonizers to invade Iraq. And then, you guessed it, CNN did the same thing 10 years later, allowing the state to invade Iraq a second time. Can’t forget CNN being the loudest voice in the #Russiagate lie of the past 5 years.

No WMDs no election interference

Justifying war crimes of the amerikkkan empire is their job. They have always been the feds.

And cia pig, phil mudd, fully admits that the intelligence wing of amerikkka will be declassifying fake reports like this faster than ever before. This lie will continue the deadly sanctions on Colonized Nations, specifically Iran, for having friendly relationships with other Colonized Nations such as China. It is our responsibility as revolutionaries to expose the lie every single time.

Seeing Colonized unity as a threat to their empire, amerikkka will go to any lengths to preserve its power and history continues to prove this point. While the united snakes breathes its last breaths, it will look for any excuse to go to war so that it can salvage its economy at the expense of Colonized lives. 

Untangling ourselves from the colony

Biden and trump. 2 wings of the same bird
Biden and trump. 2 wings of the same colonial bird

From the jump, Black Hammer has disunited with both colonizers-in-chief trump and biden. We have zero desire to interfere or “influence” the openly corrupt election system in amerikkka because whoever wins, poor and working-class colonized people lose. No matter left-wing or right-wing, they are two arms of the same genocidal empire.

The in-fighting between republikkkans and demokkkrats has nothing to do with us revolutionaries, who should celebrate the fact that white power is attacking itself. However, even when the empire is weak, we should be cautious and expect the methods it uses to attack itself to be used to lash out against us as we work to organize for our people’s liberation. 

Black Hammer, therefore, is not just flexing our power as a source of media, one that admits our 100% bias for the colonized proletariat; we are also building up our own power on the ground. And that power is fully antagonistic to the colony: we ask it for nothing, we only make demands.

We demand full dictatorship over our lands, lives, labor, and resources. So we are building Hammer City; a city without rent, ‘Rona, pigs, or colonizers, nothing that would interfere or “influence” our collective dictatorship! We are educating our Comrades in self-defense every day of the week to take our safety into our own hands. We are educating the masses about C*vid to push back against the colonial plan-demic that is killing our people.

But as we know, a parasite doesn’t stop sucking our blood just because it is dying; it only tries to latch on harder! So, we demand that poor and working-class Colonized people abandon the dying colony, and we will defend you when you are harassed by the pigs or the pig media who work for them because that is what Colonized Unity means—Touch One, Touch All. 

The colonizers have already lost the war of ideas—Russia, Iran, China, and Colonized Nations all grow more united by the day. The influence of amerikkkan empire is slipping and its pathetic attempts to use the media as a mouthpiece to soften our revolutionary fire is doomed to fail.

Our work is proving to millions around the world that we stand on the right side of history. If that is a “foreign threat” to the empire, then yes, we admit full responsibility for our victory!

cali outreach
Cali Chapter doing the work

Land Back!

Use your writing talents to further the Liberation of all Colonized People by joining Black Hammer Times today! We are looking for journalists, reporters, poets, and more, so do not worry; there is a spot on our team for you.

You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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  1. this is so true!! im glad someone is exposing the colonizer media for how it manipulates everything

  2. I grew up in the mountainous farmland in Korea and my grandparents used to teach me about how to deal with wild pigs that harm the farm and attack humans. As it gets closer to being done (dying), it will get more And more aggressive and the more it loses its temper it’s driven closer to its end. The colony full of these wild pigs is the same !! They are quacking and spiraling, aggressively lying and doing everything they can to keep white power but they cannot beat the UNITY of the colonized people — that’s why they are so scared. But the more they act up the more they will drive themselves to their end. Salute to this piece, love the writing , love the POLITICAL EDUCATION !!

  3. This article is FIRE! It’s becoming more and more transparent every day, specially thanks to journalism like this, that the Amerikkkan ruling class’ in-fights don’t matter when it comes to world domination & that they are united on the exploitation of colonized peoples and the destruction of anyone backing the sovereignty of colonized nations. Thank you for laying out CNN’s narratives so clearly. Land back!

  4. At this point it’s peoples own fault for falling CNN’s blatant propaganda. I stopped watching them ever since they LIED about the facts of Roderick Alden’s MURDER by the police bastards. This movement gives me hope for the future.


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