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White power continues to kill Asians on stolen land.

By Black Hammer

In the Atlanta area, on the night of March 16, a sick, lowlife crackkker, who we will not even give the dignity of naming, ran into three Asian-owned massage parlors and murdered half-a-dozen Colonized Asian women in cold blood. He was later detained a short time later by the pigs—unharmed, his reward for doing the pig’s job of killing Colonized people.

The shooting led pig departments across the snakes to deploy their troops to focus on patrolling and terrorizing Asian communities all over Turtle Island (the u.s.). For example, San Francisco will be ramping up their pig patrols to “protect” Asian communities when all they do is wait around for some colonizer to do their job—that job being to kill Colonized people—only to show up after the crime has already been committed.


Ironically, despite this increased presence, the pigs and colonial state media immediately made a push to divorce these actions from any sort of racial motivation—emphasizing the fact that two of the victims were white and claiming the suspect acted out of a “sex addiction”. This completely ignores the fact that the suspect consciously targeted an Asian-owned business and that the majority of the victims were Asian as well. Of course, the colony would rather push the sexualization of Asian non-men as the motivating factor, rather than the massive amounts of anti-Asian propaganda they have pushed out increasingly over the past year and some change. 

While this person acted on their own accord—at least as far as we know—it cannot be ignored that his murderous aggression was encouraged and his actions emboldened by the media’s revitalized red scare and yellow peril tactics. Tactics that try to pin the colonialvirus p*ndemic on the Communist Party of China and drive irrational fear into the masses around China’s ever increasing acts of Colonized unity across the world.  

Four of the Asian women killed were actually Korean, not Chinese. Beyond color, the settler state has never shown any interest in educating people on the differences between any Colonized groups, let alone Asians. This causes the masses, particularly the white whipping class, to draw no distinction between East Asians; lumping them all together as one enemy—when in reality there is no enemy but amerikkkan imperialism. Although this anti-Asian propaganda spike has caused hate crimes against Asians in Amerikkka to jump 150% over the past year, it is not a new phenomenon, nor is the violence being perpetrated against Asians by the colony. 

A history of anti-Asian violence

Anti-Asian, particularly sinophobic rhetoric started almost 200 years ago when the first Chinese people stepped onto this illegitimate settler state known as the united snakes. Many Chinese people moved to the west coast during the decline of the Qing dynasty to find a way to provide for their families. This just so happened to coincide with the colonial gold rush and the environmentally destructive building of the transcontinental railroad. Of course, these Chinese people were immediately subjected to racism and violence on behalf of the colony carried out by the bottom feeder parasites of their society, what we know as the white whipping class, as they try to protect their stolen resources. 

Chinese Immigrants of the 19th Century who built the transatlantic railroad in the united states.
Colonized Chinese people are responsible for building the transatlantic rails in amerikkka.

In 1871, one of the most gruesome effects of this rampant sinophobia was a massacre in what is now Chinatown in Los Angeles, where at least 20 Chinese immigrants were shot, lynched, and mutilated by a mob of 500 colonizer farmers. Only 10 of these 500 farmers faced formal indictments—indictments which were soon overturned due to appeal. 

During this period, many colonial politicians and crakkker “labor organizers” took strong Anti-Chinese stances in their campaigns. Not too long after the massacre, immigration from China was banned for decades during the Chinese Exclusion Act which lasted from 1882 to 1942.

A racist cartoon from the time period. The sign reads “Cheap labor wanted in the cotton fields, south”
A racist cartoon from the time period. The sign reads “Cheap labor wanted in the cotton fields, south”

This is the same period that white power decided to further draw racial divisions by both broadening the definition of whiteness and classifying Colonized people into certain colors. Thus the yellow peril movement was created. 

The yellow peril was a movement created by colonizer nations (known as western powers or the “west” by white leftists) to divorce any anti-Asian rhetoric from national origin. This meant there was a call for all the “western powers” to unite under a broad definition of whiteness in order to create a worldwide racial hierarchy that still exists today. The enemy to the white whipping class in amerikkka was no longer the immigrant laborers from China, but the masses of East Asian people everywhere. They used this new hereditary caste system to justify the atrocities white power would inflict on Asians and other Colonized groups all over the world ‘til this day. 

This led to waves of anti-Asian propaganda, policy and violence. Too many to name. There were many restrictions placed on Asian immigrants and countless acts of violence perpetrated against them. During world WWll ii, unofficial Japanese-hunting licenses circulated amongst the white masses and the same was given to the united snakes military who was granted a free pass to round up hundreds of thousands of Japanese people living in amerikkka and place them into concentration camps.

A Racist License to hunt Japanese people, 1941

It is important to note that we are not even touching on the countless atrocities that the united snakes and european “powers” have inflicted upon the Asian continent over the past 150 years. 

Not too long after WWII, the colonial powers decided that the yellow peril movement was too overtly racist even for them and adapted it to the red scare. Much of the anti-Asian rhetoric was adapted to spread fear amongst the masses around the growing presence of communist—specifically Maoist—thought amongst people on the Asian continent. This now expanded much of the hatred in the snakes towards the growing Southeast Asian population as militant, communist resistance movements started popping up all over Southeast Asia. The violence towards Asian communities only increased as the snakes and their whipping white masses continued to attack Asian communities to desperately stop the spread of communism and protect their stolen resources. 

Many Asians were accused of being affiliated with communist parties and groups in Asia and arrested and tortured during questioning. Countless Asian people lost their jobs and means of providing for their family and thousands were deported to East and Southeast Asia with little to no evidence against them. 

The same propaganda tactics are being used today as fear increases amongst colonizer nations who correctly see the Peoples’ Republic of China as a growing threat to global Colonialism.

Members of the Communist Party of China in front of the hammer and sickle.

In fact, colonial news stories about China have been the leading topic for the entire 21st century. In the early 2010s the pentagon produced a report—which is available to the public—on how they can strategically use and ramp up sinophobic thought within the united snakes to their advantage in the future. 

We can no longer allow the colonial propaganda machine to be successful. Increasingly over the past year, we have seen colonial powers trying to spread a new wave of sinophobia across the world. These dying and decrepit colonizer nations see the Communist Party of China spreading the ideals of Colonized unity and Maoism across the world and are desperately trying to cling to their fading power. They will do so at any cost. They have tried to pin this colonialvirus p*ndemic on the Chinese people and have emboldened, for centuries, the white whipping class to enact violence on Asian communities. They have manufactured conflicts all across the Asian continent and at home. 


Black Hammer will not stand for this. Our Asian comrades and community deserve and will get the full protection of our organization. We are building a defense force to do what the pigs and colonial government will never do and that is protect Colonized lives, land, labor, and resources. BHO Defense is providing even more self defense classes, workout classes and ramping up militancy in response to these attacks on Colonized Asian people. If you would like to build up those self defense skills, yourself and help protect all colonized communities—including our Asian communities—join Black Hammer Defense today or donate to $BHODefense ! 

Land Back!

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You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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  1. Land back!! Salute to Chief Anye and BHT for this wonderfully laid out article and showing us how amerikkka is feeding people anti-Asian propaganda in order to not only have kkkolonizers murder us but also how they use it to try and divide us but nothing will ever be as powerful as colonized unity‼️?shared 30 times!!!

  2. The colonial media has been plastering this all over their platforms but today the colonized masses will get the story from an anti-colonial poor and working-class Colonized bias that not only lays out the contradiction but gives our Asian brothers and sisters and all colonized people the answer, the formula, the solution—Colonized unity, leadership, organization, and revolution!

  3. Yoo this is absolute HEAT, huge salute to Chief Anye for getting this out so quickly! The amerikkkan empire BEEN abusing our Colonized Asian siblings and we will always stand unite with them and their struggles ✊?

  4. All these historical evidence that was NEVER taught to me or anyone in US show how Asian Americans were blinded and told to believe we are not oppressed for so damn long for so intensely. And used with “model minority” label to divide us further and keep us disunited. It’s been time that we face the truth : it’s ALL the colonized vs. White power – the colonizers !!! There’s no other way to free us from this cycle of oppression than to UNITE!!

  5. This article is straight facts! The history of western nation Anti-Asian propaganda has directly impacted these nations of Asian people and emboldened yt people to enact terror on these communities just as it does in African and Indigenous people. This further supports why Black Hammer’s Principles of Unity. All of our oppression and issues stem from colonialism and only through our unity can we destroy yt colonialism. Thank you so much for the research and history analysis to these tragedies that occur as a result of colonialism and yt powers goal to maintain global dominance.


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