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March 6th Marked the 100th Day of the Largest Protest in History Lead by Indian Farmers

New Delhi—Earlier this month marked the 100th day of the largest protest in the history of the world. 250 million Indian farmers from all over the subcontinent gathered in unity last November to fight against several new laws passed by the sellout government of Narendra Modi. These free market “reforms” would give a disproportionate amount of money to corporations that are exploiting the working farmers, who got sick of suffering under neocolonial tyranny.

To commemorate the 100th day of the protests, millions of farmers blocked a six-lane highway outside of the nation’s capital to show their continued strength and resilience against the pro-corporate reforms of the neocolonial government.

Crowd of thousands of protesters near New Delhi.

Repression of the Indian masses has escalated to the point that the pigs even started raiding independent news outlets, like Newsclick, who dared to question the narrative surrounding the protests pushed by Modi’s BJP government.

The farmers, however, have stood strong through acts of violence and aggression from the BJP, organizing communal kitchens, and even schools, while pushing past militarized barriers on their march toward New Delhi. Their determination to stay put is reflected in the changes to their protest sites. As winter gives way to warm weather, bonfires and quilts to keep out the cold are now being replaced with fans and tin roofs to beat back the heat. No, these colonized proletariat leaders will not budge! 

A poster which reads "Inquilab Zindabad" which means "Long Live the Revolution" in Hindi.

Black Hammer is deeply inspired and stands in solidarity with our siblings in India that are showing outstanding strength and unity! They have proven through struggle what we mean when we say “touch one, touch all”. The colonial regime that oppressed hundreds of millions of Indian farmers felt the blow of their power once they united. When the billions of us poor and working-class colonized people  organize as a militant united front, that system will fall. 

The unity of these Indian farmers sets an example that Black Hammer is building between all colonized people around the world!

Long live the Revolution!

Inquilab Zindabad!

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