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Dementia joe Locks Up Nearly 3000 Kids in Cages

Chief Cheem and Comrade Murad

In the past two months under sleepy joe’s term running a crumbling empire, there has been a surge of Indigenous families being held hostage in amerikkkan concentration camps. Last week, a reported 1,700 Indigenous persons were being kept hostage, with an influx of another several thousand, totaling 3,200; 2,600 are minors awaiting transfer to another death camp where only 500 beds are available.

Of those 2,600, 170 are under the age of 13.  

Indigenous kids sit helpless in u.s. detention centers.
Indigenous kids sit helpless in u.s. detention centers, or what biden calls “overflow facilities”.

They treat us like factory animals meant for consumption by cramming us into these “detention centers”, which on top of everything else have become breeding grounds for Covid-19. The biden administration is going full steam ahead with continuing the only legacy and heritage that white people have: genocide and colonialism. 

Should we even be concerned with the number of people in these death camps, treating our Indigenous siblings as numbers and less than humans? One is already too many. We will point out that it is not just the Indigenous people of Turtle Island being stuffed and crammed into concentration camps but all Colonized people worldwide. 

Dementia Joe Forgets About Muslim Ban? 

A muslim woman cries in an airport.

When the Biden administration “raised” the Muslim ban on most African and West Asian (known by the colonizer as middle eastern) countries, white liberals celebrated. In reality, pedo joe only brushed up the dusty old “Muslim ban” sign to rehang it. On March 9, the biden administration announced that it would not issue visas to diversity visa applicants from the fiscal year 2017 to 2020, which denied many Africans from being eligible for a visa.

At one point, biden described the ban as a “stain on our national conscience” when, in reality, he’s just following in the previous administration’s footsteps. Once again, the united snakes continues to bomb Muslim countries like Syria and then deny its people a chance to escape the carnage. Even the very borders drawn around Colonized nations, drawn up by colonizers with zero consent from us, have been turned entire countries into open air prisons.

All Colonial States Engage In Genocide

Ethiopian Jews on a birthright trip to isarel.

Perhaps the best example of this transformation of country to cage is the occupied Nation of Palestine, otherwise illegally called israel.

The israeli regime has recently denied Ugandan Jews from immigrating to the occupied lands under the right of return which allows any jew, whether born a jew or a convert. Either way, the regime has always been targeting African Jews, from sterilizing Ethiopian Jewish women when they first immigrated to israel to ban Black Jewish immigration. African Jews have always been targeted by israel, like in 2019, when protests took off after the lynching of an Ethiopian Jew by israeli pigs.

This full-scale attempt to cage colonized people will only see further militarization of fake borders, further kidnappings and sterilizations, further genocide if left unchallenged.

Must we see nearly 3000 colonized children locked up by this illegal settler state before we take action? Will it take another genocide against Colonized people for us to wake up. No! We will forge a new world where no one lives at the expense of another. Black Hammer is building such a world, starting with Hammer City. We are making land where Colonized people can control their lives, labor, land, and resources. If you want to be a part of this historic project. Join Black Hammer TODAY!!! 

Land Back!

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