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More Than 2,000 C*VID-19 Deaths In Nigeria, Sellouts Still Have No Plan

By Comrade Olaah

Nigeria—Black Hammer’s third principle of unity declares that all our problems stem from colonialism and the neocolonial sellouts who actively participate in this system. Currently, in Nigeria, there are unresolved issues born from colonialism and the neocolonial sellout Nigerians who, because of their unity with the state and not the people, have created a reaction of bandits and insurgencies.

Presently the viral killer in our midst is C*VID-19, a man-made bio-weapon unleashed on the entire human race where Africa and Nigeria are greatly affected. Due to the lack of health facilities and hospitals, the death rate has surpassed 2,000. 

This gave rise to the current economic lockdown and called for all citizens worldwide in affected areas to stay indoors to curb the spread. Nigeria was not left out of this trend. If you can recall, NGOs and other prominent individuals and organizations released relive materials and consumables to calm the suffering of the masses, yet storehouses were looted across the nation. In Lagos, Kaduna, Osun, and others, self-centered and corrupt Civil Servants (Civil Criminals) refused to distribute the consumables to lockdown zones. And as we all know, a hungry man can become an angry man. Many storage houses have been stormed by the angry masses.

Despite this reaction, the unaffected palliative storage house and their relief materials have yet to be distributed. All the more reason the world health organization (who) was reluctant to send C*VID-19 vaccines to Nigeria. They will probably end up being kept away from the reach of masses and most likely sold at exorbitant rates to extort the innocent Nigerian people.

At this point, it’s crucial to call for a reorientation of the average Nigerian mind, as we have another killer deadlier than C*VID in the form of insurgency, that is giving rise to the rate of kidnappings, killings, and burning of defenseless villages and communities.

These are just a few of the challenges. Our standard of living is falling, we have no basic amenities, and the Education, Health sectors are kept in a deplorable state to ensure that the average Nigerian is living below a dollar a day. Not because we do not have the resources, but because corruption has eaten deep into the corridors of power.

If only we love our neighbors as ourselves, a chain of love from one person to another makes the world a better place to live and it eases the mind of greed and self-centeredness.

We believe all colonized people should have control over our lives, labor, land, and resources. Nigerians must continue to fight for the resources that were stolen from them and withheld from them. Nigerians must organize to take back the land of their ancestors. Poor and working-class Nigerians must unite as the true leaders of Nigeria, and organize. Join Black Hammer!

Black Hammer Nigeria out doing the work of the people

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