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Clash in Colorado: SDS Crakkkas, pay Reparations, and Go Back to Europe!

By Chief Cuauhtli

Colorado—Black Hammer is built on colonized unity, on serving our colonized people in every hood, and on building power for colonized people around the world! This is why the Colorado chapter, like every chapter in Black Hammer, is out serving the hood EVERY DAY. When colonized people in Aurora, CO, see the Black Hammer logo, they see revolutionary leadership from poor and working class colonized people just like them.

Enter Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), a white-nationalist “leftist” organization formed from the liberal student anti-war movement of the 1960s.

The organization was born from crackkkas that leeched off the freedom struggles of Africans in the united snakes. Before yt students started protesting the Viet Nam war in their rich campuses (built on stolen land), African mothers were being beaten for fighting back against the united snakkkes, sending their 18-year-old African children to fight a rich crackkkas war. 

SDS has NEVER served colonized people and NEVER will. They serve as a training camp for the democratic party and to further enrich the genocidal state of amerikkka at the expense of colonized land, labor, lives, and resources.

It came as a surprise to us in the Colorado chapter when a local SDS chapter placed their posters over the many vigil posters that we had put up by the MLK Library. Our chapter has been heavy in the area and has built a trusting relationship with community members, families, homeless folks, and businesses during the winter. 

Colorado Hammers out in negative-degree weather serving the people!
Colorado Hammers out in negative-degree weather serving the people!

Our Colorado Hammers were out in negative-degree weather and in snowstorms to serve the people. Meanwhile, there was not a single “leftist” org out in the hoods serving the people. SDS has no trust, no ties with the hood, and they expected to come in and leech off the work of colonized people. This was an obvious attack on the organization and the colonized people we have served.

The posters they put up were for a “solidarity” event for the first day of Derek Chauvin’s trial, the pig that killed George Floyd. It was clear that there were no solutions for the hood, no material services for the people in the community. All they had were speeches on how they needed to defund police in their liberal campus, the same campus that tore down an entire Indigenous community so colonizer students can learn how to further exploit and rob Colonized people. Ain’t no one in the hood wanna hear dat. 

Our people need material solutions. Our people need power. Our people need Colonized organization! Without a plan on how to build power in the hood, SDS was happy to lead colonized people on a non-revolutionary path, a path to 600 more years of oppression and exploitation. As an anti-colonial revolutionary organization of Colonized people, we cannot and will not let this happen under any circumstance. Our love for Colonized people and our liberation is too strong to let crakkkas come into the hood to preach liberal nonsense.

Serving the Colonized Masses every day.
Serving the Colonized Masses every day.

Before the event, the Colorado chapter moved as it always does: knocking on doors, talking to community members about the contradictions they face and what’s going on, and providing free KN95 masks with herbal packages.

Once it came time for the event, we took over. 

Our Commander-in-Chief Gazi Kodzo went straight in on exposing these SDS crakkkas, “But here you crakkkas come from your f*cking schools, reading in your books, and using our communities like lab rats, and your four founders, your four white crakkka old men, came out and created SDS…and took the movement of anticolonialism and made it into a symptom f*cking sh*t.” 

As CIC pointed out, colonizers have never seen our humanity. They have only worked towards the destruction of Colonized unity, the slaughter of Colonized people, and the theft of our resources and movements.

Secretary-General Anco dissected the politics of these colonizer “leftists” and let them know their theory ain’t sh*t. “Y’all seem to forget that there was a historical event that birthed the white ruling class and the white working class. The same historical event of Europe leaving its shivering shores to go to Africa was the same moment the white whipping-class was born.”

These two classes are intrinsically connected. Without the colonization of Africa, Asia, Pachamama (South amerikkka), Australia, and the Islands, there wouldn’t be a white “working-class” (what we rightfully call the white whipping class). Instead of their ancestors rising up and overthrowing the monarchy to take their own lands back, they came for ours.

And now we’re rightfully reclaiming our land and letting the colonizers know it’s ours. We want ALL our land back. 

Meme: SDS after being put in their place
Meme: SDS after being put in their place

Black Hammer’s 3rd Principle of Unity states that colonialism is the root of all the problems we face as colonized people. While colonizer “leftists” only point to capitalism as the problem. This keeps our colonized communities from building true power, from understanding who our true enemy is, and from finally being free.

Our Chief of Membership, Chief Solimar, bodied one of the SDS organizers with their sharp and powerful words, successfully turning the crowd against SDS and winning several colonizers to sign up for the Reparations Corps. It doesn’t stop there!

To close, Chief Segun put the final nail on the SDS coffin “We don’t come in to the hood with no explanation, no introduction, no materials, with nothing but f*cking empty slogans, nothin but performative chants and performative militancy that ain’t gonna lead our people nowhere, that ain’t gonna leave our people with anything but a false hope… that sh*t is violent.”

After laying out what it means to be a REAL revolutionary, we ended it with this: “Don’t ever do this shit again.”

Black Hammer’s Colorado Chapter put on display for the world to see what it truly looks like for a Colonized organization to defend their people and community from the disease that is liberalism. The disease that is colonizers co-opting our movements to keep us from removing the boot of Colonialism off of our necks and the necks of our people. To keep us from achieving liberation from this hell on earth. Colonialism is the root of all Colonized people’s problems.

Any colonizer who wants to be on the right side of history can sign up for the Reparations Corps and submit to the leadership of the Colonized proletariat. Only through poor and working-class Colonized leadership will colonialism be smashed and overturned so we, the toiling masses, can live a life liberated just like our ancestors fought and dreamed of.

Land Back!

Use your writing talents to further the Liberation of all Colonized People by joining Black Hammer Times today! We are looking for journalists, reporters, poets, and more, so do not worry; there is a spot on our team for you.

You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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