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4 Lies They Told You About China—Debunked

By Chief Turey

As the colonial powers like klanada and the united snakes ramp up their cold war against China, applying even more sanctions and, increasingly, military escalation, it should be pointed out that these Imperialist measures did not spring up overnight. There has been just as much pressure by the colonial powers to fight dirty in the war of ideas, spreading lies to justify the military pressure mounting against China. Colonized people should arm themselves against this misinformation to make sure that our opinions aren’t being handed to us straight from the mouths of our enemies (in particular, the u.s. State department.)

Here are the top four lies being used against China, debunked.

1. China’s economy isn’t State Capitalism.

According to Colonizers, both left and right-wing, China’s economic system isn’t “really” Socialism. It’s actually State Capitalism. This is ridiculous.

Like many lies, this one is buried in a half-truth. Socialist countries worldwide have experienced massive economic crises, like after the fall of the Soviet Union, and many, like China, opened up their economies to more private enterprises to recover.

While this strategy comes with challenges, and contradictions, like any strategy does, to say that China is no longer socialist is not just wrong. It’s regurgitating propaganda out of the mouth of the white ruling class. It’s the same breed of nihilism that decried the end of history when the USSR collapsed and that there were no other alternatives to the hell on Earth of Colonial-Capitalism. But a simple study of China’s economic reality and its history will prove otherwise.

Anti-colonial revolutionaries in China, Vietnam, Cuba, and elsewhere had a sober view of their material conditions. Hundreds of years of Colonial plunder left the vast majority of their people in absolute poverty, their country with backward productive forces, and their socialist leaders understood the need from time to time to work with private enterprise.

A steady decline in poverty over the years
A steady decline in poverty over the years

(Even as late as 1981, 88% of the Chinese population lived below $1.90 u.s. dollars a day. This was because of a severe lack of Industry and economic production to lift people out of poverty. As of 2020, China has completely abolished absolute poverty throughout the country.)

As far back as 1960, revolutionaries like Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam talked about their plan to use state capitalism to meet Socialist ends.

Capitalism has a grip on the entire world; it’s impossible to pull out of it perfectly. But countries like China, which partially opened their economies to private enterprise, did not do so without a plan. And like Vietnam, that plan meant using some level of State-controlled Capitalism to turn raw materials into retail goods to improve living standards. Yes, bosses still exist, bankers exist, corporations exist, but it is the Chinese poor and working-class who wield their power over this minority. Creating a socialist society doesn’t happen at the snap of a finger. It is a material process.

Since 2013, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, has successfully organized the largest consumer market in the world—over a billion Chinese citizens—to force capitalist industries to bow to the terms of the CPC. Hardly a killing blow to socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Debunking the "State Capitalism" argument through memes
Debunking the “State Capitalism” argument through memes

In fact, unlike the united snakes, China has the good sense to body any millionaire who is stupid enough to try and steal from the people. China’s policy of executing criminal bankers, I’d say, is a good sign that the Communist Party has a firm dictatorship over the minority of State Capitalists under its rule. Speaking of dictatorship…

2. China is not “authoritarian.”

Anti China Sentiment is Fed Work
Anti China Sentiment is Fed Work

As I said, China is indeed under a dictatorship: the dictatorship of the Chinese working-class.

But apparently, there is no difference to colonizers in amerikkka between militant colonized leadership and “authoritarianism”. According to the white right, China is a dystopian nightmare of human rights abuses and repression. And according to the white “left”, China is…the same thing.

If unifying with the CPC is threatening to white people, it’s because that unity ensures more power for the poor and working-class Chinese people who elected him. And that kind of power makes China a direct threat to the united snakes. Last time I checked, building power for one billion poor and working-class Colonized people was a good thing. Challenging the bloodiest empire in human history with principled unity is a good thing.

Black Hammer unites and recognizes the Socialist government of China
Black Hammer unites and recognizes the Socialist government of China

Unity is where power comes from. That’s a plain and simple fact. And there’s an entire party made up of millions of people running the CCP, over a BILLION who understand that this party works for them, not the other way around.

The successful battle against Covid-19 in Wuhan is due to that power. Eliminating extreme poverty throughout the country is due to that power. If you are a poor and working-class Colonized person and that dictatorship looks scary to you, then you must be scared of yourself.

3. China is not Imperialist.

If you’ve had the misfortune of arguing with white leftists and their tokens online, one thing they love to dredge up is Chinese “Imperialism”. They fail to recognize what hundreds of years of Colonial rule did to China and what it did to every other Colonized country in history; it divided its people and territory to make it easier to conquer.

That divide-and-conquer strategy turns Colonized countries into hell on earth. Conditions that may have already been unbearable, like feudalism, are made even worse when propped up by Colonialism. Probably the biggest misconception about Tibet is that, before reunification with China, it was a land of mysticism and spirituality and peaceful coexistence. This misguided (and frankly racist) view of Tibet was given to us through Hollywood. But nothing could be further from the truth.

The CPC liberated millions of Tibetans from the most brutal conditions imaginable. Torture, serfdom, starvation, mass illiteracy, and exploitation; all of it was perpetrated by an elite ruling class who suckled up to u.s. forces—the real imperialists—before they were chased out in 1959. 

As we’ve reported in the past, Taiwan is rightfully a part of China’s territory. Tibet is rightfully a part of China’s territory. Hong Kong is rightfully a part of China’s territory. The process of reunifying Chinese territory is the opposite of Imperialism. It’s an overwhelmingly positive process for the mass majority of people in China, with measurable improvements in their quality of life and autonomy. If you gave a choice to the billions of Colonized people who lived and died under the yolk of foreign occupation, to have the military strength and political unity that China has, or to stay divided and conquered, it would be the easiest decision in the world. Protecting their national development from Colonialism is justified by any means necessary. 

The only people who think otherwise are a minority of former landlords, petite-bou sellouts, and Feds. Oh, and “leftists” on Twitter.

4. There is no genocide against Uyghurs

It’s a story that’s been pushed down our throats without remorse since 2018.

Concentration Camps. Forced Labor. Rape. Sterilization. China is allegedly guilty of all these crimes against Uyghurs, according to top officials in the u.s. And who exactly are these “top officials? Well.

The most prominent is Adrian Zens, German far-right nutcase, Christian fundamentalist, and analyst at the Jamestown Foundation, a neoconservative think tank in Washington.

Others include former secretary of the u.s. State department, mike pompeo, who officially used the word “genocide” less than 24 hours before leaving office. He would thereby pass the baton of u.s. imperialism over to the Biden administration, who eagerly took up the same story.

Funnily enough, these hundreds of unverified stories are taken as gospel in Western countries, but everywhere else, including in muslim-majority countries, people support China’s policies in Xinjiang.

Imperialist hypocrisy at work
Imperialist hypocrisy at work

To everyone except the West, it is obvious that China’s policies in Xinjiang are an outstanding success. Uyghurs, like the other 56 nationalities living in China, benefit from public infrastructure, poverty alleviation, employment, and education, and as a whole, Xinjiang with the Chinese government because it has done so much for Xinjiang, which was one of the poorest regions in the country.

That’s why this lie is essential to fight against. Since 2018, it’s become the weapon of choice to justify hostile action against China, including economic blockades

It’s no accident that u.s. cronies chose Uyghurs when crafting their propaganda. Xinjiang is of crucial importance to US strategy given its central role in the Belt and Road Initiative, which is China’s main strategy to break out of Imperialist encirclement. An economic blockade against Xinjiang tightens u.s. containment of China’s Silk Road, wreaking havoc on poor and working-class people, including Uyghurs, to maintain u.s. supremacy over China.

Comrades like Qiao Collective have done amazing work in compiling these attacks from the “Misinformation Industrial Complex”. And we must further that work to expose this misinformation campaign to defend the sovereignty of anti-colonial revolutions.

China's Solidarity With Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh and Mao)
China’s Solidarity With Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh and Mao)

The irony is that China’s treatment of Muslims is a beautiful example of unity between colonized people, whether it’s Uyghurs in Xinjiang or with the nation of Iran—another country heavily targeted by deadly sanctions.

When you uncover the roots of the Misinformation Industrial Complex, you start to understand that colonizers never actually cared about Uyghurs. They cared about preserving the status quo of the amerikkkan empire.

Hopefully, we internalize just how far that empire is willing to go to turn colonized people against each other. China definitely deserves a major salute, not just for standing strong despite decades of vicious attacks, but proving by example that the light of revolution burns through all misinformation. Black Hammer will now and forever stand with the CCP and with the poor and working-class people of China! 

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