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A Journey of Eugenics through the ages and the future of Designer Babies

By Comrade Coco – SciTech Committee 

There is a long history of wypipo finding ways to take scientific theories and twisting the truth. charles darwin was a colonizer scientist that released the idea of Natural Selection in 1859 based on his research in the Galapagos Islands. Natural selection is the concept that living things that are better adapted to their lifestyle have a better chance of passing on their genes. Whatever organism is the most equipped to survive in a plot of land in a particular ecosystem is the one of its species to have the strongest traits and will be more likely to survive and reproduce. 


In 1909, in California, a group of white people took the theory of Natural selection and twisted that truth to become “survival of the fittest”. They would force sterilize, perform botched abortions, have “fitter baby” and “fitter family” contests, all in the name of creating a more “fit” nation that would spark the Eugenics movement.

Ironically, darwin also specified a difference between Natural selection and Artificial Selection, which he described as the selective breeding of species by humans to increase desirable traits, even though they do not necessarily equal greater fitness.

The target populations of Eugenics were criminals, differently-abled, impoverished, and drug-addicted people. Their plan was so diabolical and so effective at demeaning and wiping out populations that hitler and the nazis based their Eugenics plans off of the amerikkkan program, but controlling human genetics is not new to europeans. 

Engineering American society: the lesson of eugenics | Nature Reviews  Genetics

I would argue that the most ripe evidence of Eugenics at work was the breeding of slaves during the 17th and 18th centuries. The wypipo would control the genetics of Africans. The most evidence we have of this occurring was in the islands, but there is lots of speculation that it also occurred in the united snakes. Often a slave massa would find the biggest man or Mandingo and breed him with the strongest woman; in turn, they would populate better fit slaves for the massa. Now massa would not only do this with the field workers and cotton pickers but would do this with the house negros as well.

The breeding of slaves is a testimony to eugenics in human existence.

The white ruling class was also brought into the lie through arranged marriages. The wealthy would marry the wealthy to keep specific genes in play.  Members of the roman and spanish royalty would keep those genes that they thought we valued by inbreeding. The spanish inbred themselves into deformity in the 17th century. In turn, the inbreeding had adverse effects: high mortality rate, depression, and deleterious alleles, which are basically terrible mutations in the genome.

Now that we have some past evidence of Eugenics let’s journey into the 19th century. 

In the 19th century, amerikkka was fast at work, finding ways to control the negro population. Margaret Sanger and Francis Galton were heavy at work creating birth control. Birth control was the white colonial way of controlling poor populations. Birth control was the first systematized colonial attack on the “undesirable”.

Sanger knew that the traits were not predetermined and isolated by race. White people could have traits that the colonizers deemed unfit.  Still, they moved on to create Planned Parenthood. The atrocities began. They would create an entire propaganda archive; movies, essays, books, and pamphlets postering and informing immigrants to go through eugenic screenings. They would have “fitter baby” fairs and insert pedigrees to compete who had the “purest” genetics. 

To receive welfare in the Great Depression era, you had to be sterilized if your family experienced 3 generations of poverty or had any other “undesirable” trait. All it took was 3 generations of misfits. Misfits only because they are products of this colonial machine.

They would target differently-abled folks for forced sterilization. At the time, there were those scary American Horror Story style asylums where they would hide the differently-abled and do unspeakable things. 20,000 differently-abled folks were sterilized alone in California. Insane asylums were not the only institution that rounded up targets; prisons were, and still are, forcing eugenics on colonized populations. Though I would like to say sterilization ended, these institutions are still sterilizing colonized women. After Centuries of breeding colonized people like cattle, Eugenics twisted the truth again. Colonizers decided that we were no longer “fit” for breeding, that we must be sterilized out of existence. Colonialism never stopped targeting the poor and the differently-abled. They simply zeroed in on the racial agenda.

African and Indigenous women would face forced sterilization later 20th century, most infamously, one-third of Puerto Rican women being sterilized at one point. 

As Long As American Settler Colonialism Exists, Forced Sterilizations Will  Too

The wypipo in the united snakes really had a hold on turtle island. They controlled the dominant culture, meaning they never stopped treating colonized people as slaves during the depression and both world wars. With the advent of segregated hospitals, Black and Brown people often didn’t have a voice or rights to their medical interactions. When a colonized woman would go into a hospital to have a baby, they would have her sign papers, not realizing she was signing papers to be sterilized.

In this advent, warrior women would fight for their rights. Check out No Más Bebés, a documentary about Indigenous Mexican women, which documents the struggle and the landmark case to stop the sterilization. The movement for the rights of women to their own bodies. North Carolina sterilized 7,600 Black women to breed them out. North Carolina actually offers compensation to women that were sterilized without consent. Now they still offer sterilizations. The Project Prevention Program will pay drug addicts to be sterilized. 

Project Prevention: Paying women with addictions to get sterilized | Girls,  Women, Alcohol, and Pregnancy

The women have to sign a form and consent to receive birth control and get more money if they decide to be sterilized. The women often make these decisions under the influence of narcotics. Colonial institutions like to wring their hands about whether this is just, but that doesn’t stop them from raking in profits off our genocide. Not only is this still occurring, but there is evidence that during the year 2020, sterilization of colonized women was still occurring in prisons. Belly of the Beast is a documentary that goes into details and the stories of these women. There are murmurs that it is still happening in these privatized colonial cages. Of course, it doesn’t stop there. Last year, Georgia was caught sterilizing Indigenous women in ICE centers.

Now Colonialism forces us to decide, manufacturing our consent and calling it freedom of choice… In 2021, you can be genetically screened and be told that if your offspring has a chromosomal difference, you can “choose” to terminate the pregnancy. With the advent of sperm donors, you can choose what genetics your baby has, and with genetic enhancing, there might be more choices on the way.

Crisp-R is a gene-editing protein that can be programmed to cut out a trait and replace it. If used on humans, you could theoretically go in and ask the doctor for the traits you desire, and if you have enough money (aka, if you’re white), it will be done.

Humans stay controlling genetics, and it can get a lot more dangerous if we do not force the wypipo to stop selecting the traits of our children. Whenever the snakes get their hands on technology like this, we have to be prepared. We know that colonized people are great, but we also know how the whites have used science to kill off generations of Colonized people.

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