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Revolt in Haiti: Puppet Moise Continues Dictatorship

For four days, the Colonized people in Haiti have risen to protest against neocolonial sellout President Jovenel Moïse and his current ties to european colonizer nations who continue to impose sanctions while he profits off the exploitation of the people of Haiti.

Moise has been the dictator sellout since 2017. He’s proven himself to be a loyal lackey to the colonial snakes of amerikkka through his wasteful spending and uneven allocation of resources (stolen from the Colonized Masses of Haiti, of course). 

The sellout has been the subject of much hate from Colonized Haitians with back-to-backback protests under his neocolonial regime. Constant calls for moise’s resignations are littered in the time of his rule. In July of 2018, the puppet  “mishandled” funds meant for social development in the country. In other words, they disappeared into the pockets of sellouts, including his own. 

Back in 2020, Haiti’s state pigs the massacred 20 people in one of the poorest villages of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, with a video of the pigs’ slaughter showing hundreds fleeing gunfire. This violence is nothing new from the oppressor. Three judges who were to take moise’s spot as a leader were fired (illegally, of course) in early February so that the sellout could remain in power. Our Colonized siblings in Haiti have faced this brutal oppression for too long and aren’t taking any of it anymore.

A Marine Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) patrols behind a group of demonstrators at a parade in support of President Aristide in Cap Haitien during Operation Uphold Democracy.

Before analyzing the revolutionary history of the Haitian people, seeing that the united snakes backs this sellout, we can easily conclude that the current government of Haiti is not for the people and serves the interests of colonialism instead. 

A Brief History On Haiti 

Haiti has seen victory over the colonizers multiple times, kicking their asses each time. Resistance is in their blood. It’s in all of our blood as Colonized people.

Shortly after whipping the colonizers of whichever empire dared to invade, the united snakes colonized Haiti in 1915, stealing all their gold and taking control of their banks. The revolutionary Haitians wouldn’t allow for this and continued their fight against colonialism, with revolutionary Charlemeage Peralta being such a challenge to the u.s.that they had to hunt him down and lynch him. Using his mutilated corpse hung onto a door to terrorize Haitians, the united snakes proceeded to drop pictures of his corpse all over Haiti, sustaining and further solidifying their legacy of genocide against Colonized people, but even this tragedy only strengthened the resolve and resistance within the people of Haiti. 

painting of Charlemeage Peralta
painting of Charlemeage Peralta

20 years of Colonial rule followed, with Colonialism giving way to neocolonialism, as puppet dictators were finally being elected after this period. Soon the Duvalier dictatorship followed in which outright oppression and genocide were allowed once more, seeing support from the united snakes. They continued to steal the labor, lives, land, and resources converting Haiti into a sweatshop colonizer nation. 

After twice electing a true Haitian leader that was for the people, Jean Bertrand 

Aristide, the CIA pigs sought to overthrow this government which was loosening the grip Colonialism had over the nation. He again won in 2000, further lifting the living conditions of Haitians with his win being overthrown by amerikkka. This time Aristide was removed from the country, posing too big a problem to the colonizers. A few more puppet sellouts later, we arrive at the current era of Moise’s dictatorship. 

The Fruit is Ripe

The ripe fruit of revolution in haiti
The ripe fruit of revolution in Haiti

The ripe fruit of revolution is growing for Haiti as the Colonizers and sellouts continue testing our Haitian siblings’ through oppression, exploitation, and colonial genocide. Soon, all Colonized people will tire of colonialism, rise up, and realize their unity with each other, smashing colonialism once and for all. 

Black Hammer stands in Solidarity with our colonized brothers and sisters of Haiti to fight for self-determination over their own lands, lives, labor, and resources. Resist, Resist, Resist! Long Live Ayiti!

Land Back.

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