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Yeliboya People in Dire Need of Support After Inferno

By Comrade Kombor

Sierra Leone—On 15 February, 2021, a life-threatening fire occurred at the Yeliboya Island at 5am local time that saw the outbreak of an inferno. The Yeliboya community is located in the Kambia District-Northern province, in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

It is sad to say that the fire accident left many lives at risk. It’s been reported that thirteen children under the age of five died, six elderly lost their lives, and many more are currently hospitalized for partial burns.

On the other hand, properties, many with animals inside, burned down alongside tens of thousands of dollars that would have been used in this critical COVID-19 period to assist the lives of the poor Colonized people in that community. 

However, as I write this article to get you all informed, I want to say that I am doing this with a heavy heart. And want to make this clarion call to all, to come to the aid of our fellow Colonized brothers and sisters, and community who are currently in pain and deprivation. The people of Yeliboya are in dire need of support in the form of food, building materials, medication, loan cancelling and words of comfort to console them in this trying time they are going through. 

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I want to allay your fears that nothing is too little or too big that you will readily provide to aid them that would not be appreciated. I am calling on Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), well-wishers, and other humanitarian entities to come in handy to alleviate the plight and sufferings of these affected Colonized people who are rendered homeless. Donate today,  $BHOGlobal on CashApp, and put “Sierra Leone” in the description. I’m also calling on Comrades, allies, and accomplices to the Colonized proletariat revolution to join Black Hammer, and grow our Sierra Leone Chapter!

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