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#RaiseThemUp, Worcester Family Mourns the loss of Salvador Rodriguez.

[Black Hammer Times’ Revolutionary Obituaries highlight our Colonized loved ones the colony has taken from us. Colonialism dehumanizes our people to the point where our deaths are seen as just another statistic, but we know Colonized people are more than just a number. They are Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, and Sisters. They are Aunties, Uncles, Abuelas, and Abuelos. They are Friends. They are Revolutionaries. We will sing the names of our fallen as we build the world they deserve. A world where no one lives at the expense of another.]

By Jenny

I’m reaching out to my community to ask for support in helping my mother and my family navigate a difficult time for us. My mother, Jenny Rodriguez, is known in our Worcester community as a community leader, activist, proud immigrant woman, and a friend to many. She’s often on the giving end, providing help and support to the people that need it, but my grandfather’s unexpected passing has placed our family on the other end.

My grandfather passed away after being on the liver transplant list for over 10 years. COVID-19 did not help his health, and once he contracted COVID-19, his health took a turn for the worse.

This pandemic has impacted not only my family but many other families like mine that cannot stay home because of the work they do. My mother is an essential worker that works at a nursing home and has been since the beginning of the pandemic. Families like mine have no option but to show up and it can lead to infecting our own families.

After my grandfather lost his job, my grandparents didn’t leave the house because of their age and health conditions, and we were grateful that he had savings and received some aid. After being a year in the pandemic, finally, the virus hit my household. My mother was the first, and soon everyone in my household tested positive for COVID-19. Unfortunately for my grandfather’s health condition, this did not help his already weakened body and he could not fight the virus.

On February 11, 2021, our beloved father, husband, and grandfather, Salvador Rodriguez, passed away at the age of sixty. He was in the hospital for over a month fighting the battle to stay alive. It was difficult for all of us to see him that way. He was a man who never gave up in the face of life’s adversities. He always fought to keep his spirit up despite the illnesses he suffered; he never showed any kind of pain, having diabetes and a liver problem, even though he suffered and dealt with it every day. He lived trying to be happy and making others happy.

Affording the basic living expenses has been difficult since the pandemic for my family as well, but we’ve been able to manage. Asking and reaching out for help is not easy for our family when we are used to being able to provide that help. We ask our community to come together in support of the legacy Salvador Rodriguez left behind and to rally behind someone who has devoted to giving so much to her community, like my mother, Jenny. Donations will pay for the funeral, hospital costs, rent, and any other expenses that arise for our family in the coming months. 

If you can donate, no matter how small or big, my family appreciates it, and we are so grateful to count on you. 

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