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China is a Champion for Colonized People, amerikkka is Trying to Stop Them.

By Chief Turey

The tension between the u.s. and China has been escalating towards military conflict for the past several years. As China continues to lead the global economy, strengthen its internal unity, and gain more allies in other countries, that tension will only continue to deepen.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, amerikkka’s economy finally threatens to give out because it chose to put profits above human lives. In contrast, China managed to save hundreds of millions of lives in its own country and around the world. During its last election, amerikkka received a taste of the same outright fraud and political violence it has used in colonized countries for over a century; meanwhile, the Chinese Communist Party has unified over a billion people under its leadership.  China has every advantage, while the u.s. can barely stand. And what do colonial superpowers do when they fall into crisis? They declare war.

Total Covid-19 deaths per 1m pop

Cracks in the System

There are plenty of examples inside and outside of the u.s. to show how divided the empire really is. The amerikkkan government has abandoned long-term investment in infrastructure, education, and science, attacked its alliances overseas, deflated its diplomacy, and withdrawn its leadership among colonizer nations.

Naturally, any divisions among the parasitic united snakes is a breath of fresh air for colonized countries and an opportunity for the Chinese people to rally against the imperialist dogs. But like everything under Colonialism, this comes at the cost of human life.

Anti-China propaganda is at an all-time high, to the point where the Trump riot, which took place in the u.s. capitol on Jan. 6th heard frequent accusations that the National Guard was working for Xi Jinping! The numerous accusations against the country, however, add up to nothing but lies. Take, for example, the false claims of “genocide” against Uyghur muslims in Xin Jiang.

Pedo Joe Biden endorsed outgoing secretary of state Mike Pompeo’s claims of this so-called genocide, but who are the sources being checked by the state department. It turns out; it would be none other than right-wing colonizer Adrian Zenz, a known liar and outright religious kook “led by God” on a mission against China.

Or take the case of a woman named Tursunay Ziawudun, who mysteriously changes her stories about being locked up in one of these fake Uyghur camps. A story by the BBC this February reported, “Tursunay Ziawudun, who fled Xinjiang after her release and is now in the US, said women were removed from the cells “every night” and raped by one or more masked Chinese men. She said she was tortured and later gang-raped on three occasions, each time by two or three men.”

Yet, a year ago, in February of 2020, Buzzfeed quotes Ziawudun as saying, “I wasn’t beaten or abused,” she said. “The hardest part was mental. It’s something I can’t explain — you suffer mentally. Being kept someplace and forced to stay there for no reason.”

Sound suspicious? It should, considering that out of the hundreds of newspapers decrying “genocide”, few, if any, can find a source who has actually lived in China. The few times they do, such as with Ziawudun, they continuously change their stories to fit whatever narrative the u.s. state department wants to push that day.

The same is true for the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the earliest Anti-China lies that colonial media pushed was that the virus originated in Wuhan. Racist attacks were thrown around that Chinese citizens caught the virus from eating bats. Even though the world health organization (WHO) had already confirmed that the virus did not originate in China, samples of the novel coronavirus were found in Spain nine months before it ever appeared in Wuhan. That didn’t stop amerikkka from using racist Anti-China slurs like the “China virus”, for no other reason than to stir up hatred for the colonized country and its citizens.

Already, we can see where u.s. aggression towards China is leading to the deaths of colonized people. That propaganda will only become more commonplace, and its consequences are already being felt. Anti-Asian hate crimes have skyrocketed since last March. As many as 3000 cases were reported across amerikkka, with a 1900% increase reported by New York City pigs alone.

Despite the aggression, China is only growing more unified and economically powerful. They just declared victory over extreme poverty. China also spearheaded the largest trade deal in world history, encompassing 30% of the world’s economy, while leaving the u.s. out of the agreement — giving the Pacific region more autonomy outside of u.s. imperialism.

Pedo Joe Biden fairs much worse at the helm of the snakes. He took office at a time when amerikkka saw a violent split in the two-party system, a broken allegiance with NATO, and the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Any competition between China and amerikkka is Biden’s game to lose.

China has been organizing to become more self-sufficient, planning for long-term domestic growth, and wielding the power of its domestic market of 1.4 billion people to force any and all capitalist industries to bend to their demands. Just like every genocidal u.s. president before him, Biden will stop at nothing to make sure his crumbling and dying amerikkka claws its way back to the top.

Another way amerikkka is trying to claw its way back to the top is through spreading lies that China is colonizing Africa. This propaganda levied from the colony is yet another baseless claim from the colonizer to sow divisions within Colonized Unity. In case the yt leftists who push this line from the Feds like they get paid to forgot, the Sino-Soviet split took place because of China’s unwavering principle to uphold Colonized Unity. 

This principle is still present today in the CCP and the masses of China and can be seen in their work worldwide in providing support to Colonized Nations and people any chance they get. On Feb. 19th, China canceled $6 million worth of debt from Rwanda and provided $60 million in grants for support. Uzziel Ndagijimana, the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning said, “We appreciate this support by the Government of the People’s Republic of China during these challenging times caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.”

That’s just the nature of the empire, especially in times of crisis—divide and conquer. The u.s. has only ever resorted to violence to deal with colonized countries that pull out of its grasp as China is doing right now. This has been true even in wars that the colonial superpower knows it is losing, like in Afghanistan.

The competition between China and the snakes grows more explosive by the day, as the Cold War between the two countries heats up. Considering that the typical strategy of indirect warfare, such as pushing for regime change in colonized countries like Haiti, Bolivia, Venezuela, and even in China, has failed in all of these countries means that the possibility for direct conflict is only getting stronger.

The Tipping Point

Out of all the points of conflict, the most obvious excuse for amerikkka to declare war would be over Taiwan. The island nation, which is rightfully a part of China’s territory, separated from the mainland after the invasion of the reactionary Chinese Nationalist party in 1949. Since then, the u.s. has attempted to use the island as a wedge to break apart China’s alliances around the world, as well as its unity within the country (much as it tried to do with Hong Kong.) In recent years, the value of Taiwan has only increased in the colonial empire’s greedy eyes.

Taiwan was one of the few economies that grew in 2020, and at record numbers, when most countries experienced economic crashes because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Taiwan’s economy also revolves around creating semiconductors, which are used to make microchips in devices worldwide. To the u.s., which also saw a record economic drop in 2020, this fact alone makes Taiwan worth going to war over.

According to the u.s. dept. of defense, ​​​​​​​ Artificial Intelligence, the technology present in every device that uses a microchip, will be for the 21st Century what oil was for the 20th Century. And what do we know about the u.s. military, and what it does to colonized countries when it comes for their oil? China is already surpassing the u.s. in developing AI and several other key technologies, which makes it a direct threat to u.s. military dominance. Reunification with Taiwan would be the single biggest breach in amerikkkan economic supremacy around the world. As it had done to colonized countries for their oil, the u.s. will have no issues gearing up to declare all-out war to make sure China never gains the advantage in the fight for control over AI.

On top of this, the old “one country, two systems” approach that the Chinese government has successfully used to unify and develop its territory in Tibet and Xin Jiang is quickly evaporating when it comes to Taiwan. The old failures of neocolonial sellouts in Hong Kong are just too real for the sellouts of Taiwan. Stooges in Hong Kong used outright violence to continue suckling at the breast of u.s. imperialism, and even then, they failed. Therefore the stooges in Taiwan will have no choice but to call for outright military intervention if the u.s. decides it wants to hook its claws even deeper into the island.

chinese tawainese reunification

The impossible situation then becomes: does the u.s. government just ignore Taiwan? That would mean proving to other puppet governments in the region that their alliances with amerikkka are worthless; it would mean sacrificing one of the most valuable technological markets on earth when such markets will determine the new global seats of power for the next century; it would mean finally bowing to China as the new most powerful country in the world, and a beacon of hope for colonized countries looking to break away from amerikkkan empire.

The threat of collapse for the empire is all too great. The snakes have no choice but to start a war, even if they know they will lose. And Taiwan is only one of a thousand likely options.

Friendship isn’t worth much to Colonizers.

Europe itself is also an interesting point of conflict. Under the glorious dumpster fire that was the Trump presidency, cooperation and diplomacy are at an all time low between the European Union and the united snakes. Yet China is currently strengthening relationships with u.s.-friendly governments, even deepening financial ties with the European Union.

President Xi Jinping has accurately sized up his opponents in Washington, exposing them as a dying and disunited world power. Few, if any, European countries will want to unite with their former ally while it threatens to sink. All it takes is one European country to side with the politically steeled economically mighty Chinese Communist Party to splinter the entire European continent. Many are currently in economic death spirals, so the thought is not as crazy as it sounds.

The post-WW2 pacts of unity between the Colonizer nations — NATO, the UN, the International Monetary Fund, all built-in part by the united snakes — are almost a century old. China has rapidly been filling in the power vacuum left by these out-dated institutions. Decades of growth, political stability, and technological advancement make China a far more valuable trade partner than an enemy. Unfortunately for amerikkka, there is no honor among thieves.

Coming Home to Roost

What the white ruling class calls “managed strategic competition” with China is really just self-deception. The phrase implies that the u.s. and China are supposed to work together to avoid military conflict as if the use of warfare has not been completely one-sided. When have the united snakes ever managed anything but savagery? When has it ever come up with a strategy that wasn’t the full-scale genocide of colonized people? Even under the threat of another World War, amerikkka cannot be honest with itself.

It’s time for amerikkka to admit that the chickens have come home to roost. Its days as the chieftain of global white nationalism and colonialism were always temporary–Colonialism is a deeply unstable system– and just as Europe fell from the top of that system after two World Wars, amerikkka will fall with them. The question is, will it plunge the rest of the world into a third world war out of desperation? Out of sheer bloodlust?

Colonized people in amerikkka need to wake up and see that amerikkka under Donald Trump was Colonialism showing its true face. Pedo Joe Biden is nothing but a stale coat of paint on the same old slave ship. It is up to poor and working-class colonized people to steer that ship away from imperialist conflict, as China is trying to do and to burn down the ship once and for all.

Let China be the best example that amerikkka is neither righteous nor permanent; that it can be beaten, and poor and working-class colonized people can build political power that tackles the bloodiest empire history has ever seen.; that we will not cooperate with or assimilate into the colony. As China has done, we will overcome all divisions the colony has built between us to see the end of Colonialism and usher in a world where no one lives at the expense of another!

Land Back!

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