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Justice For Daniel Prude Isn’t In A Court; It’s In A Revolutionary Organization.

By Comrade Cheem and Chief Turey

Almost a year ago, on March 23, 2020, Daniel Prude, an African man suffering from mental health conditions living in Rochester, NY, was lynched by the pigs. He was strangled to death in a manner painfully similar to George Floyd, who would be killed in Minneapolis just a few months later in a lynching that sparked rebellions worldwide.

As of Tuesday, the pigs that lynched Prude have been acquitted. They have been put on leave and will continue to be on leave until their fellow pigs resolve an “internal investigation”. In other words, the pigs that lynched an innocent man suffering from a mental health crisis will be enjoying a vacation while their partners in crime get paid to clear their names of murder.

Pig arresting a white person but kill our people every chance they get.
Pigs placing bag over Daniel Prude’s head

As painful and degrading as it must be for the Prude family, this outcome is to be expected as long as any pig precinct is allowed to stand. The collaboration between pigs with badges and pigs in robes should come as no surprise to us Colonized people. 

To prove this point in its entirety, we look toward a few examples of the countless lynchings that have already occurred and their outcomes in colonial courtrooms.

We cannot expect reforms or justice under an unjust and illegal system. There was no justice for Danial Prude, just like there were no charges for the pigs who murdered Breonna Taylor, just like there were no charges for the pigs who murdered Eric Garner.

As if these cases haven’t proved our point that the injustice system will only turn round and round as a hamster wheel does, on the anniversary of his lynching, “justice” is yet to be served to the pigs who killed Amaud Arbery. As they await trial, their lawyer is even calling for the court not to refer to Arbery as a “victim” because it would “inject prejudice” into the trial. This is clear-cut proof that we as Colonized people will never receive any type of justice from the united snakkkes but instead prejudice, which allows our lynchings to continue without any consequences for the colonizers who perpetrate such atrocities.

Daniel Prude Candlelight Vigil
Daniel Prude Candlelight Vigil

In a George Floyd era amerikkka

George Floyd’s lynching took place last May. He died before reaching the age of 50 over a counterfeit $20 bill, which speaks to the bloodlust pigs have for killing Colonized people, finding any little reason to kill us—killed literally by the boot of Colonialism on his neck. George Floyd’s murderers are to be tried in March.

After reviewing the evidence of history, we should expect beyond the shadow of a doubt that there will be no conviction for the pigs who murdered George Floyd. The lynching that sparked the largest African rebellion in human history will see the perpetrators walk free because the state will not set a precedent for arresting pigs.

Last Summer, Colonized people had a wake-up call that the carceral slave system continues to use, abuse, and dispose of our people. Let the acquittal of Daniel Prude’s murderers be the second wake-up call, that this system does not need reform; it needs the torch. 

Have we not learned our lesson, Comrades? Will we continue to play the fool that the colonial state thinks us to be, continuing our miserable and meager existence the colony offers us with briberies of wealth, personal comforts, career success, and the amerikkkan dream? Or will we build our communities and ourselves up to organize ourselves so that we may smash Colonialism? Will we remove the same boot from our own necks that murdered George Floyd in cold blood?

A few of the countless African and Colonized people lynched by the pigs in the united snakes. None of their killers have seen the justice they deserve.
A few of the countless African and Colonized people lynched by the pigs in the united snakes. None of their killers have seen the justice they deserve.

We must shout from the rooftops, No! to pig reforms, No! to rigged trials. More importantly, we should not waste our breath if we stay weak and divided as individuals. We should collect our voices into one, move as one united front, which means joining a revolutionary organization like Black Hammer. We need organization to build the kind of power that allows us to push our own demands, so we don’t have to ask nicely.

Black Hammer has decided to fight back, and we suggest you do the same. When the marches die down, when the crowds go home, there is still work to do. Every minute of every day, the pigs organize to keep their boot on our neck. The only solution is to out-organize the pigs and the colonizer 

Join us in our fight against Colonialism and reclaim the lives, land, labor, and resources stolen from all Colonized people of the world. 

Land Back!

Use your writing talents to further the Liberation of all Colonized People by joining Black Hammer Times today! We are looking for journalists, reporters, poets, and more, so do not worry; there is a spot on our team for you.

You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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