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NC/SC Defense Chiefs Anye and E Vee show what Defense looks like.

By Black Hammer

North Carolina—As they do every weekend, the North Carolina Chapter of Black Hammer Organization was doing outreach at Edgemont Park in Durham, NC, where they were passing out food, clothing, and PPE to the colonized Community in the area. 

For about an hour, the outreach went smoothly as usual; until an enraged Colonized man with a shotgun appeared, walking towards the group—comrade Cathunsin spotted this and immediately yelled that he had a gun. The man was irate, waving the shotgun around, repeatedly yelling that he was looking for a man named Tony. Apparently, this Tony had beaten the man’s sister, so he was rightfully upset. 

North Carolina Hammers helping a neighborhood family.

It is important to note that it isn’t the enraged Colonized man’s fault and Black Hammer places no blame on him. The colony’s contradictions became too much, and he had no other way to react, just like so many of our people. We know, being colonized, that we can’t call the pigs and we can’t trust the colonial justice system, so we have to resort to horizontal violence to solve our colonial contradictions.

Right after the man was spotted, our Hammers, particularly our defense, jumped into action. Chief E Vee, serving as protection for one of our ICC chiefs (the highest office of our organization), immediately shielded their body with her own. While Chief Anye, the Chief of Staff of Defense, heroically stood between the shotgun and the other Hammers at the outreach. 

Immediately our Defense Hammers stepped up to fulfill their duty to protect and deescalate the situation not only for our Hammers’ safety but also for the safety of our people in our communities and the Colonized man who was upset with the weapon. We all know what happens to our Colonized siblings who come into contact with the pigs in situations like this.

 The pigs and this colony only escalate violence in our communities and, even worse, force our people into the conditions of hell on earth causing colonial contradictions to arise in our people leading to us struggling to do whatever we can to survive.

Then, two African members of the community came to the rescue of our Hammers and Chief Anye in de-escalating the situation by telling the man Tony wasn’t in the group and telling him to leave. The man continued yelling and waving the gun around, even pointing it towards our Hammers a few times. Eventually, the situation settled, and he got back in his car and drove away. 

The Masses are our last line of defense as revolutionaries. History shows us it is only through building a real relationship with the poor and working-class Colonized people that they will be there for you when you need them the most. Without them, a revolution cannot be successful. 

“While the EZLN was being driven back into the jungles of Chiapas by the force of the Mexican federal army’s counter-attack, news of the uprising had spread well beyond Chiapas and, indeed, far beyond Mexico. As the federal army began indiscriminately bombing the hills around San Cristóbal de las Casas and areas in the jungle in a desperate attempt to strike back at the insurgents, ordinary people both within and outside of Mexico with no pre-existing links to the Zapatistas began to mobilize to bring an end to the fighting. While federal army forces were moving aggressively against the retreating EZLN forces, important events were also unfolding far away from Chiapas in the halls of power in Mexico City.”

Just as the Zapatistas were forced to retreat and relied on the masses for safety, all other successful Colonized revolutions have too. And when our NC Hammers needed the Colonized Masses most, they were there. 

One of the neighborhood men who stood up in defense of Black Hammer.

That’s a testament to the work our Hammers in NC do every day for our people, but we aren’t just in NC; Black Hammer is in communities worldwide doing the work of the masses! 

We don’t ask for recognition for our work from these colonizers or leftists. We don’t need Twitter clout. The only recognition we care about is the support, recognition, and protection from our Colonized people in the hood. Real recognize real; the Masses know who is out doing the people’s work in their communities and they will protect a true revolutionary with their life. Just as they always have, just as they always will, and just as they did for our NC Hammers.

Land Back!


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