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Black Hammer Meets with the Communist Party of Kenya

By Chief Turey

Nairobi, Kenya — On February 19th, Black Hammer Organization came together with the Communist Party of Kenya for a historical discussion on the inevitability of Africa’s freedom, why Africans should support Palestinian Liberation, and much more. The talk was between Gazi Kodzo, Commander-in-Chief of Black Hammer Organization, Booker Omole, Vice-Chairman of the CPK, and was mediated by Chief Savvy.

Vice-Chairman Omole lives in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. CPK, like Black Hammer, does most of its work in the poor and working-class neighborhoods, building up a political party, which Omole describes as being fish swimming against the flow of a stream. Despite the difficult circumstances, his bright energy and endless optimism shine through every one of his words.

Since the earliest conflict with colonizers, the repression of the Anti-Colonial Communist movement is tied to Kenya’s long history of struggle. Omole points out that even calling themselves “Kenyan” is a contradiction when trying to unify Africa’s entire continent under a Pan-African Scientific Socialism. The borders, after all, were drawn by Europeans.

The Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) gets another victory in the Kenyan courts!
The CPK (with Booker Omole on the right) wins a victory in Kenyan courts, 2019. The neocolonial government sought to have the CPK leadership jailed for supporting communism.

The focus on false divisions didn’t stop there. Much of the discussion centered around the liberation of Palestine. “If it comes to the issue of Palestine,” says Omole, “it has been a big issue, and one of the propaganda driving the African continent, which is being sponsored mainly by Zionism. Their sympathizers [have said] that it is a religious equation, you know they try and tell the African people that it’s a war between our Muslim brothers and our Christian Brothers.”

The CPK and Vice-Chairman Omole make clear that they stand in firm unity with poor and working-class Colonized people, not just on the African continent but everywhere. Omole went on to say,  “Now in Kenya, and we are saying even much firmly today, the issue of Palestinian people, we have to call the Israeli people who they are. They are a settler colony. They are thieves of Palestinian land, and anybody who wants to change that can never change it because it is the truth.”

Strategies to combat Colonialism and Neocolonialism

One thing that both leaders wholeheartedly agreed on was the need for a unity of action. Two possibilities were brought to the table: the push to politically educate the masses and the push to join an organization. As anti-colonial revolutionaries, we must always have these at the forefront of our minds, and these two champions of the people made that apparent.

Vice-Chairman Booker Omole at a CPK event.

“The most revolutionary task that we tell the African people is to educate themselves, and also to join our study circles in Kenya, in our online study circles to try and have a perfect analysis of how capitalism works, how imperialism works, how neocolonialism works, and how it has been used.” Omole explains.

CIC Gazi tied this reactionary propaganda back to the amerikkkan empire, whose main goal is to make us think it is righteous and never-ending. Black Hammer’s Four-point Platform is a weapon against these lies. Colonized people are under immense stress, depression, and death, our  political consciousness needs to be direct, honest, and in words, we can understand and pick up quickly. Gazi also ties the ultimate goal of the revolutionary organization to the liberation of the land.

Under the leadership of Indigenous Land Liberators, Black Hammer Colorado is scouting for land to build Hammer City, a city without Cops, Rent, Coronavirus, or white people. This will be the first of many Hammer Cities, says Gazi, to take all of our continents back from the colonizer.

“They have lost the war of ideas; they will lose the war for the land,” as he puts it. 

The second unity of action was to get every Colonized person to join an organization. The CPK is currently forming a united front of organizations to move Socialism forward in their country.

Vice-Chairman Omole condemns individuals who do not join an organization as an enemy of the people. Black Hammer, and our coalition in Hood Communist, have been saying the same. 

Organization is inescapable, it governs every atom in the universe, and the white ruling class has monopolized organization for itself to keep itself in power. We need to tap into that power, says Gazi, for the mass majority of the world’s population, which are poor and working-class Colonized people.

He then clarified where white people fit into this call to action: they need to study us. Their liberation from Feudalism, and the worst conditions of Capitalism, was due to their theft of Colonized lands and resources. They can fall in line under our leadership. Yes, including white jews.

Liberation of Palestine

Another strong point of unity between BH and CPK is the militant stance against Zionism and the illegal occupation of Palestine. There can be no compromise with a regime that is butchering the Palestinian people because the struggle in Palestine is tied to the countless anti-colonial struggles abroad, including on the African continent, such as in occupied Azania (South Africa).

Neither Black Hammer nor the CPK will accept a “two-state solution”. Colonized proletariat revolutionaries will only accept a one-state solution, where Arabs and Jews can unite in peace.

We call the Zionist regime what they are: an illegal white settler colony that must be destroyed by any means necessary. In his response to Vice Chairman Omole, CIC Gazi stood firm in agreement.

“It is a parasite nation that breeds parasite people that are connected to a parasite system, a parasitic economic system that gives them everything they have. So if the white people of Israel want to get on the right side of the question, they must pay reparations to the people of Palestine and be under the leadership of the people of Palestine, and when the people of Palestine take their land back, all their land back, from the river to the goddamn sea, if they decide if they want you to stay or not, that is their damn business.”

The discussion then shifted to CIC Gazi’s response to the slander that he is “anti-semitic”. White Jews were fighting with other Europeans for supremacy over stolen loot from Colonized continents. In-fighting between Europeans doesn’t stop white jews from being white, nor their complicit nature within Colonialism. That unity in “whiteness” is bombing Colonized people, not necessarily in mutual respect for each other.

Solidarity in brotherhood

For Black Hammer and the CPK, solutions will not come without unity.

Both leaders talked about this level of principled unity, which all successful revolutionary struggles have in common. A historical example of Colonized unity that came out of the discussion was the Nation of Cuba. The Cuban Revolution was praised as a beautiful example of Pan-African unity and a united front between struggles by Africans and struggles with Indigenous people of Turtle Island.

Fidel Castro meets with President Agostinho Neto, leader of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola.

As a shining act of unity between revolutionaries, both leaders made their closing statements about the need to collaborate and uplift each other. Vice-Chairman Omole listed out several ways that anti-colonial revolutionary organizations like Black Hammer, in the heart of the amerikkkan empire, can give material support to the CPK and vice versa.

One of the ways is to be sharing knowledge, our analysis, in the same way that the Communist Party of Kenya constantly analyses the situation in Kenya and anchors that analysis on the global progress of the anti-colonial struggle. Colonized revolutionaries in other countries should strive to do the same, pointing out our nations and communities’ material reality that others might have missed and clearing up lies from the amerikkkan media machine.

“We are not just building a united front at the National level. We must build a united front at the global level.” he went on to say.

Most importantly, he says that Colonized revolutionaries in the belly of the colonial-capitalist empire should make hell for the colonizers where they operate. “By the time they think to send their stolen dollars to their puppets and dogs at home, they are dealing with you, so they give us a breather to organize here in the continent, and even by the time they come to awake, we will have succeeded and join you in solidarity.”

Black Hammer certainly won’t disappoint our Comrades in Kenya! There is still much hell to raise and many more historic discussions to be had between revolutionaries on the African continent and the ones trapped in the belly of the beast.

Land Back! 


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