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The Innovation of Poor and Working-Class Colonized People

Science and technology have been a tool used by the colonizer to oppress and exploit us for the last 600 years, but the science and technology of Colonized people are used to heal, to save, to innovate, and ultimately to help lead us to our liberation.

Today Black Hammer Times is highlighting the ingenuity and innovation of the Colonized Masses around the World! 

Room Bot and it’s creators

A group of Mexican engineers specializing in robots, including their leader Aldo Luévano, developed Roomie-Bot, a mobile robot that can detect COVID-19 through the use of heat sensors that capture people’s body temperature.

Since the concentration of people within epicenters of the Coronavirus continues to heighten, developments such as these are necessary to show people the extent to which the state is using this virus to kill colonized people in the workplace, schools, etc.e salute these innovators for their contribution to saving the lives of the Colonized Masses!

The next advancement in science and technology we are highlighting today is truly an inspiration to all Colonized poor and working-class people. These next two innovators are examples of the Colonized brilliance we all have and show that we don’t need colonial education to follow our passions to help our people.

Two young Kenyan innovators and engineers, David Gathu and Moses Kinyua, after dropping out of university, invented a life-changing prosthetic robotic arm that is controlled by brain waves.

The talent of poor and working-class African and colonized people like them are continuously hidden so that white power and imperialism can make bigger profits by stealing their labor. While capitalist countries are struggling to even create and distribute a COVID vaccine, this invention exemplifies the life-saving innovations, collective talent, and technology, that all colonized people are capable of producing. Just imagine what we are capable of when we uphold the self-determination of our people.

Imagine where the world could be with the leadership of folks like these. That world is Hammer City, and we are closer to revolution each day. Make sure to join our Science and Technology Committee led by Chief Suh, dedicated to developing revolutionary innovations made by colonized people just like these and we need YOU!

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