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White People, Join the Reparations Corps. Stand on the Right Side of History.

Back in October of 2020, Black Hammer created the Reparations Corps to provide a place for colonizers to fall under the leadership of Colonized people. Every Sunday, at 6 pm Eastern, Black Hammer has used the Corps to share fundamental organizing skills with white people, and more importantly, to teach them real history—none of this colonial miseducation—but, most importantly, to collect reparations from them.

Now, the Reparations CORPS is stepping it up to the next level! From humble beginnings as a walk-in class, we are growing into an 8-week intensive program to transform white recruits from parasites into steeled cadre for the anti-colonial revolution.

Free up your Sundays, colonizers! Sign-up today and stand on the right side of history. 

Why we need the program

The Corps is Black Hammer’s answer to the “white” question: where do colonizers belong in the revolution?

Everything that Black Hammer has done has been to build and defend power within Colonized communities, including the power and community within each and every one of our offices. That’s why we do not allow white people to join the organization. However, we recognize that white people aren’t simply going to disappear. They must be organized just like everybody else, even if they are a minority of the global population and the most invested in the colonial system, which has brought 600 years of apocalypse to billions of Colonized people.

For white people to participate in the anti-colonial revolution, they must fall in line under the leadership of Colonized people; this is non-negotiable. They forcibly organized Colonized people under the current system that’s killing us, and therefore can’t be the ones to lead us to liberation.

The primary way to fall under that leadership is to pay reparations—to return the land and resources that were stolen in the first place and remain stolen to this day.

from the river to the sea palestine will be free

There is room for struggle because these reparations can be paid. They will be paid, which is why the Reparations Corps so heavily focuses on skill-building for our recruits: colonizers can and should pay reparations in the form of labor and skills!

Even poor white people?

Correct. There is a historical reason why Black Hammer says the colonized proletariat is the only true proletariat. It doesn’t matter how poor white people are when the entire system built around them was built by the blood of Colonized people.

We aren’t saying that white people can’t be poor; we are saying that even poor white people are complicit in the colonization of us and our people. Every institution under Colonialism was built to serve the colonizer at the expense of the majority of the world—the expense of the Colonized Masses. From the earliest boats that left the shores of Europe to colonize other continents, poor white people have overturned their poverty by pillaging and enslaving colonized people. This is why we refer to them as the white “whipping” class.

Even history’s greatest mass murderers and ruling-class criminals like Cecil Rhodes understood this function of Colonialism by way of Imperialist warfare. It is to this day a “bread and butter question”. Meaning that everything which has ever been provided to poor whites has been Colonized Masses’ expenseColonialism’sooted from Colonized countries, the labor stolen from Colonized bodies, the very houses they occupy, squatting on stolen Indigenous land.

As passive recipients of our stolen land, labor, and resources, it is just as much their responsibility to pay reparations. The benefit of falling under the leadership of Colonized people is that they also learn how to organize themselves so that they no longer need to rely, as parasites do, on the blood of Colonized people to put food on their table.

A Strong Line of Defense

The second reason we needed to answer the white question is that we have zero illusions about what the state is willing to do to Colonized revolutionaries.

No revolutionary hasPhiladelphiaworldwide ever lived that did not withstand vicious attacks by the white ruling class: arrests, beatings, torture, rape, starvation, assassination, and worse. One of the most effective shields we have against that wave of repression is white bodies in the line of fire.

Dozens of movements have enlisted white recruits whose main responsibility was to shield revolutionaries from state violence. The MOVE Organization had white people living in the house, and Philadelphia pigs didn’t bomb the building until they verified that white people weren’t inside. The Zapatistas invited hundreds of people worldwide, including white people, to join them for their ‘Encuentros’ and asked the crowds to stay as long as they could to keep the Mexican military at bay. When tanks and barbed wire surrounded mohawk warriors in Kanehsatake, they snuck in white journalists to report on the abuses by the canadian pigs that the Indigenous families had to endure inside the barricade.

These and many more Colonized revolutionaries leading white people to show how effective principled unity is cannot be ignored. Black Hammer condemns all of the white “leftists” for taking the history of colonized proletariat leadership and comparing it to starting a “race war”. This level of white nationalist arrogance is beyond disgusting. It makes these individuals enemies of the people. Who are these few to criticize a colonized revolutionary organization that has passed out more than a quarter of a million pieces of free PPE to Colonized people as well as white people? An organization whose largest Chapter is in Nigeria and who is now building relationships in Kenya? These saltine individuals have zero room to levy criticisms against Colonized revolutionaries and how we defend ourselves or the parasite’s demands on our back.

Indigenous Warriors of Mactan in the Philippines murder Ferdinand Magellan #RestInPiss.
Indigenous Warriors of Mactan in the Philippines murder Ferdinand Magellan #RestInPiss.

Standing on the Right Side of History.

White people have more money, time, and plenty of skills, so the decision not to join is not material. It is a moral one. Because of this, it is that much more important that Black Hammer Organization maintains an iron discipline around our demands.

We have already one the moral victory, just as we will win the victory to take our land back. White people who want to stand on the right side of that battle can bend the knee and acknowledge that it is we, the Colonized proletariat, who are the ones to lead the way to liberation. All it takes is a little bit of fundraising to buy the cost of the ticket and a few weeks of your time that will give you back a lifetime in return. From here on out, you can never say we never gave you the opportunity to stand on the right side of history.

I signed up for the Reparations Corps

Tell your white friends; the Reparations Corps wants you!

Land Back!



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