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Black Hammer awards People’s Medal of Honor to Chief of Defense Sundiata

Black Hammer gives a revolutionary salute to Chief of Defense Sundiata, representing Affrilachia, as we award him with The People’s Medal of Honor for protecting the colonized masses and leadership.

During the Colorado Chapter, Candlelight Vigil on 31 January, Chief of Defense Sundiata showed up and showed out by organizing his comrades in a manner that made them unstoppable. The safety of the Hammers and people present at the event was covered on all grounds. It was a showing of Colonized militancy, a dual contending force that can truly protect not only our organization but the Colonized masses as well.  

Each and every day, Chief of Defense Sundiata strengthens, prepares, secures, and inspires all of our comrades and our colonized communities to liberate themselves from the grip of the colony and to gain dictatorship over our lives, land, labor, and resources.

We are building a dual contending power in all spheres, and Defense is a top priority since it protects all of our other gains. We have defense coordinators worldwide, a Mental Health and Therapy Office, and the Spiritual Quadrant (S’Quad) to physically, mentally, and spiritually protect Colonized poor and working-class people. History shows us that the Colonial powers will always try to destroy anti-colonial movements and organizations to maintain their status as parasites by any means necessary. It is important that we as Revolutionaries, protect ourselves and the people we serve on all battlegrounds. That is what Chief Sundiata and our Defense Office do every day!

We thank Chief of Defense Sundiata for his continuous service and care for the colonized masses as he continues to exemplify and uplift colonized leadership! 

If you would like to defend the Colonized masses from all colonial ills physically, mentally, and spiritually, join Black Hammer today and apply for the Defense Office to be a true servant of the people.

Land back!

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