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Chevron leaks toxic waste into San Francisco Bay

By Chief Lady Flawless

On Tuesday, February 9th, a state of emergency was issued for residents of Richmond, CA due to colonizer fossil fuel corporation, Chevron, having a pipeline leak over 5 gallons of oil and gas per minute into the San Francisco Bay. For over 2 hours the oil flowed freely into the north-eastern side of the Bay polluting the waters so much the tint of brown covered the area. 

Birds-eye view of the oil spill.

These fossil fuel corporations have had many of these types of “accidents” numerous times before all over the world, continuing to destroy our environments killing wildlife, humans, and the Earth. This specific Chevron refinery has been hit with 147 formal enforcement actions over the past five years as if we didn’t already know these colonizer corporations don’t give a damn about us or our lands!

Chevron has been able to escape accountability through its capitalist lobbying and paying off politicians to look the other way. California state records even show that Chevron that the refinery’s emissions in 2018 alone were the same amount as the last decade.  This is why we must reject these corporations that destroy our land, the animals living on it, and genociding our people.

We know liberal politics aren’t the solution either as the progressive champion of the council Gayle McLaughlin is quoted saying she is willing to do “whatever it takes” with no solution to overturning the situation.

The Chevron Refinery in Richmond which has been in existence for longer than the city itself serves as a perfect example of how only through the destruction of colonialism can we live in a world where no one lives at the expense of another, and that includes the way we live with the land and all life around us. That is why at Black Hammer we are actively organizing Colonized people to build a dual contending power to take our lands from these colonizers, to save our wildlife, Earth, and ourselves from the greed of the settlers.

Land Back!


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