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Sleepy Joe’s judges rule in favor of copper mine destroying Apache land

On Friday, 12 February, ameriKKKan district judge steven p. logan ruled against the Apache Stronghold’s plea to have their land in Superior, Arizona, to be returned to them for their Indigenous religious and spiritual engagements honoring the land instead of traded off to miners from Resolution Copper that have been ripping it apart.

Pig judge logan said that because Apache Stronghold was not a “federally recognized tribe” the united snakes government was not in violation of an 1852 treaty with the Apache nation. It comes as no shock that colonial amerikkka once again refuses to recognize its own treaties with Indigenous people whose land was stolen at gun point.

Site of proposed Resolution Copper mine, Oak Flat, Ariz. Photo credit: Russ McSpadden, Center for Biological Diversity
Site of proposed Resolution Copper mine, Oak Flat, Ariz. Credit: Russ McSpadden, Center for Biological Diversity

The timeline for the Copper mine was approved under the Obama administration, which proves that the democratic party is just as committed to the destruction of stolen land, and the genocide of indigenous people, as the republic party. It was the democrats, under obama, that attacked peaceful water protectors at Standing Rock in order to build a deadly oil pipeline. It was the democrats, under obama, that destroyed Honduras, leaving the country in ruins, unable to protect its people from the rising threat of climate catastrophe. It was the obama administration that deported more Indigenous people than any other president in u.s. history.

These are crimes which biden and kopmala harris have let go, and neither of them will ever give the land back to the rightful Indigenous owners in any way; they just sit idly by knowing full well they use the system to genocide our people, first by violently ripping us from the land, next by poisoning the land, and lastly by punishing us for developing strong relationships with the land to heal it.

Protestors gather to speak out against the destruction of sacred Indigenous land.

We have no alternative but to reject this triple death, and organize to take our land back by force.

This is why Black Hammer believes that we must live under the dictatorship of poor, working-class colonized leadership. Our Land Liberators Committee is a perfect example of taking the land back for Indigenous people, those who know that our relationship with the land must be strong and mutually beneficial in order for us to thrive. We salute the Apache Stronghold for all they’re doing to take back the land which is rightfully theirs. Death to amerikkka.

Land Back!


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