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African Jews See Continued Persecution from israeli Government and Pigs

As an organization, we have been refuting non-stop accusations from “leftist” colonizers claiming we are anti-semitic, anti-vaxx, and have even been called a psyop.

These “leftists” who repeat, recite and breathe amerikkkan propaganda continue to attack the leadership of Colonized people, ignoring the material reality we live in, while instead opting out for the echo chamber of colonial propaganda, which leads them into spreading divisions within Colonized Unity and believing that colonizer european jews are somehow an “oppressed” race.


We’ve shown the Colonized Masses that we unite with them and they, in turn, unite with us. We center COLONIZED voices first, and that includes African Jews who—fun fact—were the FIRST Jews.

Now, these white jews are showing us that their unity has always been with the colonial powers and their material reality as a colonizer. 

The creation of the illegal settler nation of isntreal (israel) has caused immense and further suffering to the dispossessed Colonized people of the world, specifically Palestinians. Recently, however, the interior ministry of isntreal has blocked Ugandan Jews from being eligible to migrate to the settler nation.

This comes as no surprise since the state is an illegal white supremacist military base meant to maintain u.s. interests in the middle east. This isn’t even to mention how the Gaza Strip is used as a test site for new weapons to crack down on our Colonized asses. 

The article states that this occurred “after years of deliberation”; in other words, after stalling the case for years and refusing to acknowledge Colonized Jews as real Jews, they refused “citizenship” to Colonized persons, again showing the true nature of Colonialism in erasing Indigenous and African history while holding whiteness as the standard for Judaism.  

Ugandan Jews are not the only Africans to have faced this oppression; Ethiopian Jews number 150,000 in a population of 9 million. They have faced constant oppression from israeli pigs and last year saw the fatal shooting of an unarmed Ethiopian teenager. The same Colonial conditions that lead to Colonized people’s lynchings in the u.s. are the same natural and abundant conditions in isntreal for our Colonized siblings.

The right to return for colonizer jews has always been a mechanism of colonization and Black Hammer will scream that political stance until Palestinians and all Colonized people have dictatorship over their lands, lives, labor, and resources.   

How can an organization which directly unites with the struggles Colonized people all around the world face, that includes Colonized Jews, be anti-semitic? It can’t! We continue to criticize and expose the whiteness now made inherent and natural to Judaism because we know that Jewish colonizers are just that, Jewish colonizers.

Land Back. 

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