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My Child and All Children of the Revolution will be Liberated!

My name is Chief Ndubisi, which means “life is the first priority” in Igbo. I am an African/Indigenous (Turtle Island) queer, nonbinary parent of a brilliant four-year-old with special needs.

Let it be known—my child and all colonized children will be liberated!

Before making the intentional decision to live a revolutionary life, I struggled to find my purpose in life because I could not see my future in the colony. Friends and fam would sometimes raise concerns, like “what do you wanna do with your life? what’s your career of choice?” It’s a question I could never answer because colonialism was a dark cloud blocking my ability to see a happy future, making it look impossible.

One thing I knew for sure was that I’d be a mama. Yes, I’m a Black queer nonbinary mama. Get over it. Better yet, embrace it! If you’re confused, that’s fine. I can explain what that means for me another time if I feel like it. No, this is about my child and all the children of the revolution. 

Burkina Faso children running
In the seasonal village of Bantagiri in northern Burkina Faso, a group of Fulani children run towards the camera. Showing us the true power of colonized love and unity.

I knew my purpose in life was to raise a warrior—a warrior for love, for freedom, for colonized unity! I just felt it in my soul that my child would save this world. I’ll never forget, I was walking down the street one day when my child was a baby baby, and an African woman stopped us on the street, mid-walk and said she just had to get a look at this baby. She said, “Wow! That baby is powerful, I can tell! That baby is gonna change the world, like Tupac!” I don’t know if she was some kind of mystic-psychic or something, but she was just really amazed and in awe by my baby’s presence. She kept saying, wow, even after we passed each other. I always knew my child would be magical, but that was some wild, random confirmation that he was destined for greatness. 

Tupac Shakur blessing the world with that beautiful Colonized smile

My African/Indigenous (undiagnosed) autistic child is gifted as f*ck! His mind is somewhere up here, on some other frequency and full of energy, color, music & rhythm, curiosity… my child is a visionary, I can see it! I’m fighting every day with all of my being to protect him from the wickedness of the colony.

As a revolutionary parent, it’s my duty to center and affirm my child and all colonized children/families. All our children deserve the ability to run freely towards abundant creativity and explore new heights without the colony holding them back. I refuse to allow the continuation of colonialism pillaging against our children and their potential to live full, whole lives. 

Having a colonized child with special needs, I have to learn and unlearn so much. Every day, I’m learning to communicate better with my child and to advocate for his needs. My little Sagittarius-Pisces-Cancer is full of love, emotion, light, and affection! My eyes are wide open, my heart wide open, my arms wide open. Don’t I know I gotta be in shape for my child and all my people! As a revolutionary parent, I am putting so much into practice—practicing patience, proaction, discipline, spontaneity, movement, practicing joy, practicing self-criticism and criticism; and doing my very best to lead by example. I can’t say it’s been easy, but I love it, and I have deep gratitude for all the lessons along the way, all the blessings. I’m striving to embrace a self-affirmation to parent with unending confidence and without fear. The deeper I internalize this revolutionary mamahood, the more I realize that I am parenting myself in the process—simultaneously.

The Universe knows I love my mother so much, and I love my father (rest in power). I love all my bonus parents, grandparents, and godparents, aunties, uncles, elders, and relatives. I love my family. They did their best with what they knew and what they could, and colonialism can rot and burn in the depths of hell for the harms it’s done against my kin—and it will believe that!

It ends here! My child (and all children of the revolution) will be liberated, and together we’ll break these colonial cycles/curses of intergenerational trauma. What a relief to know I’m not in this alone. I have family upon family in the masses of Colonized people—GOOD PEOPLE! My child is protected not just by me and not just by my loving partner in the revolution but by my blood and chosen family and the masses of colonized people. Again, we are a good people with tremendous love! 

touch one touch all banner

Gratitude and a huge salute to the Black Hammer Organization for the sharpness in creating the Four Principles of Unity, which inform and greatly impact the way we move as a family. I have these tools of liberation now and can really visualize and actualize true revolutionary family values. With this #touchonetouchall campaign and the new Black hammer character policy—my goodness—so can every other poor and working-class colonized family!

I know and really feel it to the core that I’m not alone in the struggle! The masses of colonized leadership got my back and will protect my family by any means necessary, and as a colonized revolutionary mama, I reflect and return that love and commitment back to my people and all Colonized children of the revolution! 

Land Back!

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