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Lock ‘Em Up Joe Deports El Paso Massacre Witness

By Comrade Cheem

Late last week, “lock ’em up” Joe and his settlers’ administration deported hundreds of colonized people to Jamaica, Honduras, and Guatemala, including a witness to the 2019 El Paso massacre, despite his campaign promise to stop removing immigrants once in office.

While colonizer liberals try to fool the masses of working-class colonized people by cheering on the recent “executive orders” recently passed by Sleepy Joe, Black Hammer recognizes this cheerleading is nothing more than performative activism. Less than that, they are outright lies meant to represent “progress” within the Colonial death camp of amerikkka.

Colonized people being processed at the Mobile Reserve in Kingston

To help uncover this lie, we must ask, “Who was the witness to the El Paso massacre, and why was she deported?

Friday, January 29th,  immigration pigs deported a woman named Rosa, a witness to the 2019 massacre at Walmart in El Paso that left 23 people dead. She had been pulled over for a broken brake light two days before.

While deporting Indigenous people for broken tails lights is exactly the kind of disgusting act that the amerikkkan government does all the time, this case goes deeper. Let’s recall the painful events of August 3rd, 2019. A typical white colonizer, patrick crusius, intent on murdering Colonized people, made his way over to a Wal-Mart, driving more than 11 hours to get to fuel his lust for blood just as his ancestors have always done. He succeeded in doing so and, to no one’s surprise, was arrested alive. 

He was arrested alive as a silent understanding between him and the pigs, a kind of favor for doing their jobs for free. And the favors continued to pile up.

Despite the clear evidence, colonizer patrick decided to plead “not guilty” as the colonial media outlets continued to do what they do best; bury the fact that patrick confessed to the pigs being the shooter the same day he slaughtered those 22 indigenous people. 


Colonized people resting on the side of the highway as they flee the ills of colonialism
Colonized people resting on the side of the highway as they flee the ills of colonialism.

Colonized people have been fooled into thinking that the demokkkrats care about their rights to the amerikkkan dream. They claim to create policies for “immigrants” (indigenous people) to obtain “legal” status to build and provide for themselves and their families. But how does that make sense, an illegal government deciding which native people are “legal” citizens?

The colonial settlers, whether demokkkrat or republikkkan, only seek to exploit us for our labor. All the while, they continue to ravage the lands that colonized people come from. 

The perfect example of why these executive orders are nothing more than lies is the 1960s “Civil Rights Act”, which was celebrated as the end of racism in the colonial miseducation system. The legislation “prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin”. 

An illegal settler nation would never handover rights reserved for colonizers to Colonized persons. It’s been less than 60 years, and what progress has been made? African children are still viewed as criminals and murdered in broad daylight (Tamir Rice). The amerikkkan slave system is kept alive through the prison industrial complex, whose population is the largest of any country, and cages mostly African and Colonized people. 

united snakkkes prison pipeline continues modern-day slavery
united snakkkes prison pipeline continues modern-day slavery

An illegal settler nation that enslaved Africans, using them as loot and guinea pigs while committing chemical warfare through disease on the indigenous peoples all over the continent, can’t undo the 600 years of Colonialism through “law”. The colonizers’ laws are illegitimate.

60 years after the performative law and centuries after columbus set foot onto Turtle Island, we still have colonizers lynching us, as was the case in the El Paso massacre. We still have obvious unity between freelance pigs like patrick crusius and the pigs with badges, or the pigs in robes.

Pedo Joe Will Continue The Empire

Pedophile joe biden, the author of the crime bill that landed even more African and Colonized people in jail, isn’t fooling anyone with these “executive orders.” He’s already proved it to be a lie himself. Black Hammer is simply pointing out the facts. 


We actively educate poor and working-class colonized people to see that the real “illegal immigrants” are white people. Not to mention, We are actively fighting to take our land back with projects like Hammer City, and by politically educating the masses, inviting them to join the struggle!  Only Colonized leadership and unity will bring about our liberation around the world. Join Black Hammer today and be the leader YOUR hood needs!

Land back.

Use your writing talents to further the Liberation of all Colonized People by joining Black Hammer Times today! We are looking for journalists, reporters, poets, and more, so do not worry; there is a spot on our team for you.

You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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