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Yellow Peril takes over the world? Not so fast!

By BHT Staff

Rumors in the colonial media continue to push a warped narrative where power blocs of colonizer nations like nato, e.u., and the u.s. are valiant fighters against the Yellow Peril of the Chinese empire. 

The european colonizers are spinning their own behavior into China’s intentions on the worldwide media, but fortunately, the truth that they combat colonial dependence and destruction on a worldwide scale is plain to see when learning about the founding of the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC).

“Colonialism” at home

Hong Kong had been a long-standing colony of britain after the portugeuse colonizers’ made it their trading post. This colony was conquered over hundreds of years for economic dictatorship and was fully looted by britain after the 1842 opium wars. Many revolutionary movements and rebellions of Native Hong Kongers attacked the colonial powers during british rule. 

This battle against colonial powers ended in 1997 where the rightful dictatorship over Hong Kong was given back to the PRC. PRC’s reintroduction onto the world stage in 1949 showed they represented the Native poor and working-class masses who Japanese and british colonizers had ruthlessly looted. At this time, colonizers and neocolonial puppets of Hong Kong began to work. 

The rumor mills that were working overtime to convince you, a Colonized person, that the puppets of Hong Kong who waved british flags and support amerikkka were on your side are the same rumor mills pumping out conspiracies that China is committing genocide against Uighur Muslims. Nothing but lies.

Pictured: Amelia Pang, op-ed writer for the New York Times about fake Uighur “genocide”. Amelia also happens to be a fanboy of far-right Chinese cult, Falun Gong.

Only the colonized poor and working masses can be on your side, as white power destroys the ecosystem. 

Is China colonizing Africa? 

Robert F. Williams, a revolutionary African born in amerikkka went to visit the PRC in 1963. An advocate for total dictatorship over African people’s lives and labor, Williams found revolutionary colonized Unity. It was there Chairman Mao Tse-Tung wrote, “The evil system of colonialism and imperialism arose and thrived with the enslavement of Negroes and the trade in Negroes, and it will surely come to its end with the complete emancipation of the black people.”

Robert F. Williams meets Chairman Mao Zedong

The African continent holds every resource necessary to develop a fair and modern economy. You can’t have quantum computers without Africa, you can’t have space travel without Africa, and you can’t build a fusion reactor without Africa. You cannot have a unified socialist Pan-African state without an end to white power Colonialism-capitalism-imperialism, Period. 

As revolutionary scientists, we cannot be rigid with history; everything is changing. China has speedily developed, African nations are under the boot of parasitic neocolonial stooges, and the white power system has instituted the u.s. AFRICOM military base. Even with these changes, China continues transparently with its plans to work with Africa to build up much needed economic infrastructure for the continent. 

Africa has been occupied and colonized, not by China, but by the same european powers and submissive neocolonialists, which have been the source of African misery and poverty for centuries. China trades with all Colonized Nations, regardless of their class allegiance to colonizers or the Colonized Masses. China didn’t create the neocolonialists of Africa, but the African masses can and will make this historical change, and when they do, the Colonized Chinese masses will unite with them

Zimbabwe recently recieved a donation of 200,000 vaccines from the Chinese government to protect their population from the spread of Covid-19. The good vaccine, too, not the poison being cooked up by Pfizer.

Is China colonizing the Caribbean and South America?

After the 2020 hurricane season hit the Caribbean and South amerikkka, few nations came to give aid. The PRC offered millions of dollars in aid without questions or strings attached and ensured that resources got to the people. This is unlike the constant looting, which is routine for european NGOs like the clinton foundation, which seek to enrich neocolonial sellouts and leave the Colonized poor and working masses without any necessary support. 

The beacon of Anti-Colonial socialism, Cuba, has also seen this historic trend of China. The late and great Fidel Castro had nothing but praise not just for the PRC as a nation but also for the current leader Xi Jinping. Real recognize real

Shipments from China of medical equipment to combat the coronavirus arriving in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, last spring. (Credit: Pierre Michel Jean/Agen)

Like Africa, the PRC includes the southern regions of Turtle Island (south amerikkka) as part of the global Belt and Road Initiative, which will unite the world with mutual aid and respect for the environment. This is completely opposed to the neocolonial trade deals, which have continually left the region underdeveloped and dependent on a small minority of european colonizer nations.

China’s global partners recognize the PRC as an ally against european theft, and a road out of neocolonial parasitism. Poor and working-class Colonized people all over the world seem to understand that China is not their enemy; the parasitic sellouts running their governments are. It’s about time we recognize that China did not create neocolonialism, nor does it uphold puppets inside Colonized Nations, europeans do—and amerikkka sure as hell does.

More and more nations are finding out that colonizers cannot create socialism on stolen land. It’s up to us to return our stolen land back under our own dictatorship. It’s time for the poor and working masses to embrace China as their natural ally. 

Land Back!


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