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Let’s be frank. Is Black Hammer Antisemitic? Hell no!

By Chief Turey

Denver, Colorado — Recently, a group of white “leftists” calling themselves Antifa Colorado Springs doxxed a queer African mother and sent white nationalists out to harass us in the streets. Black Hammer gave these little anarchists a chance to submit a self-criticism and pay reparations to the family they doxxed at one of our candlelight vigils. But the little anarchists have turned away our generous offer.

Though they have run away with their tail between their legs, our membership continues to grow after showing to the world what revolutionary unity looks like. The masses have thrown their support behind Black Hammer, but they may still have lingering questions about much of the slander thrown our way. As the dust settles from the conflict, there are baseless accusations from our enemies to be swept away and outright lies to be corrected. Let this be the final resting place for such white nationalist slander.

We welcome any and all questions from the masses and will make sure they are answered. It’s the colonized masses who light the way to liberation, so the their voices will always guide Black Hammer.

Is Black Hammer Anti-Semitic?

Of course not. These accusations from the white “left” and their stooges are outright disrespectful to the many colonized jewish folks we have in our organization. We love and support them and will not allow them to be erased in a petty flood of white tears. Black Hammer has always united with colonized people of every faith. Our 2nd Principle of Unity sets this in stone, meaning if anyone in the org disunites with colonized jewish people, they are not welcome in our organization and will be promptly expelled. Our unity runs that deep.

That being said, we are against colonizers of all kinds, regardless of their religion. Being a jewish colonizer doesn’t stop you from being a colonizer, and it sure as hell won’t stop Black Hammer from calling you out. Cry about it.

To say that European Jews are representative of all Jews is white nationalism at its most sinister. There are Ugandan Jews, Ethiopian Jews, Arab and Indian Jews, all of whom are being attacked, abused, and oppressed by white jews. Our criticisms have always been against white jews, who have just as much blood on their hands as any other colonizer.

The white “left” has leveled this accusation of anti-semitism many times against anti-colonial revolutionaries. They called Malcolm X, Kwame Ture, and James Baldwin anti-semitic. And look how little colonized people cared. Because we know that these men were criticizing colonizer jews for being colonizers. Period.

Is Black Hammer a cult?

Yet another accusation that the white “left” loves to throw around to discredit anti-colonial movements. They said the same thing about the MOVE organization in Philadelphia, forming a united front with the amerikkkan government that dropped a bomb on them, killing eleven people (including five children).

They say the same thing about the DPRK, falling in line behind the CIA trying to topple their dictatorship of working-class Koreans.

Ask yourself: why is it that self-defense from colonized proletariat leadership is labeled cult behavior by the white “left”?

Every display of militancy and unity from poor and working-class colonized leadership is a threat to the image of colonizer “leftists” as the center of the world. They refuse to acknowledge that they haven’t produced a single successful revolution outside of the USSR, which died thirty years ago.

Meanwhile, poor and working-class colonized revolutionary movements are stacking up wins around the world; in China, in Vietnam, in Cuba, in Venezuela, in Chiapas, and today with Black Hammer seeing its second birthday and going strong. Our growth is a threat to their ego. Our militancy is a slap in the face to their embarrassing failures; our unity is a sword against any individual hiding behind weak labels like “antifa”, too pathetic to own up to their own acts of fascist violence.

As if this weren’t enough, they ignore all of the cult formations in their ranks: protecting their rapists, slandering members who leave their ranks out of desperation, upholding proven racists and frauds for their own gain. Black Hammer, however, boldly stands up to cults. We have protected our members from their abuse. What white “leftist” can look you in the eyes and tell you the same?

Makes sense, but what about COINTELPRO?

We don’t need to remind any poor and working-class colonized people that COINTELPRO was a program created by the FBI to attack colonized proletariat leadership. Its most famous target was the Black Panther Party, the last major anti-colonial organization within the united snakes.

Like the Panthers, Black Hammer has only ever fought against agents of white nationalism and upheld our poor and working-class colonized communities around the world. Why exactly would a program that attacks and divides colonized people be targeting itself? Make it make sense!

The irony is that white “leftists” have been doing the job of COINTELPRO on Twitter since 2019. If they don’t work for the FBI, they better ask for a badge because they’re doing pig work for free.

But why say “F*ck Anne Frank”?

Every last colonizer is complicit in Colonial genocide, man, woman, non-binary, straight, queer, old, young, all of them have blood on their hands. We do not, and we will never weep for their martyrs.

The death of white jews in concentration camps is European genocide against the colonized world coming home to roost. We understand this to be the case because Fascism is just a symptom of Colonialism. If we had to define it, we would say it is the tools of Colonialism used against white people, nothing more. You can’t fight fascism only to go around and uphold Colonialism. And yes, Anne Frank was a colonizer.

White Jews founded Zionism as a movement all the way back in 1897, more than 50 years before the illegal settler-state of israel was created on Palestinian land.

Photo of theodor herzl
Theodor Herzl, OG colonizer jew

In 1905, Germany opened a concentration camp on Shark Island in Namibia, which would become the blueprint for the camps used by the nazis. White jews worked as doctors on Shark Island, creating extermination techniques and race science against Africans that the nazis would use against them three decades later. Their violence would come home to roost.

Even Anne Frank’s own family was complicit. Her dad was a lieutenant in the German Army during World War 1, otherwise known as the military endgame of the scramble for Africa.

It should go without saying that after World War 2, white jews would go on to colonize Palestine. Had Anne Frank lived, there is no doubt that she would have been among the millions of white jews who helped push Palestinian mothers into the sea to drown in order to take their land.

Fuck Anne Frank.

What comes next?

Black Hammer holds no illusions about left-wing white nationalists. This was not the first time they have slithered into our path, and it will not be the last. Their lies must be met with harsh criticism, and the masses must be shown the light of anti-colonialism. This path has been proven correct after seeing where we stand and where our enemies stand.

Our membership has grown, theirs is floundering. We are a united front, they are scattered and weak. Our leadership has an unending faith in the poor and working-class colonized masses, who unite with the organization, while our enemies are left with nothing but our name in their mouths.

If I were them, I’d be mad at us too. But to be frank, fuck white feelings.

Land Back!


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  1. What are your views regarding the colonized people of North & South America, Europe? Do you view Europeans in a separate category or do you see them as a colonized people too? Europe (and Asia) may have been colonized much earlier than Africa or the Americas, but the “Old World” was colonized nonetheless. In fact, it was the Europeans whom early colonizers perfected their methods upon. However, does the fact that Africa and N&S America have been targeted in more recent centuries put its people in different category?

    One activist who’s ideas I repect was John Trudell, who believed that Europeans had been more thoroughly colonized (“civilized” as he calls it) than any other population on earth. According to his views, the tribes of Europe had been preyed upon for thousands of years, as opposed to hundreds. I’m curious to hear what you and your readers think about this.

    I’m a new reader myself…I appreciate what your organization is doing. Keep up the good work!



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