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Covid-19 Update: 100 million shots in 100 days? Not likely.

By Comrade Double Gi

The united snakes’ president, Joe Biden, is all promises as he enters his new position, hoping to make a comeback from the poor federal response we continue to have regarding coronavirus. Not only did the united snakes lie about having enough vaccines to distribute beyond 1% of the population, but they also began to prematurely open up restaurants, department stores, and more; all in the name of the parasitic economy.  So now here we are, a year later, scrambling for vaccines that we can’t fully trust to begin with; as numbers rise, and new strains of the virus form. 

Why is it taking so long ? 

When the vaccines rolled out, it was up to each state to decide who gets the vaccine first. “Healthcare” workers and nursing home residents and staff got priority. To expand eligibility for the shot, states began to include teachers, young adults with pre-existing conditions, and healthy individuals 65 and up.

Not surprisingly, we still aren’t seeing those vaccines in Colonized communities. This is the reality of medical apartheid, which Colonized communities from here in the u.s. to Gaza are suffering under.

People wait in line for the COVID-19 vaccine in Paterson, N.J. First the government tells us to take it, then they open up the economy and tell us they don’t have enough. Almost like they’re trying to kill us…

The vaccines from Pfizer inc & BioNtech and Moderna Inc require a second shot, also known as a “booster,” three to four weeks after your first shot. To amplify the efficacy, another shot is needed. This is causing millions of people to scramble for their 2nd vaccine; meanwhile (2 months later), people still haven’t gotten their first shot. This prompted some healthcare systems to suspend appointments for first-time vaccine seekers and one New York healthcare system to cancel a slew of existing ones. Northwell Health spokesman Joe Kemp continues to explain the situation, “As eligibility increases, you just increase demand, but we’re not able to increase supply.”

So, Who can we trust?

The blame game is at an all-time high between the federal u.s. government and local state governments, when both have dutifully enforced medical apartheid along colonial lines.

“The problem all along has been a lack of allocation from Washington, and now that we’ve expanded the population of those eligible, the federal government continues to fail to meet the demand,” says Jack Sterne, a spokesman for NY state. Meanwhile, the federal government is blaming the vaccines’ administration on the states; the center for disease control reports that out of 32 million distributed vaccines, only 12.3 million have received the vaccination, and 1.6 million people have received both shots. 

Something isn’t right. When digging deeper, we are forced to ask ourselves a disturbing question “Are there even enough vaccines to begin with?”

On January 12th, Human Services Secretary, Alex Azar, said something we must pay attention to. “The administration is confident in the supply from manufacturers. States have received more doses than needed to vaccinate the groups meant to receive the first round of vaccines.”

According to the united snakes’ federal government and their logic, the vaccines are just waiting to be taken. So why is it that multiple states are either asking to directly buy more vaccines due to low stock or canceling appointments for both 1st, and 2nd shots of the vaccine? 

Alex Azar, former secretary of health and human services in the u.s., in his resignation later, revealed that the federal government lied about having a reserve supply of the vaccine.
Alex Azar, former secretary of health and human services in the u.s., in his resignation later, revealed that the federal government lied about having a reserve supply of the vaccine.

In Florida, governor Ron DeSantis said, “All we need is more vaccines. Just get us more vaccines. The only thing the federal government should focus on right now is increasing shipments.”

In Oregon, governor Kate Brown said: “vaccinations for seniors and educators would be delayed”. 

Vermont governor, Phil Scott, said, “The state would focus exclusively on its over-75 population because of unpredictable federal supplies.”

We now know the united snakkkes lied about having enough vaccines but are blaming the states who are begging for more. They weren’t even 100% percent sure that more vaccines will roll out efficiently.

One of Pedo Joe’s biggest campaign promises was to get the virus under control in the first 100 days, but even his staff admits that ordering hundreds of millions of vaccines is not the same as administering the vaccine. Yet, nearly 2 trillion dollars has been spent by the Biden administration to kickstart the production line. As Black Hammer Times pointed out weeks ago, capitalism is not designed to save lives, it is designed to save bottom lines.

Biden’s whole plan was rushed, from the manufacturing to the states who administered the shots. EVERYTHING was rushed in the name of cash; they are willing to risk our lives for it. The only reason for the initial rush to get everyone vaccinated was to resume a “regular” life so colonized folx continue to make money for the colonizer. But “regular” life under Colonialism has always been medical genocide. It has always been the parasitic system adjusting to disease by forcing it into colonized communities

Trust Black Hammer

More than 400,000 people have died, a quarter of them this past month, and nearly 123,000 are currently hospitalized. Health care officials are questioning if new variants of the virus (which has been detected in Los Angeles County, including the highly contagious mutated version first detected in the United Kingdom) will potentially erase all progress. There is no time to mess around! Here at Black Hammer, we WILL NOT play with the lives of the Colonized working-class. We are here to provide colonized people with material power and support to be TRULY free. 

Black Hammer outreach event on Colorado
Colorado Hammers after passing out Free PPE and food.

Only when we unite and collectively build up our power will we be free. Black Hammer is building a city for all of our people where we will be CORONAVIRUS FREE.

We are preparing, researching, and doing all the things the united snakes don’t care to do. Black Hammer is for the people, by the people, and we want to create a sustainable future for ourselves. I know you must be wondering how? So far we have raised a little over $50,000 to create our OWN city. In Hammer City our lives, land, labor, and resources fall under our leadership; we will no longer be pawns in a colonizer society!

Land Back!

Use your writing talents to further the Liberation of all Colonized People by joining Black Hammer Times today! We are looking for journalists, reporters, poets, and more, so do not worry; there is a spot on our team for you.

You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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