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#TouchOneTouchAll: this is what revolutionary unity looks like

By Chief Turey

Black Hammer was born two years ago with the intention to build a world where no human lives at the expense of another living thing. That is our ultimate goal, and our organization is the tool to achieve it. If there is one lesson we have learned wielding this tool, it’s that it must be constantly forged and re-forged each day, or else cracks start to form in which our enemies can sneak through. Revolutionary unity is that forge.

It is the strongest bond that poor and working-class colonized people have to multiply our power. It is so strong that colonial states the world over will mobilize in a minute to smother it before it even sprouts.

Black Hammer outreach event on Colorado
Colorado Hammers stay militant, even when they’re celebrating.

Imagine Colonialism, the largest and bloodiest empire that history has ever known — scared of this one thing. That is how powerful we’ve become since we united for a common goal. We have brought the Hammer up to work the impossible, to pull our siblings out of prison, to contend for power as a healthcare system, to build up a city from the ground, all for that goal. And we will bring the Hammer down on any agent of white power, left-wing or right-wing, in order to defend it.

Bringing The Hammer Up

The reality is when we, the colonized proletariat, come together to organize for what we want, it doesn’t matter what our enemies throw at us. Superior organization beats superior force. Every. Single. Time. There is only one force on earth strong enough to stop us when we get organized, and that is: ourselves. It is the parts of ourselves, and the parts of our nation, that are still beholden to the colony that is holding us back, keeping us divided, and therefore keeping us weak. That is why colonizers have pitted us against each other from the very beginning.

Photo of Barack Obama
Neocolonialists, from Barack Hussein Obama to the numerous puppets installed in our communities, are our enemies who carry out the will of their colonial masters.

Our common goal, and our common destruction, means that the struggle for one of us, is the struggle for all. We unite and get free together, or we fall together. Six hundred years of constant struggle against the colonizer, six centuries of trial and error, have proven that there is no other method to get us free.

The masses of Colonized poor and working-class people are waking up to the global nature of this struggle. Last Summer, when white power put its knee down on George Floyd’s neck, African people all over the world  rose up in rebellion. Millions of Colonized people, old and young, light-skin and dark-skin, of every faith, of every body-type and sexuality, millions in their infinite and beautiful diversity rose up to put OUR knee on white power’s neck.

But Black Hammer is calling for us to take it one step further. We need the masses to get organized. Wherever we rise up, the colonized proletariat needs to pick up the tool of organization, forge it with revolutionary unity, so that white power never again dares to lift a hand against any one of us.

Bringing The Hammer Down

Orisha Esu doesn’t come to play, and neither do Hammers.

For the past month, Black Hammer has been forcing white power to recognize that when they touch one of us, they touch all of us. There will not be a man, woman, non-binary sibling, nor child that we will not rise up for in order to bring the hammer down against those who attack us.

In December 2020, Antifa Colorado Springs doxxed one of our members, a queer African/Filipina mother. When we demanded self-criticism and reparations for the family, they sent one of their goons to confront us in the street. They hurled slurs at us, slandered us, and incited thousands of white nationalists online to flock together into a digital lynch mob against us.

We connect this battle with Antifa Colorado Springs to the countless wrongs Antifa has perpetrated against African and colonized people. The killing of two African kids who lived inside the CHOP zone in Seattle. Inciting pig violence against an African family in the Red House on Mississippi. Burning down Black-owned businesses in Portland, Oregon. Great Lakes Antifa, in Michigan, assaulting an African woman. We say no more!

Antifa must be held accountable. Part of the problem is that any random chapter of white nationalists can call themselves Antifa, and none of the others will step up to criticize them or hold them responsible for damages. We saw this happen once again when Antifa Colorado Springs attacked us, and not one group that called themselves “Antifascist” stepped up in our defense.

Black Hammer still demands the self-criticism, and the $600 in reparations for the family they doxxed. However, we cannot rely on unity or accountability from left-wing white nationalists, who only see us as stepping stones to boost their own agendas. Who have only ever co-opted our movements because we are objects to them. No more. We will not rely on them, and we will not let them attack us. We have formed a united front against them: poor and working-class colonized people of every nation, every gender, every age and body-type, every language, every location, and every religion. Touch one of us, touch all of us.

And the fruits of that united front have shown how powerful we are before we’ve barely lifted a finger. Exposing the crimes of Antifa Colorado Springs has garnered us over 1 million impressions on one of our Twitter accounts alone. To speak nothing of our defense apparatus, which steeled our members in Colorado so that the white nationalist who attacked us met an unbreakable wall of militant Colonized soldiers.

Our membership has grown during these battles, while our enemies who slandered our name have fallen to the wayside, their organizations defunct, their names lost to history. Just imagine what we are capable of when the billions of Colonized proletariat tap into that power.

For the members of Antifa Colorado Springs, we will see you at our next vigil in Denver, Colorado, on Jan. 31st, with your self-criticism and reparations in hand, or we will make sure your name is forever marred with the badge of white nationalism you incited against us.


For any and all white people who actually wish to stand on the right side of history, you too can forge a revolutionary unity with the Colonized proletariat. All we ask is that you unite under our leadership by signing up to join our Reparations Corps.

Black Hammer will not be deterred from our ultimate goal. We are building a world where no one lives at the expense of another. Which side of that hammer do you want to be on?

Land Back!


Use your writing talents to further the Liberation of all Colonized People by joining Black Hammer Times today! We are looking for journalists, reporters, poets, and more, so do not worry; there is a spot on our team for you.

You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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