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Tragedy in Chicago, Colonialism Deprives Colonized People of Mental Health

by Comrade Cheem

Amerikkka is wealthy in stolen labor, land, and resources. While at the same time, colonizers force the conditions for disease, malnourishment, and an environment that breeds sicknesses in the brain so unbearable, so tortuous that cause inevitable tragedy within the larger tragedy of Colonialism. 

On Sunday, January 10th, pigs shot and killed a Colonized African man who, in his own irrationally, shot and killed three other Colonized persons while wounding others in Evanston, Chicago.

Footage of the final shootout was only just released 24 hours ago, on January 28th. Chicago pigs shot at Jason 19 times before handcuffing his dead body.

The tragedy within the larger tragedy is the life lost to horizontal violence. The primary contradiction, that Jason had zero control over his land, life, labor, or resources, is the tragedy of Colonialism: the system that allowed such a disaster to happen in the first place. 

Leading up to the event, Nightengale posted several videos to Facebook clearly showcasing his deteriorating mental health and the necessity for intervention.

His Facebook page has since been deleted.

Crime within our colonized poor working-class communities has become an almost permanent feature due to colonialism’s oppression and trauma. It has stripped us of the sense of community and customs our ancestors built up over the years, which helped us mentally and physically. 

In the case of Jason Nightengale, the tragedy was lifelong. The pigs, and particularly the white nationalist media, always seek validation for Colonized individuals’ lynchings in the form of reciting criminal record histories. The reality is that these “criminal” histories represent the non-stop harassment and violence the Colonized Masses face under the hell that is colonialism. 

Excuses for Bigotry

Colonizers love stories like this because it allows them to be openly racist.

At the same time, Colonized folks are fed the narrative that Colonized persons are inherently violent, “uneducated”, or criminals with little to no potential to function as a successful or productive member of society. The reality is it is the colony’s society that has failed us because it is built on exploiting the lives, land, labor, and resources of all Colonized people.

Aisha Johnson, Anthony Faulkner and Yiran Fan, were killed during Nightengale’s spree of horizontal violence.

The same violent system that daily attacked Aisha Johnson, Anthony Faulkner, and Yiran Fan is the same system that poisoned Nightengale’s mind until he was driven to commit murder. Horizontal violence is a product of Colonialism, not an exception. We must criticize the system that produced it if we ever want it to stop.

Surface level arguments repeated from birth in an echo chamber of colonial propaganda and indoctrination keep the majority of the Colonized Masses from realizing that the only thing wrong with them is that they are colonized.

Black Hammer’s Four Principles of Unity solves this dilemma by materially and scientifically analyzing the world in short, simple, and understandable points. Understanding that all Colonized workers’ problems stem from colonialism, the tragedy of Nightengale’s life and his violent actions can be viewed from an anti-colonial lens. 

From this anti-colonial stance comes the correct view that the circumstances that allowed for the shooting to occur result from colonial-capitalism, which deprives the Colonized masses of access to quality healthcare. The lack of healthcare, education, food, and housing, etc. leads us to fight each other and provide the pigs with more “reason” to kill colonized people. 

A Better World

In recognizing the primary contradiction as colonialism, we can finally address the problem at the root. Black Hammer is building dual contending power against the state, which continues to create tragedies, violence, and suffering by depriving our people of the tools they need to nurture their mental and physical health. 

The tools for liberation are dictatorship over our labor, lives, land, and resources.

Hammer City and our plans for 2021 are achieving just that. 

Join today to educate your fellow Colonized brothers and sisters as to the real reason why the world is the way it is today! 

Land Back!

Use your writing talents to further the Liberation of all Colonized People by joining Black Hammer Times today! We are looking for journalists, reporters, poets, and more, so do not worry; there is a spot on our team for you.

You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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