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Hondurans Flee, State Greets With Violence In Guatemala

By Comrade Cheem

The ecological collapse currently ravaging the planet has led to some of the worst hurricane seasons in history, and  as always, with colonialism, the effects of these natural disasters are felt most by the Colonized Masses. 

Currently, the Indigenous people of Honduras are fleeing such hurricanes caused by climate collapse. These two monstrous storms, Eta and Lota, came back to back in November, with no time to recover from the damage and floods. 

Homes in Central America flooded from back to back hurricanes.

The two storms affected the entire central region of Turtle Island forcing poor and working-class Hondurans into houselessness, without so much as food for their children. 

What’s worse is that they are now facing violence from the colonial state, from guatemalan and mexican pigs, as they flee these atrocious conditions. 

When mobilizing against the oppressor, small wins can be made as seen in the video of refugees breaking through a wall of pigs. However, it takes organization along with mobilization to land a trueblow to the likes of white power  colonialism.

State pigs block indigenous migrants fleeing disaster.

Colonial Borders Have Always Killed

This isn’t the first time climate refugees have sought asylum from disaster only to be refused the basic necessities of food and shelter. From here in the united snakes to the Colonized Nation of Boriken (Puerto Rico), the white ruling class and its stooges have shown their disregard for Colonized life over and over again.

As the events of Hurricane Katrina have shown, amerikkka gladly turns a natural thing like a storm into a man-made disaster, a chance to murder our people. Besides abandoning whole neighborhoods of people and refusing to rescue them in a timely manner, they were then stuffed into trailers with toxic levels of formaldehyde; up to 75% above safe levels. 

Besides the example in the imperial core, we have the colonized nation of Boriken as more proof that amerikkka will continue its crimes against humanity to keep its dying empire intact, no matter the cost. Besides experiencing an earthquake earlier in 2020, Boriken was still recovering from the category 5 Hurricane Maria back in 2017 because of the planned abandonment from the colony.

The united snakes has constantly denied aid to the people of Boriken during their time of need in catastrophe while still managing to have their hand in the masses labor and resources. 

Aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Boriken.

We know the imperial core’s willingness to oppress, exploit, poison, and murder Colonized people all over the world, so we know that the aid sent to Boriken was nothing more than crumbs. 

Overturning the root cause 

Colonialism has been at the root of all of these “natural” disasters; make no mistake, these disasters are far from natural because it only takes organization to prepare for a catastrophe. The reason these refugees are refugees in the first place is because all that was theirs was stolen from them by the europeans and sellouts. Even their ability to organize society in a way that keeps them safe from the elements. The ability to love and care for the Earth the same way our ancestors did.

To this day, our situation remains unchanged. The Indigenous people of Turtle Island are still treated as dispensable and continue to suffer the under the same colonialism that oppresses people all over the world. Without the organizing of the Colonized Masses, their power remains a sleeping giant. 

That power, the sleeping giant that is the Colonized poor and working-class, is being brought forth by Black Hammer. Through discipline, revolutionary confidence, and material change for our people. Black Hammer has set itself up for success in 2021 and will continue to uplift the struggles of Colonized Nations and persons globally because we know that only through Colonized Unity can we smash colonialism to pieces and create a world where no one lives at the expense of another. 

Land Back!


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