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Bridge that gap, join Science and Technology! an interview with Chief Suh

For the record, can you give us a brief summary of yourself and your relationship withthe Black Hammer Organization?

Yeah! So, I’m Suh, of the Korean Nation. I use they/them pronouns. I joined BH in mid-2019, it’s founding year. Eventually, I became the Chief of Staff of what used to be called the southern region. That’s when I became cadre, I owe a lot to that role. Then I was elected to the role of International Chief of Membership and Recruitment, where I served for about 8 or 9 months. At which point, I’m coming into this role of Chief of Science and Technology.

I owe my life to BH. I’d always call myself a revolutionary, but I wasn’t really until I came to this organization. Not only did it save my life, but it also transformed my life into something that was worth living. Even having the honor to dedicate my life to anti-colonial struggle, that’s why I describe BH as such a transformative space. We understand it as the most important force that will get us free from colonialism-capitalism-imperialism by our own hands.

Who would you like to see join this new department?

Obviously, I would like to see people with scientific skills, any type of science.

Actually, I do want people who have been trampled on, disavowed, discarded by these colonial academic systems of STEM. I want to bridge that gap where they think they can’t do it because they dropped out of high school — or said they couldn’t do it because, by the time they got to their master’s program, their mental struggles got so bad that they couldn’t operate in that system. I want those people who have a passion for Science and Technology  but have been told that they aren’t good enough because we know that colonized people are brilliant and that they are good enough. “I couldn’t fit into this system built on my genocide,” should be seen as a badge of honor. So come into a system built on your liberation, and practice a Science and Technology that you want to practice. 

As I said, I do want people with scientific skills; people in biomedical sciences, biology, virology, obviously, because we are going to be researching the virus and the covid vaccine. And web development, people good with servers and apps.

What was the inspiration for this new department? I’m curious as to how long this was in the works.

It was in the works for several months. The inspiration is understanding that it’s important to build up power that contends on every front. When you think of science now, you think of biological warfare, you think of drone bombs, you think of atomic bombs.

The genesis, the creation of colonized medicine as it is, particularly in the united snakes, was developed from experimentation on enslaved African people.

Photograph of Henrietta Lacks beside her husband, David Lacks.
Photograph of Henrietta Lacks beside her husband, David Lacks.

Even the cells that are used today for breakthroughs in cancer research were taken non-consensually from Henrietta lacks, a poor African woman. This woman is not only nameless to most people, but her family has also never been compensated.

We’re seeing that happen again with the research of antibodies for Covid-19!

This system uses Africa as its playground for medical experimentation. Even Africans in the United Snakes, looking at things like the Tuskegee experiment. As we’ve always known, there’s nothing sacred to them. Not only is the science created through the genocide of colonized people, but in its use to further the genocide of colonized people.

African men in the Tuskegee experiment stand in line, waiting on a white nurse.
African men of the Tuskegee syphilis experiment.

When you look at Moderna’s and Pfizer’s vaccines — obviously Black Hammer is pro-vaccine , but we have an anti-colonial vaccine stance — understanding that these things have been created to push us back to work. They don’t know if they’re safe, they didn’t test them enough. They don’t care. All they care about is saving their crumbling economy. 

We understand with our slogan, Land Back, that colonized people have a sacred relationship to our homeland. Science and technology is something that is pulled from the land. By extension, we understand our relationship to science and technology to be sacred. We have to use it to serve the masses and further anti-colonial revolution. We have beautiful examples of that.

The more recent example of Thomas Sankara, one of the greatest revolutionaries of all time, who made it one of his biggest programs to distribute vaccines for polio and meningitis, and I think Measles throughout Burkina Faso.

Fidel Castro had said that Cuba would never send bombs, but what they would send all around the world was doctors to serve the masses. And they did during Coronavirus.

Cuban doctors hold their flag and pose for a photo
53 doctors, and paramedics from Cuba pose in the airport of Milan, Italy, as they prepare to help with the coronavirus treatment in Crema. (AP Photo/Antonio Calanni)

And so, understanding that this is something we have to do in Black Hammer if we want to be a real dual contending power. Colonized people can’t unplug from the system completely and plug into our own if we don’t have anything that’s pushing the scientific dialectic forward, making new discoveries for medicine, serving our people better, feeding our people better.

It’s important for me to tell people they don’t need a degree to practice science, especially not from this bullshit colonial system that stole the knowledge from your people in the first place.

Where do you see the most need for revolutionary Science and Technology?

We’re going to go where the people need us. For that, one of our biggest programs is going to be researching Coronavirus. Figuring out how to medically care for our people outside of the confines of Colonialism, such as developing new medications in ways that are not based on our genocide. And also looking at methods of treatment that have been discarded by european/amerikkkan medicine, that don’t get a lot of research because this system doesn’t see them as legitimate.

Also, from the Engineering side, it’s going to play a big role in the construction of Hammer City. And we need our own ability to manufacture our own clothing, our own large scale food production that is in harmony with the earth, our own water purification systems. To be able to stop providing for white power and start providing for ourselves to wage revolution while we are fed, clothed, and housed.

Colonized farmers hard at work
Farmers in Soul Fire Farm, an Afro-Indigenous centered community farm committed to uprooting racism and seeding sovereignty in the food system.

I think we are seeing amerikkka in decay, and while that is something we should celebrate, we also have to recognize that there is a lot of stuff we still get from the colony. The shirt off my back, my phone, my housing, that’s all from the colony. Five years from now, I see us being able to provide for ourselves when the colonial system crumbles when Black Hammer through Science and Technology can provide for us instead.

Right, for the next global crisis, for the next Coronavirus. So we don’t have 400,000 people killed people in the u.s. alone. We will have the capacity to save those people.

And it’s not even saving the people, it’s inviting them into the organization so that they can fight for themselves.

What are the biggest challenges that you had to overcome to get to where you are now?

To be 100% I struggled a lot with reactionary suicide and understanding the difference between reactionary and revolutionary suicide. I struggled a lot with nihilism. It’s a convenient ideology: “everything is fucked, there’s no purpose, life sucks, and I want to kill myself,” and I struggle a lot with suicide. The first time I tried to commit suicide I was very young, I was nine years old. I was coming from that place — that’s the place I was at when I joined Black Hammer. 

Transforming from that, being so beholden to reactionary suicide, wanting to kill myself ten times a day and “giving it a go” like once a year, you know? And then coming into this organization, and seeing brilliance like I’ve never seen it before. Seeing power like I’ve never seen it before in my life. Understanding that the root of my problems didn’t come from nowhere. Nihilism didn’t make sense because all of the problems in my life, down to being stolen from my land at four months old, stripped of my name, and brought here to be homeless in the country that bombed my people into oblivion — that was actually Colonialism. It didn’t come from nowhere.

I had the power to come into this organization and fight against it, and not commit reactionary suicide, but revolutionary suicide. To kill the person I was for the colony, and become the person I am for the revolution, to dedicate everything in my life to it. To have this is the only meaningful part of my life.

Like I was saying earlier, it’s such a transformative thing. That is my biggest struggle, I still have those mental struggles. I struggle a lot with self-care. Not in the bourgeois individualist sense, but in remembering to eat when it’s been two days. Those have been my biggest struggles.

What would be your pitch to someone to join Science and Technology?

Join Science and Technology today!

I think the best thing we can do for ourselves is follow our passions. It’s such a common thing you hear from colonized children: I wanna be a doctor, I wanna be an astronaut, I wanna cure cancer, and it gets taken away from us. We got so beaten down in this system.

So my pitch is that there is a way to follow your childhood dreams. I think a lot of people think  like, “wow I dropped out of undergrad so it’s over for me, I can’t do that,” but you actually can do that. We’re setting up a committee for you to be able to do that.

To be able to do that for your people and get them free is the biggest pitch you could give to anyone who really cares about the liberation of colonized people.

Please email [email protected] if interested in joining!


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