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Indian Farmers Build Makeshift Schools As They Protest Agricultural Laws

By Chief X, and BHT Staff

With government-run schools shut down in New Delhi since March of last year, Indian farmers protesting unfair agricultural laws have created a makeshift school on the Singhu border to ensure their children continue receiving an education. The school is open to all and is a place for colonized children to go while their parents continue fighting for the needs they deserve.

The student body has grown from 8 to 167 in the school tent called Sanjhi Sathh, meaning “a common place”, where they are able to hold discussions on issues within their community.

They even have their own library stacked with revolutionary texts and hold English, Hindi, math, science and art classes.

Back in November, these same Indian farmers, all 250 million of them, took control of the roads and streets of Delhi to protest against the agricultural laws passed by the Parliament. These new laws would allow the farmers pay to be slashed and give more power to corporations. The masses of farmers went up against riot police, tear gas and water cannons under the neocolonial state of Modi.

Black Hammer is inspired by these farmers fighting for self-determination. Our Curriculum Committee is also building a school under our anti-colonial control. The Black Hammer Freedom School is being announced to make sure that all colonized youth are learning about themselves and learning how to help their people. Did teaching in virtual school drain you? Are you tired of how schools are structured? Do you want to teach about culture and activism? Do you want to make sure your kids’ safety and value comes first in their education?

Take back your education

In February of 2021, we expect to launch the Black Hammer Freedom School as the formal source of all curricula for young people from age 0-18. BHFS will be the source of cadre-building for our youngest colonized family as they prepare to enter the organization as Hammers.

This will be the alternative source to everything that young people have experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic, No more 8-hour days staring at Zoom screens to learn nothing about liberation, no more stressed parents trying to support their kids in work that they don’t understand. BHFS will offer colonized families a chance to learn together how to keep themselves safe and healthy during the pandemic. It will give kids a chance to work with the material and interact in ways that they’ve been denied through virtual learning.

We will be delivering coloring books, zines, and publications around the world throughout the first half of the year as we develop the detailed curricula for the equivalent K-4, 5-8, and 9-12 grades, each with their own team of revolutionary educators. During the Summer of 2021, we plan to have a massive nationwide education campaign which will be determined by research of what is most needed in colonized people in terms of education to make them more capable of participating in their liberation.

Whether it is child or adult literacy, critical community problem-solving, or crafts/trades (carpentry, gardening, metalworking, etc.) we will teach hundreds of our people those skills. By the end of the year, we will have launched classes at every age level that young people can sign up for.

We will take the future of our children back under our control, and give them the skills that the colony has denied our people since day one. The masses of India have shown that they are ready to build self-determination for the long term, and Black Hammer will salute them in the best way we know how: by helping them in their struggle to free the minds of colonized children from the chains of Colonialism!


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